A Definitive Twitter Content Strategy Playbook 2020

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Twitter has been the go-to platform for brands to promote their products and services. It offers the opportunity to appeal to a worldwide potential consumer base. But to attract the attention of users on Twitter, you need an engaging Twitter content strategy that can help you build a community to increase conversion rates.

Random tweets and updates about your brand’s products and services won’t help you build an engaging community. You need to plan an effective content strategy by analyzing your historical and real-time performance metrics. A social listening tool can analyze your Twitter activities and provide you with the insights to create engaging content.

A brand’s content strategy is based on the industry it operates in, and the products and services it offers. There is no single golden rule for creating a content strategy and will always evolve with the industry.

Nevertheless, there are some key measures you can implement to maximize the effectiveness of your content to grow your brand.

Define Goals

Define brand goals

The foremost thing to do before creating content is to define goals. It is essential to define what you want to achieve, only then can you create content that can help you do that. What your goals should be?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Increase website traffic

You must revisit your brand values and analyze your audience to further define the extent of these goals. You also have to evaluate what type of content aligns with your overall marketing goals and can help you achieve it.

Where does content fit to help you achieve your goals?

why you need content

After you have defined your goals, you must identify what you need the content for. You can use content in many ways, including brand promotion, event and campaign updates, customer support, and storytelling. But these can be further classified by the purpose they serve in achieving your marketing goals such as:

  • Increasing engagement: If you want the content to focus on increasing engagement (likes, retweets, impressions, and reach) and ultimately result in an increase in followers.
  • Driving conversion rates: If you want to utilize the content for driving traffic to your official website and increase conversion rates (sign-up and subscriptions) for your brand.
  • Overall Sales: If you want to solely focus your content (blogs, images, and videos) on increasing sales for your products and services.


Once you have defined your goals and have realized the areas where you want to focus your content, the next step is to select the type of content that can help you achieve those goals.

  • Content Topics: Analyze your historical Twitter content to identify topics that your audience engages with the most and the topics that do not provide engagement. Consider making a list of such topics for your content strategy.
  • Media: Visual content has proved to increase engagement by 50% for your content. Adding visual content (photos and videos) attracts more engagement as it further clarifies what you offer and if it’s worth following on Twitter.
  • Content posting schedule: Posting content randomly on Twitter won’t increase engagement. Post frequently and often that the users deem it worthwhile to follow you. We recommend that you post between 8-10 times a day, established brand often tweet 15-20 times each day on Twitter.

Increase reach and promote your tweets

Twitter content strategy-promote tweets

The primary objective of the content you post is to increase engagement and help build a large community that drives sales for your brand. You have to increase the reach of your content and promote your content to maximize engagement. There are several ways you can do that.

  • Keywords strategy and @mentions: SEO is an excellent way to increase the visibility of your content. Users prefer using keywords and @mentions to find relevant content. You can optimize your tweets with keywords to increase the search results for your tweet, including @mentions can increase the awareness and follower base for your brand.
  • Leverage Hashtags: Hashtags are the backbone of content on Twitter. They are the only means to help categorize content for users and also helps in increasing impressions and reach. Use relevant trending hashtags in your content to increase its visibility on Twitter.
  • Best time to Tweet: Twitter has plenty of content and if your content is not timed perfectly (when the users are online) it will be lost in the users’ Twitter feed. Identify the time-frame when the users engage with your content the most and post your tweets accordingly.
  • Encourage users to share: You can also encourage users to share your content (retweets) to increase its reach among the followers of your followers. You can offer a prize in return to encourage users in doing so. (Wendy’s- Carter Wilkerson’s tweet)

User-generated content

User-generated content can enhance your brand image and increase conversion rates for your brand. Start a campaign where users can share their experiences with your brand. It can help in increasing the trust of users towards your brand as people prefer buying products more, once there are aware of other users’ experiences with the brand.

Measure Impact

Now that you have planned an effective content strategy, the last thing to do is to measure its impact. A brand must constantly measure and evaluate the extent of reach and impressions along with its impact on the conversion rates for the brand.

Measure impact of Twitter content strategy

Also, regularly measure your KPI’s and the overall growth rate and compare it with the estimated statistics. It allows you to find new trending topics and also help in further optimizing your content strategy to achieve your goals.


Twitter is an amazing platform to promote and grow your brand, but you cannot achieve that without a content strategy that aligns with organizational goals.

Plan a content strategy based on what users are interested in and what works best to build a community that increases the conversion rates. Also, use an effective social listening tool that can analyze your Twitter activity and provide you with insights to improve your content strategy.

TrackMyHashtag is an Al-based hashtag and event tracking Twitter analytics tool that can provide great insights to boost your content strategy to master your audiences.

See you next time!

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