Twitter Hashtag Statistics

Get Twitter Hashtag stats and Hashtag metrics like Reach, Impression, Volume in real-time as well as Historical

Types of Twitter Hashtag Statistics and Data

Historical hashtag Statistics and data refers to the data & stats generated in the past. It can be a hashtag that was trending earlier or any other trending event in the past. Real-time data is well, 'Real-time’. This data & stats start getting generated immediately at the moment you request for it. The only difference between these two hashtag data & stats is their time. Although the raw data of both are the same, hence all the analytics, hashtag metrics, and statistics are also the same.

Real-time Twitter Hashtag Statistics & Data

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Real-time Hashtag Stats

Historical Twitter Hashtag Statistics & Data

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Historical Hashtag Stats

Metrics and data included in a Hashtag report

Please note, all the analytics are derived from the information provided to us and calculated as the estimation results. We don’t claim the accuracy of the analytics

Basic Statistics

Following are the basic but very important analytics provided by our tool:

  • Tweet Volume: Twitter Hashtag volume includes total number of tweets, retweets and replies.
  • Reach: Twitter Hashtag reach is defined as the total number of Twitter accounts to which the hashtag/keyword/@account has reached.
  • Impressions: An impression means a tweet has been delivered to a Twitter user's timeline. An Impression is always considered as a potential impression rather than an actual impression because not everyone who receives a tweet will read it, but it's possible they could. Impression tells us the expansion and reach of Twitter Hashtag campaign.
  • Total contributors: Total number of Twitter users who tweeted, retweeted or replied using the hashtag
Basic Statistics
Tweet Timeline and Time Statistics

Tweet timeline and Timeline Statistics

Tweet timeline shows the tweeting pattern and number of tweets posted in the given period of time. Following are the timeline statistics:

  • Total tweets
  • Average tweets per day
  • Tweets division into tweets, retweets and replies

Impressions, Reach and Exposure Statistics

Detailed graph of every hour/day/week impressions and twitter hashtag reach and with all the other exposure statistics. They are:

  • Potential Impressions
  • Average impressions per tweet
  • Average impressions per day
  • Potential Reach
  • Average reach per tweets
  • Average tweet per day
Impressions, Reach and Exposure Statistics
Contributors and their Statistics

Contributors and their Statistics

The hashtag report contains those Twitter users who have participated in either tweeting, retweeting or replying to the tweets mentioning the particular hashtag are considered as Contributors. Following are contributors statistics:

  • Total number of contributors
  • Average Tweets per contributor
  • Average Followers per contributor
  • Average Impressions per contributor
  • Average Reach per contributor

Top Users and Influencers

We find top users who have contributed in the hashtag campaign. They can be categorized into following:

  • Top Influencers:A user can be considered as an influencer when he/she is generating thousands or millions of impressions and reach of any topic.
  • Most Active Contributors: Users which post get the maximum number of tweets (comprising tweets, retweets and replies) mentioning the particular hashtag
  • Top Retweeters: The users who have retweeted the tweets maximum number of times related to the particular hashtag
  • Most popular contributors: Those contributors which have the maximum number of followers on Twitter
Top Users and Influencers
Top Tweets

Top Tweets

Our tool finds the most popular tweets among all the tweets of the hashtag campaign. The top tweets can be categorized into the following:

  • Most retweeted tweets: List of those tweets which get the maximum number of retweets
  • Most liked tweets: List of those tweets which get the maximum number of likes

Client Source and Top Language

A list of platforms which are used for sending out the tweets mentioning the particular hashtag. The client source could be the Twitter website, iPhone app, Android app etc.

The graph shows various languages which are used by Twitter users to post the tweets. With the help of these hashtag metrics, you can identify that the hashtag is active in which region.

client source and top language
Contributors Twitter Age and Top links

Contributors’ Twitter Age and Top links

The graph shows in which year the users joined Twitter. Contributors’ Twitter age helps in predicting fake users.

Top links are those URLs which are used the most in the tweets mentioning the hashtag. It helps in identifying any website, blog or article which is promoting the hashtag most.

Other Statistics

TrackMyHashtag provides other hashtag trends statistics also, such as:

Day-Week Pattern: Heat map containing week and day pattern of tweets posted containing the hashtag

Word Cloud: Word cloud of all the hashtags which are used the most along with our main hashtag

Geography: Geographical representation of tweets which mentioned the particular keyword

All Media: Details of all the images and videos which were used in tweets mentioning the particular hashtag

other useful metrics