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In the past decade, Twitter has established itself as one of the front-runners in the social media marketing landscape. It is also the most sought-after platform by users to engage with the brands and to express their opinions.

Brands and marketers are investing significant resources on Twitter to increase their social media presence. This has led Twitter to become one of the most competitive social media marketing platforms.

If we talk numbers, Twitter has over 330 million monthly and 186 million daily active users. Users post around 6000 every second whereas, over 38% of users lie between the age bracket of 18-29 years. This is the adult population that likes to stay updated on the latest trends and are willing to spend to do so.

Even if you’ve tried some Twitter marketing tactics before, there’s always room for improvement. You haven’t explored using relevant hashtags to target new audiences, or your content strategy needs a refresh. This guide will cover everything from crafting an eye-catching profile to leveraging tools like Snigel, which focuses on ad management to optimize your marketing strategy.

Also, every major brand, politician, and influencer is active on Twitter. This adds a wide pool of content, news, and updates that keeps the users engaged. Over 26% of users in the US alone check Twitter multiple times a day to stay updated.

Although, amassing new followers and keeping them engaged on Twitter is something that even seasoned marketers struggle to achieve. Posting tweets and updates won’t get you anywhere if it doesn’t add value for the users. You need an effective analytics tool that can help you gain valuable insights in real-time and help shape Twitter marketing strategies.


Social listening tool for Twitter marketing

TrackMyHashtag is an AI-driven paid Twitter analytics platform. It can help you track, monitor, and analyze the performance metrics of any public Twitter account. It can provide valuable audience insights that can help you plan effective Twitter marketing strategies and expand your social media horizons.

Key features of TrackMyHashtag,

  • Raw Twitter datasets available to export in CSV format
  • Identify resonating content
  • Identify and track influencers
  • Top related media, hashtags, users and URL’s
  • Most popular, retweeted, and liked tweets
  • Tweets timeline analytics

TrackMyHashtag comes with various monthly and yearly plans. You can choose a plan as per your requirements. The basic plan starts at $49 a month.

Also, click here to check out our compilation of 101 free tools to cover all your Twitter marketing needs.

Twitter marketing tips

Now that you know how to access, track, and analyze your Twitter performance metrics in real-time, let’s move on to the Twitter marketing tips that can help you increase your brand’s social media presence.

1. Optimize your Twitter profile

Ditch the generic bio. Craft a captivating headline that hints at your brand’s voice and what you offer. Are you a witty marketing guru? A passionate photographer? Let your personality shine through!

Your Twitter handle is the first thing users see when they visit your Twitter profile. Remember, a great first impression is essential to gain the users’ attention. So your first Twitter marketing tip is to optimize your Twitter profile.

I know it sounds too obvious, but it is still an important aspect of Twitter marketing. It can help you attract new followers for your brand’s Twitter profile.

As a brand, your Twitter handle should be short, recognizable, and easy to remember. Using a name different for your brand will confuse followers.

optimize Twitter profile

Update your profile picture to something that represents your brand (brand logo). You can also use the header space to unleash your creativity or to provide additional information.

You can also leverage the Twitter bios by adding website links that can help guide traffic to your official website. As a user or influencer, bios can help you explain who you are and what you do in short sentences.

Your bio is prime real estate – use it wisely! Keep it concise (you only have 160 characters) and informative. Briefly explain who you are and what you tweet about. Include relevant keywords to help people find you in searches.

Bonus Tip: Spice up your bio with a fun emoji or two to add personality.

2. Create clear guidelines

Creating clear guidelines for publishing content on Twitter is important. It will help you stay consistent and help the marketing team create content accordingly. You won’t miss posting content for your followers and keep them engaged. Also, working out clear guidelines can help position your brand effectively and understand how to engage with your audience.

3. Post resonating content

Keeping the existing Twitter followers engaged is just as important as attracting new followers. TrackMyHashtag can analyze your engagement statistics and help identify resonating content that users like to engage with. You can create lists of engaging content topics that can help you plan an effective Twitter content strategy.

4. Tweet during peak hours

The average lifespan of a tweet is 15-20 minutes. This is the actual time that you can use to increase exposure before it gets lost in the users’ Twitter feeds.

Understanding your target audience’s demographics and location is crucial. Tools like Twitter Analytics can provide insights into when your followers are most active.

While audience specifics reign supreme, some general trends exist. Weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm in your audience’s time zone often see a surge in activity.

Additionally, early evenings and lunchtime breaks can be prime tweeting times.
Track your tweet performance and experiment with different posting times. See what resonates best with your audience and adjust your schedule accordingly.

optimize posting time

If you do not time your tweets perfectly, they will be lost in the users’ timelines. TrackMyHashtag can help you identify the time frame when the users are online and can provide the desired engagement.

5. Post visual content to get past the 280-character limit

The 280-tweet character limit can very well limit what you want to express as a brand. This is where visual content comes in. You can leverage images or videos to fully express your opinions.

Also, the consumption of visual media has significantly increased over the years. It can help you attract more engagement compared to just posting tweets.

6. Create tweetstorms

A stream of thoughts is a good way to gain someone’s attention if you break up multiple tweets into one long stream. Blog frequently to detail the latest features, vent about obstacles, and summarize new blog posts. Tweetstorms have a higher likelihood of gaining retweets and shares, which will further increase your audience reach.

7. Leverage popular hashtags

Hashtags can help you increase engagement for your content. It is proven that tweets with a hashtag can attract twice as much engagement compared to tweets without a hashtag. On the other hand, tweets with 2 hashtags show a 17% decline in engagement.

TrackMyHashtag can help you track, analyze, and monitor the engagement statistics of any hashtag. It can help you identify popular and trending hashtags related to your domain along with their engagement statistics.

You can leverage these hashtags to increase the reach of your content. It can also help you target user groups with similar interests.

8. Promote your top tweets and content

If a tweet attracts enormous engagement, it usually means that your Twitter followers connect with it. You can leverage these tweets to promote your brand. You can promote such tweets to attract new followers to your brand’s Twitter profile.

Promoting high-engagement tweets can also help you increase your social media exposure and generate brand awareness. You can also include it in your content strategy

9. Capitalize on Twitter moments

Twitter moments are one of the best spaces to access the latest trends and news. Moments can provide users a snapshot of the latest and impactful stories around the world. You can leverage Twitter moments to post resonating content and keep the users engaged.

Use Twitter moments

You can create a list of holidays and events and search for trending moments to share on that specific day. It can help you leverage impactful events to attract more engagement and increase your social media presence.

10. Pin content on your Twitter profile

Pinning tweets is another great Twitter marketing strategy to increase engagement and attract new followers. If you pin your content, it will be at the top of your Twitter feed and will attract more impressions and engagement.

Although, with pinned tweets, you need to be selective about which content you pin on your Twitter feed. You must select only the best-performing tweets to promote. TrackMyHashtag can help you identify tweets that users find engaging, to further promote your brand and increase your social media presence.

11. Track branded hashtags and @mentions

Tracking @mentions and branded hashtags can help you monitor social media conversations related to your brand. Tracking the performance of your branded hashtags can help you analyze which strategies work and the ones that don’t. Monitoring the engagement statistics of your branded hashtags can also help you identify topical content topics that the users find engaging.

Tracking mentions can also help you identify critical issues that customers face. You can increase your initial response time and provide customer support to prevent losing customers.

12. Monitor your competitors

Third-party Twitter analytics tools can enable you to track, analyze, and monitor the performance of your competitors’ Twitter profiles. TrackMyHashtag can help you gain valuable analytical insights that can help you dissect the social media moves of your competitors.

You can implement similar or improved marketing strategies as your competitors. It can help you choose proven strategies and avoid making the same mistakes as your competitors.

13. Create tweet variations

If your brand or website runs a blog, by creating tweet variations you can extend the lifespan and reach of that content. You can write 10 tweets/posts, each emphasizing a different key point from the content. You can use these tweets over the span of 30-90 days to maximize reach, increase traffic, and boost engagement.

14. Use emojis

Emojis can help you express emotions with simple symbols. The increasing popularity of emojis has forced every major social media platform to introduce its own set of emojis including Twitter.

Tweet with emojis

Also, it is proven that tweets with emojis attract 25% more engagement compared to tweets that don’t use an emoji. However, adding unrelated emojis without any reason won’t do you any good. Add emojis related or connected to the content in question.

15. Identify and engage with influencers

Influencer marketing is the most sought-after paid marketing channel in 2020. Brands and marketers have significantly increased their investments in social media marketing. Influencers can not only help you promote your brand but also have proven effective in increasing conversion rates.

TrackMyHashtag can help you identify influencers that engage with your Twitter profile. It can also analyze their Twitter profile performance metrics. Analyzing the performance metrics can help you identify the right influencer to act as your brand advocate.

16. Use gated content

Gated content is an effective Twitter marketing strategy to drive traffic to your brand’s official website along with increasing engagement. Gated content is only accessible to users after completing a specified action.

Simply, if a user wants to access the blog posts on Twitter, he simply has to share or retweet the post. Completing this action grants access to the blog’s content. The move not only guides traffic to your website but also helps in increasing engagement.

17. User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is an effective way to increase user participation. UGC not only increases engagement but also helps you accumulate an enormous pool of content for future Twitter marketing purposes.

#ShotOnIPhone was a popular UGC campaign that helped Apple INC to promote iPhones. The campaign attracted enormous user participation and engagement.

18. Use Twitter polls to analyze user opinions

The Twitter poll is an excellent feature introduced by Twitter that can help you ask and analyze user opinions. You can ask specific questions related to the content, feedback, product development, and much more.

Leverage Twitter polls

This can help you connect with the users and understand what they actually need. You can use these insights to plan an effective content strategy or gauge product demand before deciding to launch.

19. Leverage Twitter Ads

Over 139 million Twitter accounts can be monetized. These are the accounts that can actually see ads. Twitter ads are effective in increasing engagement as soon as possible.

Promoted tweets and conversational ads are the best ways to utilize Twitter ads. Conversational ads not only increase engagement but can also help you connect with users on a personal level.

20. Run Twitter contests

Twitter contests or giveaways can be leveraged to increase engagement for your brand’s Twitter profile. You can organize a Twitter contest and ask users to retweet a tweet and follow your Twitter profile in exchange for a prize for a limited no of users. #WantAnR8

It will not only help you increase engagement but also attract more followers to your Twitter profile.

21. Define metrics to measure growth

It is essential to your measure your engagement statistics. It can help you analyze the impact of implemented strategies and measure success.

Here are some of the important metrics that you should monitor,

  • Follower Growth
  • Engagement Rate
  • Overall Reach
  • Website Traffic
  • Conversion Rate

22. Evaluate your performance and adjust

It is critical to monitor your Twitter strategy as closely as you would any other aspect of your business. Are you seeing any results? Are you meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself? Are you capable of exceeding your own expectations? Or is your progress so astounding that you’re achieving far more than you could have hoped for? Adjust your strategy as needed to ensure that it is in line with your performance metrics. Modify your original goals, set new goals, or devise a new strategy if necessary.

23. Humanize your tweets

When it comes to social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the temptation of perfecting your profile. To be sure, you want to maintain a professional demeanor–but not at the expense of sounding robotic. Twitter users are less likely to click on a link that appears to be an advertisement, regardless of whether it actually is. Don’t be hesitant to post silly, snarky, and off-brand tweets, photos, and memes. Twitter is a great platform for brands to show off their sense of humor.

24. Use customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the best marketing tools to increase trust. I mean, what would you trust? A scripted advertisement from the brand or genuine feedback from a user that has prior experience with the respective brand. Analyze your tweets and use positive testimonials to market your brand or its products and services. You can also integrate them with your website.

25. Ask influencers to pin your tweets

Twitter marketers who are trying to create leads are to reach out to Twitter influencers. Simply invite them to share and pin your post for a single day. It’s possible to obtain a lot of traffic and a lot of conversions by having your article posted on the Twitter account of a well-known figure.

Closing Thoughts

Twitter is one of the most prominent social media platforms that has redefined the online marketing landscape. This makes it one of the best platforms that you can utilize to increase your social media presence.

TrackMyHashtag can provide comprehensive analytical insights in real-time to help plan and implement effective Twitter marketing strategies. It can also help you analyze the performance metrics of your competitors to gain actionable insights. Do give it a try!

25 Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work 2022
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25 Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work 2022
Twitter marketing hacks that can help you increase your social media presence and engagement in 2022.
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