Hashtag Analytics the Complete Beginner’s Guide

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A comprehensive guide to hashtag analytics

Hashtags play a key role in elevating your brand on social media. Marketers and brands use hashtags to categorize content for audiences with aligned interests. Brands often opt to create their very own Twitter hashtag, making it easier for users to find their content.

The engagement has become the most important metric and hashtags play a crucial role in amplifying engagement and increasing conversion rates.

With such an increase in the use of hashtags, the need for hashtag analytics has gained great prominence. The need for Twitter analytics tools to identify, track and analyze engagement metrics is now more than ever.

What is a hashtag?

It is hardly possible that social media users are oblivious to hashtags. Even so, for those unaware of the term, the use of the hash or pound (#) symbol before a keyword or phrase (#justdoit) is a hashtag.


Social media is a vast pool of resources and it is difficult for users to navigate and find relevant content. In the early days, Twitter was facing a similar dilemma.

Chris Messina suggested the use of hashtags to help differentiate content for users with similar interests.

Benefits of hashtag analytics

Enhance engagement:

Hashtag analytics play a vital role in formulating your content strategy by identifying trending hashtags and ongoing conversations which results in increased engagement for your content.

Identify influencers:

Twitter analytics tools help in identifying influencers engaging with your content. Influencers are people who can sway the users’ perspective towards a brand or product. Collaborating with influencers presents an opportunity to target their communities and find potential consumers.

Analyze competitors:

Twitter analytics tools can analyze historical and real-time Twitter data of your competitors that can help you make more informed decisions. Analyzing competitor’s Twitter data helps you in understanding their social media moves. This allows you to implement similar or improved strategies in your social media campaigns.

It also opens doors to find potential consumers unsatisfied with the user experience from your competitor’s product or service. Hashtag analytics allows you to track such conversations that contain specific keywords, @mentions, and URLs.

Content strategy:

Twitter analytics tools provide valuable insights into your audiences. It lets you identify content that resonates along with insights into audience demographics (location, age, gender, income, and ethnicity). The demographics play a huge role in identifying the target audience and tailoring content to maximize engagement.

Lead Generation & conversion rates:

Hashtag analytics offer real-time engagement metrics for your campaign. You can also identify potential leads by analyzing conversations and brand mentions.

Through Twitter analytics tools, marketers can monitor engagement and conversion rates. They can further optimize strategies if the KPI’s are low.

Hashtag Strategies

Hashtags are the most potent way to generate awareness, but we can also use it to target specific audiences.

Here are some of the most effective hashtag strategies to implement for maximizing the success of your social media campaigns.

  • Perform thorough research: The foremost thing to do before planning a strategy is research. Analyzing historical and real-time hashtag performance metrics can provide you numerous insights. It can help you formulate effective social media strategies that can increase your social ROI.
  • Tool: A third-party Twitter analytics tool is essential to perform research. Our guide offers the top 10 best hashtag analytics tools to consider. Consider the set of features and pricing before finalizing the tool.
  • Find trending hashtags: Twitter is the noisiest social media platform that has an abundance of content. Hashtags are the only way to categorize content on Twitter. It makes it easier for users to navigate and find relevant content. Hashtag analytics can help you identify and track trending hashtags related to your domain to boost your engagement.
  • Identify trending conversations: A Twitter analytics tool can help you uncover trending conversations, hashtags and more. Taking part in these conversations can help you in increasing your brand’s reach and overall impressions.
  • Target audience: Social media is a digital world with millions of users. Twitter reported 330 million active users worldwide in 2019. The number is enormous and so are the prospects for potential consumers. A hashtag tracking tool can help you analyze Twitter data, thus identifying the target audience interested in your product and services.
  • Track your hashtags with the most engagement: Marketers and brands must analyze their historical data to identify content that has the most engagement. It helps in creating content that users are more likely to engage with.

Hashtag analytics, the most important metrics to track and dissect.

  • Popularity: Marketers and brands should check the popularity of a hashtag before using them along with the content. Using popular hashtags from trending conversations on social media will result in more engagement and reach for your brand. Just make sure you are not spamming users with unrelated hashtags. It can create a bad impression and supposedly tarnish your brand’s reputation.

popular hashtags gained from hashtag analytics

  • Reach and impressions: It is essential to know the reach of your content or hashtag while promoting a brand. If the reach is low, then you are not using the right hashtags. You must consider making a list of popular and relevant hashtags in your content strategy.

Overall reach and impressions of a hashtag- TrackMyHashtag.com

  • Engagement: Engagement is one of the most crucial performance indicators. If analyzed correctly, it can open new marketing horizons which bring in prospective customers and also improve the overall brand awareness. It can also go a long way in driving traffic to your brand’s website and other social media channels.

Exposure statistics for a tweet gained from hashtag analytics tool- TrackMyHashtag

  • Users: It is essential to track hashtags used by users related to your domain. Use the hashtags that are popular among users, it will increase engagement and help build conversations for your brand. Hashtag analytics tools can help you identify the popular hashtags or keywords used by Twitter users. Using these keywords can help in increasing the SEO rankings for your content.

Identify most active and engaging users Twitter followers- TrackMyHashtag

Types of hashtags to use

  • Branded hashtag: A branded hashtag is when a brand creates its signature hashtag to represent the brand on social media. It makes it easier for users to find content, engage or share user experiences. It can also work as an effective customer support mechanism.Branded hashtag example- Hashtag analytics Twitter
  • Event & Campaign hashtags: An event hashtag is used to promote events aimed at enhancing public relations with the community. It also helps in encouraging users to take part in the event (#oscars).Event and campaign hashtags Twitter exampleWhereas, a campaign hashtag is a purpose-driven marketing effort to increase engagement and promote a brand’s products and services (#ShareACoke).
  • User-generated hashtags: User-generated hashtags are created and popularized by the Twitterverse. These hashtags have the potential to become a viral sensation. Brands must track and use these hashtags to build engagement.User-generated hashtag example Twitter
  • Trending hashtags: These hashtags are highly popular among Twitter users. Brands must track and identify relevant trending hashtags to post along with the content. It not only increases the potential reach and impressions but also helps in generating awareness among users.Hashtag analytics- Trending hashtag- TrackMyHashtag

Non-branded hashtags and trending conversations

  • Trending topics: 

    If a small business or startup is looking to promote their product on social media, engaging in trending topics related to their domain is a viable option. These trending topics can help you generate awareness and promote your product (#BrandsTalkTwitter).

  • Relevant hashtags: 

    Using trending hashtags can provide a significant boost to your Twitter campaign. But, brands should refrain from using unrelated trending hashtags to promote their brand. It can damage the brand’s image and could lead to a decrease in engagement.Click here to check out the hilarious hashtag fails on Twitter.

  • No of hashtags: 

    Using hashtags can indeed increase engagement by up to 50%. But the no. of hashtags to use vary on all social media platforms. It is recommended that you use 1-2 hashtags on Twitter for maximum engagement.

  • Engage with your audience: 

    Influencers are important but so are the customers. It would be unwise to overlook customers that frequently engage with your content. Track and engage in conversations with customers that mention your brand in their tweets. You can also follow back those engaging customers to show a sense of appreciation.

  • User-generated content:

    User-generated content is great for promoting your brand, where users share their experiences and stories with the brand’s hashtag. The content provided by the users can be an excellent marketing resource which can propel your brand to success.

Find the right influencers through hashtag analytics

Social media influencers have the power to sway user’s decisions in your favor.

  • Identify and track influencers: Twitter analytics tools can you identify the influencers engaging with your brand on social media. These influencers can promote your products in their communities. It opens the doors to new potential customers for brands.Identify top influencers engaging with your brand- TrackMyHashtag.com Twitter analytics tool
  • Evaluate followers and collaborate: It is essential that you analyze the follower-base of the influencers due to the recent surge in influencers with fake followers. Also, the follower base of every influencer might not provide prospective customers or an audience that is interested in what you offer.

Measure social media engagement metrics in real-time with hashtag analytics

After planning and implementing your social media strategy, marketers and brands must track the performance metrics in real-time.

  • Evaluate your reach and impressions: Twitter analytics tools can help you track and monitor the reach and impressions of a hashtag campaign in real-time and brands can optimize strategies if the engagement rates are lower than predicted. You can also measure the reach and impressions of your competitors social media strategy and tailor your content accordingly.Evaluate reach and impressions with TrackMyHashtag Twitter analytics tool
  • Optimize your posting time: Brands must monitor the engagement and determine the time-frame in which the audience is online and provides the desired engagement. The average lifespan of a tweet is between 15-20 minutes. Brands must find the optimum time to tweet or else it might get lost in the content pool of a user’s Twitter feed.Optimize your posting time for maximum engagement- TrackMyHashtag.comTwitter analytics tools can help you identify content that works best and is appealing to the target audience. Brands should leverage the topics that the audience finds interesting and engaging.Identify content that resonates- TrackMyHashtag.com
  • Know your audience: Through Twitter analytics tools, brands can understand the likes, dislikes, and preferences of the target audience. It can help you in tailoring products and services that are tempting to the audiences.Gain audience insights- TrackMyHashtag.com

Start monitoring your KPI's with hashtag analytics

As you are now aware of the benefits of hashtag analytics, you can now start testing and tracking your social media efforts through TrackMyHashtag.

It is an amazing Twitter analytics tool that can analyze historical and real-time hashtag performance metrics. The insights gained after analyzing the data can significantly boost your social media engagement and the conversion rates for your brand.

TrackMyHashtag offers a 5-day free trial. Pricing starts at $49 per month.

Give it a try! See you next time.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Hashtag Analytics
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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Hashtag Analytics
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Hashtag Analytics
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