Quick Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Twitter marketing tips for small businesses

With over 330 million active users and 166 million monetizable users, Twitter is no longer just a micro-blogging platform. Twitter has evolved into a marketing giant and a front-runner in social media marketing. It is also one of the most trusted names when it comes to delivering credible news as it happens.

But small businesses often hesitate to join Twitter and promote their brand. The character limitations on the tweets were one of the main reasons why businesses usually turned away from Twitter. Twitter did increase the character limit from 140 to 280 and introduced Twitter analytics to help businesses.

Even so, many businesses fail to leverage the potential of Twitter. The reason for this is that businesses fail to comprehend how Twitter works. You can gain substantial visibility and engagement with a couple of posts on Facebook or Instagram as it would be visible in the users’ timelines. But that is now how Twitter works, Twitter thrives on real-time conversations. Any brand that actively engages in real-time conversations on Twitter can increase visibility, awareness, and engagement for their brand.

Another fact that can change your mind about Twitter is over 52% of its users say, they purchased a product that was recommended on Twitter. Also, 81% of its users say that Twitter influences their purchase more than TV commercials.

The most important thing to check before marketing on Twitter, ‘does your target audience matches with Twitter’s user demographic’.

How can small businesses benefit from Twitter?

In this post, we are going to discuss how small businesses can expand their brand’s social media horizons with Twitter marketing.

Monitor brand-related conversations

Twitter is one of the most sought platforms by users when it comes to expressing user experiences. This makes Twitter the perfect platform to monitor brand-related conversations. You can identify what users say about your brand on social media.


Monitoring brand-related conversations can help you analyze the sentiments of users towards your brand. On the other hand, if you have a branded hashtag, it makes it even easier to extract data with the help of Twitter analytics tools.

Identify and leverage industry trends

Twitter is one of the most influential social media platforms with brands and users for various industries. Every industry has trends and topics that they use to increase their social media presence. A Twitter analytics tool can help you identify trends related to your industry.

You can also use keywords to identify emerging trends or to check the trending conversations and topics of your competitors. This will help you track popular trends and conversations while tracking what people are talking about.

Gain valuable customer insights

Twitter users are more eager to try new products and services, you just have to identify your target audience and deploy data-driven strategies to increase conversion rates. Twitter analytics can help you identify and analyze your Twitter followers. The valuable insights gained from the analysis can help you boost your targeted marketing efforts and plan effective strategies to grow your brand on Twitter.


Analyzing your Twitter followers can also help you find resonating content, valuable product feedback, or suggestions to improve the overall user experience and to keep them engaged.

Build brand image and increase awareness

Twitter is an amazing social media platform that can help you generate awareness and increase visibility for your brand. Twitter analytics can help you identify trending hashtags and conversations related to your industry.

The best thing about Twitter is that it allows you to share a wide range of content easily with a few clicks and start conversations. Using the right hashtags or jumping into trends industry conversations can generate awareness.

Now the next thing to decide is the tone of your posts as it impacts your brand image. Many brands often try to start conversations with a bit of humor.

Deploy a customer support mechanism

Twitter is the best free platform that you can use as customer support. You can dedicate a secondary account or create a specific hashtag and make it easier for users to express their opinions. You can easily track customer complaints, queries, and issues.


Major brands use Twitter as a marketing, customer support, and research platform. You can learn from consumer complaints, suggestions, and more to improve the overall experience for the end-user. It can also help you improve your customer support response rate. You never know which issue may escalate into a social media crisis, leverage Twitter’s potential to improve your brand image.

Connect with the local community

Small businesses generate most of their revenue from local communities. Your first and foremost goal should be connecting with the community and generating awareness. You can begin by following and engaging with community leaders. Follow their accounts, engage in conversations, and retweet impactful tweets.

You can also engage with the local non-profits and community-based businesses. This will spread awareness brand and help find potential customers for your brand.

Gather feedback

Customer feedback is a valuable source of information. Analyzing, customer feedback can help you get valuable insights that can be applied in numerous fields. User suggestions can be used in product development, forecast demand, content strategy, demand forecast, and more.

This also provides a great opportunity for brands to connect with the customers and understand them. The Twitter poll is an excellent feature that brands often use to ask customers their opinions.

Connect with influencers

Influencer marketing is the most promising paid marketing channel that offers high conversion rates. It is also the most leveraged paid marketing channels by brands in 2020. While major brands partner with established influencers, you can collaborate with micro-influencers. These influencers are more connected with their community and offer over 60% more engagement. Also, collaborating with these influencers won’t cost you a fortune.

These influencers can sway the buying decisions of users and help in targeting new potential customers on the platform.

Drive Traffic to your website

Twitter allows you to share a variety of content including links from your website. This brings a great opportunity to guide traffic to your brand’s official website. You can guide users to the content on your brand’s official website.

If you run a blog you can share it on Twitter to increase the reach of your content along with website traffic. If you have a dedicated landing page for your marketing campaign, you can share it on Twitter to increase visibility and website traffic.

Use Twitter to monitor competitors

Every major brand is trying to increase its presence on Twitter. This is a great opportunity to collect Twitter data related to your competitors and extract valuable insights that can boost your targeted marketing strategies.

Choosing a successful competitor to imitate can help you increase your social media presence. You can analyze their Twitter data to analyze their social media moves and use effective strategies to boost your brand’s visibility and authority in the industry. It will also help you avoid making the same mistakes as your competitors.

Now that you know the benefits of Twitter for your business, you need an effective Twitter analytics tool that can help you track, monitor, and analyze performance metrics. I have just the perfect tool for you.

Twitter analytics tool

TrackMyHashtag is an AI-driven Twitter analytics tool that can help you track, monitor, and analyze the performance metrics of any public Twitter account in real-time. You can track the engagement metrics of your hashtag or Twitter marketing campaigns and improvise strategies in real-time if needed. It can deliver precise-updates as they happen, the analytical dashboard provides a ton of information, metrics, insights that is easy to navigate through.

Key features of TrackMyHashtag,

  • Track hashtag campaigns
  • Track performance metrics in real-time
  • Identify trending hashtags and keywords
  • Identify and analyze influencers
  • Get access to historical Twitter data
  • Analyze your competitors

The premium monthly any yearly plans for TrackMyHashtag start at $49 and $ 299 respectively.

Closing Thoughts

Twitter is one of the most influential social media marketing platforms with a mature audience. A majority of Twitter users are willing to try new products and services, you just have to identify your target audience. TrackMyHashtag can provide you with the needed insights to boost your social media presence. Explore and leverage Twitter’s influence to realize your brand’s potential.

Until next time!

Quick Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
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Quick Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
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