About TrackMyHashtag

TrackMyHashtag is a Social media analytics tool which tracks all the activities happening around a Twitter campaign, analyzes those activities and provides lots of useful insights.

TMH has the capacity to track complete social media campaigns to give you every minute detail of the topic. It delivers lots of useful information which could be used to analyze the impact of any social media campaign, to track all the activity of the competitions’ social media strategy or to make your own social media marketing strategy.

As on Twitter, TMH tracks tweets and metadata related to any keyword, hashtag or @mention, both in real-time and historical for any time period.

Over the years, due to high investment in R&D and presence of a young and bright minds, we have developed one of the most advanced artificial intelligence enabled system to provide you the services quickly and with utmost accuracy.

We believe in quality work. We believe in Precision, Performance, Authenticity, Stability and in the end we believe in Customer Satisfaction.