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how to track Twitter mentions for your brand

In recent years, Twitter has emerged as a marketing giant and a reliable source of news. But Twitter is also the most preferred platform by customers to engage with brands. Brands often use Twitter as a customer support platform where customers can share their experiences and opinions. However, a research study states that almost 70% of customer complaints go unanswered on Twitter. While brands are trying to overcome such scenarios, it’s hard to track Twitter mentions about customer complaints among all the noise on Twitter.

Success on Twitter can mean different things for the various brands trying to exploit Twitter’s potential. It largely depends on your organization’s goals. Although, you surely cannot deny that engaging with your customers is an important part of it. Engaging with your followers can help you connect and understand your target audience. It can also help you build an engaging and loyal follower base for your brand.

But to acquire a loyal and engaging follower base, you need to track all conversations related to your brand. You should track Twitter mentions as it is one of the best ways to keep track of all conversations related to your brand.

What are Twitter mentions?

Track Twitter mentions

A Twitter mention is actually any post from users that includes the username of a brand. Sometimes, customers also use other variations of the username to mention a brand in their tweets. Following are all the possible ways a user can mention your brand in their tweets:

  • @Username: When someone says Twitter mentions, they usually mean the Twitter handle of brands. Any tweet that uses the @sign followed by your Twitter handle is a brand mention. You can easily track such tweets, just make sure that you have the right settings so you get notified instantly.
  • Reply Mention: A ‘reply mention’ is exactly what it sounds like. These tweets are actually replying to specific tweets and use the @username to reply to a certain individual or brand on Twitter. It is similar to the @username Twitter mention. The only differentiating factor is that the tweet is a reply to another tweet instead of a tweet that initiates the conversation.
  • Brand Mention: Another way customers’ can mention your brand in their tweets is by mentioning your brand or organization’s name. You will get notified for tweets that use the @username, but the same cannot be said for tweets with the actual name of the brand. Twitter sees them as ordinary text and will not notify you about such tweets.
  • Hashtag: The final way for your customers to mention your brand in their tweets is through hashtags. Established and well-known brands often have branded hashtags to represent their brand or their marketing campaigns. There are also cases where users create a hashtag and it is then adopted by the brand. Nonetheless, the hashtag contains the brand name in form or other. To track such tweets and conversations, you need to be aware of the hashtags that users use while also looking for new brand-related hashtags.

Why Should You Track Twitter Mentions?

If you have customers on Twitter, you must track conversations related to your brand. It can help you analyze what customers say about your brand on Twitter. One of the most effective ways to track such conversations is through Twitter mentions.

Customers often use Twitter to reach out to brands, it is after all one of the most effective customer support mechanisms out there.

Many brands often use their Twitter accounts only for customer support or create a hashtag for the same. Tracking Twitter mentions also presents a great opportunity to create a loyal and engaging follower base.

Many customers post tweets explaining their issues and mention the particular brand in it. However, not all customers get a reply, as mentioned earlier, over 70% of customer complaints go unanswered. This is steadily changing, but the change is not yet significant. Replying to a customers’ complaints can make them feel valued as a customer. Moreover, it gives you a chance to retain customers even after they had an unsatisfying user experience.

You don’t necessarily have to provide a solution immediately, but engaging with them is important. The conversation can go back and forth several times before the issue is resolved. Better customer support experiences can help inspire brand loyalty and increase customers’ lifetime value.

A brand that offers amazing products along with a great customer support experience will always be appreciated and sought-after by consumers.

How to Track Twitter Mentions?

Now that you know how important it is to track Twitter mentions, let’s discuss the ways you can track Twitter mentions related to your brand.

Enable Notifications for Twitter Mentions

Now the first and the easiest way to track Twitter mentions for your brands is by changing the notification settings on the web app. This will help you get notified every time a user mentions your brand’s @username in their tweets. You can track all tweets as they appear. Just change the following settings in your notification settings.

track Twitter mentionstrack tweets mentioning your brand

Remember, these settings can only help you track direct @username mentions related to your brand. You cannot track indirect brand mentions.

Use Twitter Advanced Search

Another effective way to track Twitter mentions is through Twitter advanced search. It is a great tool that can be used in a variety of ways, including tracking the social media moves of your competitors. To track Twitter mentions, simply type your brand’s name and you will have access to all tweets mentioning your brand.

Twitter advanced search also offers a lot of filtering options that can help you access more specific results as per your requirements. However, manually searching for brand Twitter mentions can be a bit too tiring and time-consuming. It can be a great tool for new, small, and niche brands. When it comes to established, widely known brands, they need more sophisticated tools that can automate such tasks and track conversations related to your brand.

Track Twitter Mentions with TrackMyHashtag

track Twitter mentions with trackmyhashtag

TrackMyHashtag is an AI-driven Twitter analytics tool that can track, monitor, and analyze conversations related to your brand or any public Twitter account. Track mentions, keywords, and hashtags in real-time and get access to comprehensive analytical insights and performance metrics. Monitor the engagement metrics of Twitter marketing campaigns in real-time. Track customer complaints and issues related to your brand and increase response time.

Key features of TrackMyHashtag:

  • Track @mentions, keywords, and hashtags
  • Track engagement metrics
  • Identify trending hashtags and conversations
  • Identify influencers relevant to your brand or industry
  • Track your competitors
  • Analyze performance metrics of any public Twitter account or hashtag campaign

The basic monthly/yearly premium plan for TrackMyHashtag starts at $49/$299, respectively.

How to Increase Twitter Mentions?

Getting followers to engage with your brand is difficult. But Twitter mentions can increase your brand’s social media presence and help generate awareness. You would have to click a lot of checkboxes to encourage users to engage with your brand and increase Twitter mentions. Let’s discuss all the ways you can encourage users to engage with your brand and increase Twitter mentions.

Boost Twitter Mentions with Social Share Buttons

The first way that we are going to discuss is the social share buttons. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, social share buttons on your website or blogs make it easier for users to share your content on any social media platform. When users click on the buttons, text mentioning your brand’s @username is automatically added to their tweets.

boost Twitter mentions with social sharing buttons

While users can share content easily, you can track those tweets easily. You can also use tweets with positive comments related to your brand for future marketing efforts.

Use Hashtags for More Twitter Mentions

Hashtags are way more significant on Twitter than on any other social media platform. They allow users to categorize content and make it easier to find. It also helps in increasing the SEO authority of your tweets. You can use popular trending hashtags related to your industry and encourage users to engage with your brand.
Similarly, you can create a branded hashtag that users can use to engage with your brand and post relevant content.

Engage with Your Followers

Engaging with your followers is just as important as consistently posting engaging content. Engaging with the tweets of your followers encourages more users to engage with your brand. @dbrand is a prime example of such a brand, just check out their Twitter profile and I assure you; you will have fun scrolling through all their tweets. Moreover, it will encourage you to engage with them just to get a reply.
Engage in Trending Conversations

Trending conversations are yet another great way to encourage users to engage with your brand. Identify trending conversations related to your industry and engage in trending conversations. It can help you generate brand awareness and inspire users to engage with your tweets. Just make sure that you aren’t needlessly spamming users with unrelated conversations. You can also engage with influencers’; it will increase your brand’s social media presence and help create trending conversations.

Increase Response Time to Increase Twitter Mentions

Quickly identify and reply to tweets related to customer complaints and issues. While a product is hard to find, a good product with excellent customer support is even rare. Quickly replying to customer complaints can make the customers feel valued. Great customer support experiences can make the user stay rather than abandoning the brand forever. It can also help you gather positive stories about your brand that can be used for marketing purposes.

Closing Thoughts

It is an important aspect of Twitter marketing to track Twitter mentions. Twitter mentions  can help you understand the sentiments and opinions of users towards your brand. You gauge your brand’s online reputation by analyzing the tweets of users related to your brand. Automate track tweets mentioning your brand and increase response time. Stop losing customers and missing out on opportunities to create trending conversations that can increase your brand’s social media presence.

What are Twitter Mentions and Why Should you Track Them?
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What are Twitter Mentions and Why Should you Track Them?
What are Twitter Mentions and Why Should you Track Them?
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