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When you joined Twitter and spent some time growing your engagement, you might wonder which of my posts has the highest like count. So let’s discuss how you can find your most liked tweets.

Some might think that getting an insight into your most liked post is just for personal satisfaction, but it’s just one side of the coin. Truth is most organizations and businesses require to have insight into their Twitter engagement here is why?

1. Engagement with audience

Many influencers and businesses want to be aware of what kind of content is popular among their followers, including collaborating with tennis social media influencers when their business is in sports.

2. Evaluating your growth

It gives an overall idea of growth on Twitter. Users can see whether their account is growing or not, they can compare it with previous most-liked posts.

3. Making your marketing viral

By figuring out which post is the most liked organization or individual can create content accordingly which could go viral. Which can increase their growth and presence on Twitter.

4. Taste & preferences of audience

Based on likes on Twitter one can find what people’s cultural taste is. A lot of industries and organizations posts on Twitter during festivals or occasion, by they can decide their marketing strategy and figure out the taste and preferences of their audience and can modify their product for a certain culture.

Overall, these are the reasons why you might need to know which post of yours on Twitter is the most liked one. Moving on let’s analyze how can we find out the methods to find out about our most liked post because doing it manually would be hectic.

How to Find Your Most Liked Tweets on Twitter

There are two methods to find out, one is Twitter’s analytics and the second is Twitter’s advanced search.

Method 1: Twitter advanced search

It is really easy to understand how Twitter Advanced Search works. You input any word or phrase to be looked up, and the advanced search algorithm tries to match it up against the data such as tweets on Twitter’s servers, and provide you with the results.

With these steps, you can perform Twitter’s advanced search

Step 1. Log in to Twitter or directly go to Twitter advanced search from here.

Step 2. Once in the ‘Advanced Search’ option, you can set up related preferences.

Step 3. Accounts: This helps the users to know about the Twitter handles you want to search. For example, if I would like to know the most liked Tweet of Elon Musk I would write his username as “From these accounts

Step 4. Engagement: you can use this to filter out on the basis of likes, replies, and retweets. For example, if I want to search most liked Tweet of Elon Musk then I would write the minimum number of likes in “Minimum Likes“.

After following the steps above you can get the most liked Tweet of any account.

You can use the third-party tool to request the entire data of the most liked tweet from a third-party app by clicking this link. You can also visit FollowersAnalysis which provides Tweets analysis of any public account which contains a number of likes on Tweets.

Method 2: Twitter analytics

You can check out your most liked tweet by using Twitter’s advanced search feature. These are the steps to find out

Step 1. Log in to your Twitter account on your desktop

Step 2. Go to the left panel and click on “more”

Step 3. Then click on “Creator Studio”

Step 4. Click on analytics where you will be redirected to your Twitter involvement of the previous 28 days will be shown.

Step 5. There is a panel on top where you have to select “tweets”. Then click on “top tweets” below and the top liked tweets will be shown.

How to Find the most liked Tweets of a Hashtag?

Another method by which you can know more precise information on your Twitter analytics is by using Twitter analytical tools. One such best tool in the market is TrackMyHashtag.

So, now you might all wonder why there is a need for an analytical tool when Twitter gives you the option to find your top-liked tweet.

TrackMyHashtag is one such tool that allows users to track Twitter hashtags that lets you track every tweet of a campaign without missing a single one. With this, you can monitor any hashtag, keyword, phrase, @mention – anything that appears on Twitter.

This hashtag tracker, can measure the reach, impressions, and engagement of your Twitter campaign to know the impact of your hashtag and analyze its success with the help of various useful analytics.

The real-time hashtag tracking report is loaded with lots of in-depth analytics with lots of insights in easy-to-understand and presentable ways.

With this tracking tool, you can find out the top influencers who are involved in any marketing campaign.

This can also help you to keep an eye on the competition. You can track hashtags, keywords, and @mentions of your competition and plan your own social media marketing strategy accordingly.

You can download the report in PDF or Excel (CSV) format which is in a readable and presentable format. TrackMyHashtag is a paid tool but you can try its free trial version by following these steps:

  • Go to and create an account.
  • Verify your email and then log in to your account.
  • You’ll have free access to a dashboard to track and analyze your hashtag.
  • Enter your hashtag in the search bar which you want to search and click on the ‘search button‘ and the tool will fetch lots of useful analytics on an analytical dashboard.
  • Click on the “Save the Tracker” button.


The most liked Tweet of Elon Musk

Nowadays CEO of Twitter Elon Reeves Musk is getting famous and is always on the trending section of Twitter. So, let’s find out his most-liked tweets

  • His top-liked tweet is “I’m buying Coca-Cola” with over 4.6 million likes.
  • His second most-liked tweet is “Comedy is now legal on Twitter” with over 2.37 million likes
  • The average tweet of his per tweet is 303,432

You can check the more detailed analysis of Elon Musk’s Twitter account here.

The Most Liked Tweets of all Time

1. Rip Chadwick Boseman | 7M Likes

The death of Black Panther made the whole world cry. Someone posted this announcement on Chadwick Boseman’s Twitter handle (@chadwickboseman). 

Which was shocking for the whole world and quickly became Twitter most liked the post.

2. Barack Obama | 3.9 Million Likes

Ex-US president Barack Obama posted his picture with some small kids. Which made everyone aww and crossed over 3.9 million likes.

3. Joe Biden | 3.8 Million Likes

The newly elected current President of the United States, Joe Biden, tweeted this message. For some apparent reasons, the new president’s tweet crossed 3.8 Million likes on his tweet expressing people’s feelings towards him.

4. Barack Obama | 3.6 Million Likes

On 26 January 2020, Barack Obama tweeted his condolences on the death of famous American basketball player Kobe Bryant.  This post got the condolences of  3.6 million other people.

4. Andy Milonakis | 3.4 Million Likes

Finally, the last post is from May 2020, when the whole world was devastated by Covid-19 and a lot was going on in the United States.

The tweet refers to the launch of Crew Dragon Demo-2 by SpaceX. The tweet got 3.4 million likes.


Finally, we have covered why there is a need to find your most liked tweet and how It can help you improve your strategy and marketing. It can also help you to find an influencer to promote your brand.

You can stick with Twitter’s advanced search feature but you will miss out on detailed insight into tweets and engagement. It will truly help out to grow and create your brand presence on Twitter which can ultimately boost your sales.

To know more about Twitter analytical tools stay tuned!

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How to Find Your Most Liked Tweets
When you spent some time on Twitter, you might wonder which of my post has highest likes . Here we will cover how can you find your most liked tweets.

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