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Real-time Tracking
Real-time Hashtag Tracking
Measure and Analyze
Measure and Analyze
Find Key Influencers
Find Key Influencers
Twitter Historical Data
Historial Hashtag Data
Competition Analysis
Competition Analysis

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Real Time Tracking

Real-time Hashtag Tracking of Twitter Campaign

Our advanced Twitter hashtag tracking tool lets you track every tweet of a campaign without missing a single one. With our Trackers, you can monitor any hashtag, keyword, phrases, @mention - anything that appears on Twitter.

  • Get all the real-time tweets and raw data downloadable anytime in .CSV (Excel) format
  • Get easy-to-understand real-time analytics dashboard with in-depth analytics to measure and analyze your Twitter and hashtag campaigns
  • Track events, fests and Twitter marketing campaigns live and make real-time decisions
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Measure and Analyze Hashtag Campaigns

Measure the reach, impressions and engagement level of your Twitter campaign and analyze its success with the help of various useful analytics.

Our real-time hashtag tracking loaded with lots of in-depth analytics which cut the noise and provide you with lots of insights in easy-to-understand and presentable way in the online dashboard and downloadable pdf. Measure Reach, impression, exposure of any hashtag, keyword or @mention

  • Measure the reach, impressions and engagement of any hashtag, keyword or @mention
  • Tweet timeline with Daily and weekly pattern of tweeting
  • Metrics such as Device source, Geographical location of tweets, top language
  • Most retweeted, liked tweets, top URL, Top image-video, top related hashtag

Find Key Influencers of Any Twitter Campaign

Twitter influencers are those users which on the basis of their authority, following, position and knowledge, drive a Twitter marketing campaign. A user can be considered as an influencer when he/she is generating thousands or millions of impressions and reach of any topic.

Our tool has the capability to find out the top influencers who are involved in any marketing campaign. You can identify them, count their impact and make decision for future Twitter marketing strategies.

  • Find and rank the top influencers, user and contributors from raw twitter data
  • Get detailed reports of influencers like impressions, reach they have generated, tweet they have used.
  • Sort influencers based on their engagement in twitter campaign, their impact, their followers and many such metrics
Key Influencers
Historical hashtag data

Get Twitter Historical Hashtag Data

Download millions of Historical tweets for any time period containing your hashtag, keyword or @mention from Twitter.

We track both historical and real-time data of any Twitter topic. It helps you to see the complete picture of the performance of the campaign.

  • Export Twitter historical hashtag data of past years related to any hashtag, keyword or user mention
  • Data can be collected in csv as well as JSON format.
  • Get lots of useful metadata along with the tweet text in datasheets
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Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

Our Hashtag tracking tool enables you keep an eye on the competition. You can track hashtags, keywords and @mentions of your competiton and plan your own social media marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Analyze all the activities of your competitors
  • Track their tweets, influencers, contributors, related hashtags
  • Make your own marketing strategy based on the analyzed data of your competitor
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Most Popular Tweet

Know most retweeted and liked tweets of any twitter account for


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Hashtag Tracking Features

Export To Excel
Export to Excel

Export the raw twitter data in excel (csv) sheet along with metadata.

Intuitive Analytical Dashboard
Intuitive analytical dashboard

Comprehensive analytical dashboard lets you see the overview of all the analytics.

Intuitive Analytical Dashboard
Downloadable analytical PDF report

Download the analytical dashboard in pdf form in just one click.

Date Range Selection
Date range selection

Select any date range and see the analytical report in instantly.

Details Influencers Data
Detailed influencers data

Details of every influencer involved in Twitter campaign along with their performance parameters.

Language Analysis
Language Analysis

Percentage of languages used to tweet in the Twitter campaign.

Get Predictive Analysis
Get predictive analytics

Predict best time to tweet, best hashtag to use etc. with the help of existing data.

Details Influencers Data
Geographic Analysis

Percentage of tweets coming from all over the world.

Monthly and Yearly susbcription
Free Hashtag Tracking Tool

Track up to 2 hashtags for 5 days for free


Customized reports, white labeling, customized tools to fulfill your special needs and requirements.

Notifications and Alert
Notifications and Alerts

Get dashboard and email notifications at every event happening in your TMH account.

Tweet timeline and Pattern
Tweet timeline and pattern

Get detailed timeline of all the tweets as well as their daily and weekly pattern.

Start your 5 day free hashtag tracking now

Our Hashtag tracking free trial includes:

  • Real-time Tracking upto 5 days
  • Track any 2 hashtags, keywords or @mentions
  • Track up to 2000 tweets
  • Full access to analytical dashboard and all the premium features
  • Hashtag Tracking report available to download anytime
  • Learn how to track hashtags with our live chat and email support
  • Upgrade the free trial anytime by choosing a pricing plan which suits you the best