Tweet Counter

Our Hashtag Counter gives the exact number of tweets posted during a time period mentioning a Hashtag/Keyword/@user

What is TMH Tweet Counter/ Hashtag Counter

A Tweet counter / Hashtag counter is a Twitter analytics tool which counts tweets mentioning a particular hashtag, keyword, @account or search term which were posted during a specific period of time. It gives the numbers on daily & monthly basis and can track the counts from historical data as well as in real-time.

What's included in Twitter Hashtag Counter report?

Our Tweet counter report comprised of Raw data (in csv or excel) and analytical pdf which contains lots of useful Twitter metrics.

Raw Data in CSV (Excel)

As a Raw data, we provide number of tweets which are posted each day in a CSV (Excel) sheet, along with their dates.

The data contains the exact number of tweets which were posted on a particular day mentioning the given keyword.

The raw is files are easily readable and gives an in-depth knowledge on the trends.

Also, please make note that the Date mentioned in the Raw data file is in UTC/GMT time. Here UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time

Insightful Analytics

Our tool analyzes the raw Twitter data and provides lots of useful analytics which help in making accurate and quick decisions.

Hashtag Metrics such as Daily-Monthly Tweet Timeline, Most tweet days & months, Least tweet days & months, Day-week tweet pattern.

These analytics are displayed on a beautiful analytical PDF.

Request Twitter Historical data

Price of Historical Twitter dataset depends on date range and volume.

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Tweets count data and analytics explained

We fetch Raw data from Twitter and create lots of useful analytics on the basis of that data. Below are the analytics provided by our tool.

Total Tweets

Out tool finds total number of tweets which were posted on Twitter in a given interval of time. From the dashboard, you can change the date range to find the total number of tweets in that particular time period.

Daily and Monthly Timeline

The graph of Tweet timeline on daily and monthly basis shows the tweeting patterns and frequency of tweets. You can easily detect the trends with the help of Tweet timeline.

Most tweets days and months

Our tool give you the list of top 10 days and months on which maximum number of tweets were posted. It is a very helpful insight to predict the nature of the hashtag.

Day-week Tweet Pattern

Day-Week pattern is a heat map containing week and day patterns of tweets which were posted mentioning the hashtag. You can easily detect weekly and daily patterns and related information such as which day of the week received maximum tweets and which hour of the day received maximum tweets.

Least tweets days and months

Similar to “Most tweets days and months”, this insight also provides list of 10 days and months with least number of Tweets posted on Twitter.

Comparison with other hashtags

You can compare two or mare hashtags at the same time in the same dashboard. Comparison helps identifying the best hashtag among the rest. It also compares your hashtag with the competitors.