What are Twitter Spaces and How to Use Them?

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TrackMyHashtagWith the inception of Instagram, images dominated the social media space, and well for the most part they still do. But in the past few years, users have been more inclined to other forms of content. The short-video format started gaining traction with the introduction of Tiktok. Next came the ephemeral content, and the latest addition is the group audio calls platform Clubhouse. It was launched in 2020 on an invite-only basis and was the buzzword among the social communities. Seeing the popularity of the app, Twitter introduced the live group audio discussion feature of its own called Twitter Spaces.

In this piece, we will dive deeper into what Twitter Spaces is and how brands and marketers can use it for marketing purposes.

What are Twitter Spaces?


If you are an avid social media user, you surely would have heard about the new social platform called Clubhouse. It was introduced as an exclusive and invite-only, audio-based social platform. It gained massive traction due to its unique approach to social interactions.

To sum it up, it is similar to a live podcast platform. Users can jump in and out of different groups, listen to the conversations, or voice their opinions on a wide range of topics.

Just how Reels is Instagram’s take on Tiktok, Spaces is Twitter’s take on Clubhouse. Although, unlike Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces will be accessible to every Twitter user, new or old.

Clubhouse, the originator of the idea has been facing criticism for rising online harassment even after being exclusive. Although, while Twitter is big on exclusivity, it promises a far better experience and quality of rooms to join and discuss topics.

Twitter Spaces is still in the testing phase and is accessible to only a few select users. Although, the list of users has been gradually increasing. Most users with or over 600 followers can use the feature.

Why is Twitter Spaces Important?

importance of Twitter SpacesToday, live conversations draw more engagement in comparison to micro-blogging or images. Live conversations give users a chance to engage with their choice of content creator or brand. While the tweets can be used for fast-paced conversations, the 280-character limit doesn’t allow you to fully express your thoughts.

But on Twitter Spaces, users can openly express their thoughts without worrying about the 280-character limit. They can speak their mind as long as they want, receive responses, and respond to them as long as they keep coming.

Although, the biggest advantage here is that brands and content creators don’t have to keep track of thousands of incoming tweets. They can take time responding to each user and not lose track of users trying to engage with you. Also, you can have more open and in-depth discussions on various topics.

Essentially, it’s one of the best ways to engage with users and encourage more users to join in. It can help you better and have more meaningful relations with your audiences.

How to Start a Twitter Space?

As of now, the feature is still in the testing phase and is accessible to users that have over 600 followers. If you have the said number of followers, here’s how you can create your Twitter Space.

There are two ways you can create a Twitter Space

  • Long-press the compose button and then tap the Spaces icon on the far left.
  • Tap your profile image in Fleets, scroll far left and tap Spaces.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There is no limit to how many users can join your Twitter Space.
  • Anyone using iOS or Android can join the Space.
  • Their number of speakers is limited to 10.
  • The number of speakers may increase in future updates.
  • The host can determine who can join the conversation (everyone, people you follow, people you sent invites to).

Once the Twitter Space is created, the host can remove, report, block participants, and of course the one who can end the session. In an ideal world, you should be able to have meaningful conversations with your audience. But there is an abundance of trolls on social media followers including Twitter. While you may not be able to stop them from joining in public sessions, you surely can block them if needed.

Furthermore, Twitter Spaces copies are retained by Twitter for a span of 30 days before it is lost forever. This gives you ample time to review your spaces and identify violators. You can then ban them if needed.

Also, the hosts can download copies of their sessions.

How to Use Twitter Spaces?

Now that you know what Twitter Spaces is and how to create one, it’s time to take your marketing approach to the next level. Here are ways you can leverage Twitter Spaces:

Host Discussions on Trending Topics

By holding debates on popular issues, you may further establish yourself in the business. Commentary, forecasts, and advice relevant to the issue may be included.

If you want to boost your Space’s profile, invite prominent people in your sector to be your speakers. Influencers can even be invited as co-hosts. Again, make sure you know that Co-hosts can control who gets invited to speak, as well as to pin their tweets, while also getting to remove members of the community and to assist with participant requests.

Twitter Spaces would also be a great option for organizing panels, as you don’t have to invest in holding a physical event, and can utilize the Spaces to invite others to the virtual discussion.

Twitter Spaces provides every conceivable advantage over Twitter for purposes of debating and hashing out important issues: A designated administrator to establish parameters and have the option to terminate disruptive parties who will not abide by the rules.

Share Updates and Announcements

Help people in your community stay in the loop about the latest happenings in your company by creating a space for product details updates, policy shifts, new or future items, feature updates, and more. This technique is excellent for keeping your followers engaged and informed about your business.

Twitter’s community engagement department hosts Spaces to highlight their progress.


Twitter Spaces will be great if you’ve got a sizable social following. To get valuable feedback, create a space, add followers, and ask for their input. Sending out a survey takes time and might waste people’s time by spamming them with the same question numerous times. However, leveraging your Twitter audience is simple and quick, with little time wasted in acquiring and evaluating the results.

Gain Audience Feedback

Audience responses are quite valuable. We use it to iron out problems in our merchandise, test new concepts, and ascertain consumer feelings about our brands.

You’re running out of time to get responses, and by now you know that hosting a focus group just to get feedback will take up a lot of your time and may only reach a tiny percentage of your audience.

Because of this, marketers have turned to online customer surveys like Google Forms more frequently. Surveys enable you better connect with a much wider audience, allowing you to collect and analyze numerical data that you can observe over time.

But surveys are not infallible either. Face-to-face contact is critical in focus groups, which is why those relying on these methods are always able to gain important information about their customers. One common kind of communication today is responding to queries on websites. This method of responding often fails to clarify the message due to lack of context, though.

How are you finding your preferred Twitter group members? Is it even possible? Consider social listening to detect perfect folks for your digital feedback events. Keep track of any important brand mentions, product and competition information, and target brand-relevant and passionate consumers by getting them to join you on Twitter.

Engage with Followers in Real-time

The conversation with the brand was mostly one way. You’d put out a fresh marketing campaign, sit back, and assume your customers will love it. That’s no longer the case. Today, people expect that brands will engage with them. Plus, 64% of customers and 80% of corporate purchasers demand real-time contact.


It isn’t doable with most platforms. However, Twitter Spaces does make it work. In order to maintain a dialogue, invite a chosen few to participate and voice their mind. This will allow your audience to hear your topic and react if they feel the need.


The Twitter Spaces feature is designed to reduce harassment while preserving most of the appealing aspects of Clubhouse. Brands now have a new Twitter marketing tactic to consider for creating a Twitter following that is well-engaged and safe to nurture.

It’s a sure thing that Twitter Spaces will facilitate real-time live interactions. Using this newer feature will help your company jump ahead of its competition.

Use TrackMyHashtag to track the performance of your tweets and social media campaigns in real-time.

What are Twitter Spaces and How to Use Them?
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What are Twitter Spaces and How to Use Them?
What are Twitter Spaces and How to Use Them?
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