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Get Customized Historical Twitter Dataset with a detailed analysis report.

Our Advanced AI driven data retrieval tools can fetch historical Twitter dataset related to any account, hashtag, keyword or mention and provide you with the RAW dataset along with a comprehensive analysis report so that you can target your social media strategy or academic research effectively.

What’s included in our Twitter dataset report?

The Historical Twitter data set report consists of CSV file of raw tweets and meta data along with a sharable online analytical dashboard which consists of various useful metrics.

Raw Twitter Dataset

The RAW dataset is provided in CSV and JSON formats with information directly lifted from Twitter’s servers. The unprocessed dataset contains tweet text exactly as posted on Twitter along with metrics such as:

Tweet ID, Date and Time of posting the tweet, Name and username of the account posting the tweet And many other valuable meta data present in the raw data sheet. Click here for details.

Analytics dashboard

TrackMyHashtag provides you with a detailed analytical dashboard which displays vital information at a glance. There analytics are derived from raw Twitter dataset.

These metrics can be used to draw inferences which can help you tremendously in performing researches or boosting your Twitter campaign.

Some of the analytics available in the analytics dashboard are:

Potential Reach, Potential Impressions, Top Contributors, Influencers, Top tweets, Device source, Top Media, Top links And many other such valuable insights.

Click here to see the sample dashboard

Price of a Report

The price of out historical Twitter datasets start at $30. This price is applicable on a single report.

Cost per report can vary depending on the amount of information.

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Price of Historical Twitter dataset depends on date range and volume.

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Historical Twitter Data since 2006

Get Historical Twitter data dating back to 2006. Any content posted on Twitter since 2006 can be retrieved by TrackMyHashtag.

Datasets in CSV and JSON

The raw Twitter datasets are provided in CSV and JSON formats. This raw, unprocessed data is provided as it is from Twitter’s servers without any sort of processing and modifications

Download videos and photos

You can download all the photos and videos present in the tweets of any hashtag/keyword/search term with the help of TrackMyHashtag.

Get only tweet count

Our tweet count reports gives daily tweet count mentioning any hashtag without fetching the complete data. Hence it is very cost effective and simple

Add Filters

Add a number of filters to your search so you get crisp, targeted results. This enables you to get more relevant dataset which in turn, saves valuable time.

Get Analytics for raw Twitter data

With advanced AI driven data processing algorithms, TrackMyHashtag provides you with a detailed analysis report for all the Raw data.


What do you get in Raw Twitter data sets?

TrackMyHashtag provides Raw unprocessed Twitter dataset in CSV and Excel format. The dataset is directly retrieved from Twitter’s servers and provided as it is without any modifications or processing. There is a lot of metadata in the raw data with metrics such as:

  • Tweet Id: Distinctive ID of the Tweet
  • Tweet URL: URL to the Tweet
  • Tweet Posted Time: Time at which the tweet was published on Twitter
  • Tweet Content: Tweet contents in text with up to 280 characters (max)
  • Tweet Type: Whether it is a tweet, retweet or reply
  • Client: Twitter Device platform through which the tweet was posted
  • Retweets Received: Retweets count of the Tweets
  • Likes Received: Likes count of the Tweet
  • Tweet Location: Geo-Location data of the tweet publication
  • Tweet Language: Language used in the tweet
  • User Id: User ID of the Twitter user who posted the tweet, retweet or reply
  • Name: Name of the Twitter user who posted the tweet, retweet or reply
  • Username: Username of the Twitter user who posted the tweet, retweet or reply
  • User Bio: Bio details of the Twitter user who posted the tweet, retweet or reply
  • Verified or Non-verified: Whether the Twitter account is verified or not
  • Profile URL: URL of profile of the Twitter account who posted the tweet
  • Protected or Non-protected: Whether or not the Twitter account is protected
  • User Followers: Followers count data of the user who posted the tweet, retweet or reply
  • User Following: Following count data of the user who posted the tweet, retweet or reply
  • User Account Creation date: Account creation date of the user who posted the tweet, retweet or reply

Get Separate Videos and Images Files

Get the list of URLs all the photos and videos present in the Twitter dataset in separate CSV files. These CSV data files contain the following meta data:

  • Tweet ID: Distinctive ID of the Tweet
  • Media ID: Unique ID of the media file
  • Media URL: Exact URL of the media file
  • Tweet URL: URL of the tweet

Metrics included in our Twitter Data Set Analytics report

1: Basic Statistics
  • Tweet volume: The total count of the tweets posted related to the search term.
  • Reach: Know the potential reach of the hashtag, reply or mention on Twitter.
  • Impression: Impressions mean that a particular tweet is delivered to a user’s Twitter timeline. He may or may not always see the tweet hence this is always termed as 'Potential impressions'.
  • Total contributors: Total number of people or Twitter accounts engaged with the engaged with the tweet or hashtag.
  • Tweet timeline: Tweet timeline displays the tweet pattern along with the number of tweets posted at any given time period.
2: Top users, influencers and tweets

TrackMyHashtag provides you with a list with the most popular Twitter accounts that engaged with your specified tweet, mention or hashtag. This list can be categorized as:

  • Top influencers: A user can be termed as an influencer when he/she is generating a tremendous amount of impressions or engagement of any particular tweet.
  • Most active contributors: The Twitter users which post the maximum number of tweets mentioning a particular hashtag or mention are termed as most active contributors.
  • Top Retweeters: The Twitter users posting maximum number of retweets mentioning a particular search term or hashtag are termed as Top Retweeters.
  • Most Popular Contributors: The Twitter users who have the highest number of followers and engage with the tweet are termed as Most Popular Contributors.
  • Top Tweets: TrackMyHashtag finds the most retweeted and liked Tweets among all the tweets for a particular hashtag.
3: Top Language, Client Source, Contributor’s Twitter age and Top Links
  • The most used device platforms which are used for mentioning the hashtag or posting the tweet are termed as Client source.
  • A graphical representation of the languages used for posting a particular hashtag or tweet is also included with the analysis report.
  • A graph displaying the Twitter account age of all the contributors is also included. This metric allows us to predict fake Twitter users/accounts.
  • A list consisting of the top links and media URL’s posted along with the mentioned tweet or hashtag is provided. This list helps us in identifying the websites or blogs which are promoting a hashtag or tweet.
4: Other Metrics and Statistics
  • Day-Week Pattern: A Heat map containing week and day patterns of tweets posted containing the specified hashtag
  • Word Cloud: A Word cloud of all the hashtags which are used the most along with our specified hashtag
  • Geography: A Geographical representation of tweets which mentioned the specified keyword
  • All Media: Details of all the images and videos which were used in tweets mentioning the specified hashtag

Customization Options to Filter Twitter Dataset

TrackMyHashtag allows you to customize each and every parameter of the data that is available on Twitter. You can get extremely targeted authentic Twitter dataset which can boost your social media campaign or research. The filters which you can customize include:

  • Keyword: You can define one or multiple keywords to be searched in the Tweet content.
  • Exact phrase match: You can define the exact phrase you wish to be searched on Twitter to get relevant data.
  • #Hashtag: You can specify hashtags which you wish to be searched.
  • @Mention: You can target your search to get specific account mentions.
  • Emoji: Tweets with any specific emoji’s defined by you will be displayed.
  • keyword1 or keyword2: You can search for Twitter dataset which has either keyword1 or keyword2 or keyword3 or so on.
  • From User: Search for tweets sent from a specific user.
  • URL: You can search Twitter data mentioning a specific URL.
  • Bio: This function matches a keyword or phrase within the user bio of a Tweet.
  • Bio location: This function matches tweets where the Twitter user object's location contains the specified keyword or phrase.
  • Followers count: This function matches Tweets when the author has a followers count within the given range.
  • Friends (Following) count: This function matches Tweets when the author has a friends(Following) count that falls within the given range.
  • Listed count: This function matches Tweets when the author has been listed within Twitter a number of times falls within the given range. You can specify a range for maximum or minimum number of lists.
  • Sample: This function returns a random sample of Tweets that match a rule rather than the entire set of Tweets. Sample percent must be represented by an integer value between 1 and 100.
  • Source: This function matches any Tweet generated by the given source application for example Twitter android app, Twitter for I-phone etc.
  • Language: This function matches Twitter dataset that have been classified by Twitter as being of a particular language.
  • Place: This function matches Tweets tagged with the specified location.
  • Profile location: This function return tweets of those users who specified a particular location in their profile.
  • Posseses links This function matches Tweets that contain a link (could be any link) in the "text" object.
  • Only retweets: This function delivers only explicit retweets dataset that match a rule.
  • Only Original tweets: This function delivers only the original tweets dataset that match a rule.
  • Only replies: This function delivers only the original tweets dataset that match a rule.
  • Quoted tweets: This is a Boolean search operator that returns all Quoted Tweets dataset. You can get explicit Quote Tweets that match a rule or exclude Quote Tweets that match a rule.
  • Verified: This function is used to get tweets only from verified profiles.
  • Has Mentions: This function matches Tweets that mention another Twitter user.
  • Has Hashtags: This function matches Tweets that contain a hashtag.
  • Has media: This function matches Tweets that contain a media URL classified by Twitter, e.g.
  • Has images: This function matches Tweets that contain a media URL classified by Twitter, e.g.
  • Has videos: This function matches Tweets that contain native Twitter videos, uploaded directly to Twitter. This will not match on videos created with Vine, Periscope, or Tweets with links to other video hosting sites.