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If you are an active Twitter user, you might have noticed a blue checkmark next to the handle of many different accounts. The blue checkmark indicates that the account is verified by Twitter. It helps in establishing a Twitter profile’s authenticity and credibility.

The verification mark is sort of a status symbol that makes it easier for users to trust your Twitter profile. One of the biggest factors that greatly influence Twitter’s decision of verifying your Twitter account is that your Twitter profile should be of public interest.

The Twitter verification mark offers a celebrity status and provides numerous advantages for businesses and brands.

Why is Twitter Verification Important?

Before we dive into its importance let’s first discuss the brief history of Twitter verification. Let’s begin,

At first, the only way to get verified on Twitter was to grow your presence as an individual or a brand. The verification was solely at the discretion of Twitter itself. But at the beginning of 2017, the Twitter verification process was open to the public. Twitter users could fill the application to get his/her account verified on Twitter. If the applicant meets the pre-defined requirements they would get verified.

Although, at the end of 2017, Twitter decided to rework its verification guidelines and improve the overall process. It also re-evaluated the previously verified accounts to ensure that they meet the updated verification guidelines.

In 2018 Twitter took another initiative to verify political figures. All politicians that appeared on the general election ballots were verified, Twitter also introduced US election labels to distinguish them according to the race they are running. Brands and influencers still couldn’t apply to get their Twitter profiles verified.

Twitter verification relaunch update 2021
Finally, on May 20, 2021, Twitter announced that it has reopened the verification process for all users. Now any avid Twitter user can apply for the verification badge.

Why is it important?

Social media authority and credibility are the most prominent reason to get verified. The blue checkmark when coupled with your Twitter profile signifies authenticity and a level of authority of the profile in their respective niche or industry.

A verified Twitter account status can help brands and influencers build their community. The information provided by verified Twitter accounts is considered credible and authentic by the users.


The blue checkmark is not just a status symbol. It signifies that the Twitter profile is verified by Twitter and is legit. It can help users find authentic accounts (brands, influencers, experts) that users can trust and follow. It also ensures that users avoid duplicate or fake accounts with similar usernames.


A verified status can also help you build and establish credibility. Users can be sure that the account that they follow is legit and posts authentic content. People can also be sure that the account is not used to spread fake news or information. By following a verified Twitter account users can be sure that they get access to authentic and credible sources of information.

Social Media Presence

The blue checkmark next to your Twitter profile acts as a status symbol. It indicates that Twitter has evaluated your account and recognized your contribution to the platform and its users. It helps you establish authority, as a brand your gain recognition from the users and in the industry. As an influencer, it helps you gain the trust of users interested in your respective niche. As an expert in any industry or area, it indicated that the community values your contribution and insights.

The current state of Twitter Verification

2020 Twitter verification process

US Elections

In 2016, during the US presidential election, Twitter realized that they must focus on updating the election integrity policy on the platform. Before the beginning of the 2020 elections, Twitter verified all accounts running in the congressional and gubernatorial party primaries.

The intention behind this decision was to help the voters find authentic conversations and minimize the spread of fake news or information. Thanks to these efforts, a majority of automated and troll accounts were suspended before election day.

COVID -19 Pandemic

In the midst of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter prioritized verifying accounts of health experts, authorities, and institutions that can provide valuable information. All credible sources that can provide regular updates and progress to the public.

Twitter first identified users that have an email associated with an influential institution or organization. It also analyzed the bios to identify users that have mentioned any authoritative institution and verified these accounts.

These efforts have greatly helped users and the general public find relevant information from credible sources. It also helped in stopping the spread of fake information or news and protect public conversations.

How to apply for Twitter verification?

Here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow to get your Twitter account verified,

Step 1: Update your Twitter profile

Before applying for the Twitter verification make sure you have updated all relevant information. It can be time-taking and exhausting but it’s certainly worth the effort.

Update your profile and background image. Make sure to put a real photo, if you have a photo from your workplace you can it as the background image as it tells more about what you do.
Update your Twitter bio and make sure that it tells what you do and what institutions or organizations you are associated with.
Update all relevant information such as date of birth, email, website links, etc.
Make sure that your Twitter account is public as one of the factors that impact your verification status is how relevant and helpful your account is to the public/users.

Step 2: Fill and send in the Twitter verification application form

Twitter periodically provides access to its account verification program. Although, the process is temporarily on hold as Twitter is updating its guidelines. Twitter is prioritizing the verification of political figures and accounts related to health experts and institutions to help with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

However, according to recent updates, Twitter is currently experimenting on a new in-app feature/ built-in verification button to streamline the process. As for the current application, Twitter requires details of the users including personal documentation, photos, URL samples mentioning you or your brand, and a 500-character essay explaining why Twitter should verify you.

However, as of the day of writing this article, the verification program is not open for the users. Twitter is reworking its verification guidelines along with a dedicated button feature integrated into the app to make the verification process easier.

Tips to get verified on Twitter

get your Twitter account verified

Updating your Twitter profile and providing further details about your profession is essential to apply for Twitter verification. However, proving the relevant details does not guarantee a verified account status. Other factors are taken into consideration as well while evaluating your Twitter profile.

But, here are some tips that can increase your chances of getting a verified Twitter account status.

Stay active

One of the most obvious tip is to stay active for a substantial time period. Twitter surely won’t give a verified status or badge to a barely active account. Many new businesses and startups often create social profiles for their brand but rarely post content.

To get verified you must first stay active, post regular updates and content that adds value for the users and the community. You have to dedicate time and effort aimed at increasing your social media presence. Post regular updates, engage with users and participate in events for at least a month before applying for Twitter verification


Another tip to increase your chances of getting verified is to act in the public interest. Twitter has even categorized handles that are public interest-oriented. The categories are politics, film/theatre/music, fashion, sports, journalism, business, etc.

Engage with credible and influential accounts

Another factor that influences Twitter’s decision of verifying your account is the type of accounts you engage with. Twitter’s verification program analyzes and evaluates the authenticity of the accounts you engage with. It helps them analyze a Twitter profile’s authenticity and credibility.

The best way to build credibility is by engaging with influential and credible accounts in your respective niche or industry. It will help you demonstrate your expertise and credibility on the subject matter. If you are working for or associated with a known institution or establishment, make sure to mention that in your Twitter bio. You can also share blogs, articles, books that mention you. It will help you build credibility and increase your chances of getting verified, just make sure that your tweets are public.


The blue checkmark does not come easy! You have to put a lot of effort, contribute to the community, post content that adds value, and engage with the users and other credible sources. TrackMyHashtag is the perfect Twitter analytics tool that can help you track your performance metrics in real-time. It can also provide numerous valuable insights that can boost your social media presence.

Key features of TrackMyHashtag,

  • Track performance metrics in real-time
  • Track trending hashtags and keywords
  • Track relevant and popular social-media conversations
  • Identify influential and credible user accounts to engage with

The paid monthly and yearly plans for TrackMyHashtag begin at $49 and $299.

Closing Thoughts

The Twitter verification badge can provide a significant boost to an influencer or a brand’s Twitter profile. It establishes you as a credible source of information that users can easily trust. The verification program is still not open to all the users as Twitter is updating its verification guidelines and working on new features to make the process easier.

But for now, you can focus on optimizing your Twitter profile and planning a marketing strategy that can boost your social media presence. TrackMyHashtag can help you streamline the job of analyzing your performance metrics and provide precise analytical insights to make data-driven decisions. Stay tuned to get updates on Twitter’s verification program.

What is Twitter Verification and How to Get Verified in 2020
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What is Twitter Verification and How to Get Verified in 2020
What is Twitter Verification and How to Get Verified in 2020
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