Twitter Analytics: A Definitive Guide for Increasing Engagement and Sales

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How-to blogs and webinars are popular resources for anyone looking for the most up-to-date social media guidance.

Even though these are all good sources, by analyzing your social media data you can get the most relevant insights. You can understand your audiences better and plan data-driven strategies to increase your social media influence. In the case of Twitter, native Twitter analytics are the place to look.

When it comes to growing your Twitter following, the individuals who already follow you can teach you a lot. However, most marketers overlook Twitter Analytics because they don’t believe they need it.

If you are not sure about how to get started with Twitter analytics, this guide is the perfect fit for you. Let’s get started.

What is Twitter Analytics?

While Twitter is not the social media platform with the largest user base, it is certainly the go-to platform to engage in live conversations. Although, when it comes to increasing your social presence and engagement, it’s not easy. The key is to understand that it’s not for advertising, but a platform for building conversations and getting people to engage with you in real-time.

Once you start engaging with your target audience, you can unlock analytical insights extracted by analyzing past tweeting habits and marketing strategies. And you can access these analytical insights through Twitter analytics.

Twitter analytics initially launched in 2014, and since then has become an effective tool for improving your Twitter strategy.

Why is Twitter Analytics Important?

Now that you know what Twitter analytics is, let’s check out why it’s important.

native Twitter analytics tweets sectionTrack how your tweets perform

You can keep tabs on your account’s overall success as well as the performance of individual tweets. You’ll be able to perform an audit of your Twitter account this way. If you have been active on Twitter, you gain insights by analyzing your history.

Afterward, you can compare your content plans and campaigns from various eras to see which techniques performed best for your account—whether it was an influencer campaign, a hashtag campaign, or something else.

Identify the best time to tweet

Compared to other social media platforms, Twitter users have the shortest attention span. Hence, you do not post your tweets when your target audience is online, it will get buried under the massive volume of tweets in the users’ Twitter feeds. Once you have identified the right time frame to post you can drastically increase engagement.

Learn what your audience is interested in

In early 2020, Twitter removed the audience insights section that gave you’re a thorough understanding of audience demographics. Analyzing your interaction, mentions, and social shares can provide you with a better understanding of the items, content, and text that are most appealing to them.

You can make informed predictions about what made a specific tweet stand out amid hundreds of other tweets that landed on your followers’ timelines at that precise moment by looking at your most popular content!!

Important Twitter Metrics to Track

Here are some of the important Twitter analytics metrics that you should pay close attention to.


Twitter’s dashboard shows you how many tweets you’ve sent out each month. This can plan an effective content calendar and provide your followers with timely content updates to keep them engaged.

Profile visits

In addition, Twitter provides you with a monthly total of the number of visits to your profile and timeline. If you keep an eye on it, you’ll get a decent sense of whether people are interested in following you.

Follower count

As part of Twitter Analytics, you can also see a breakdown of how many new followers you acquired or lost over the course of a given month. However, increased interaction and link clicks are more important than new followers and should be your primary objective instead. Having a large number of followers is pointless if they don’t engage with your material.

Top-performing tweets/media

The most popular tweet of the month is referred to as a “top tweet.” A top tweet can boost your success in two ways.

First and foremost, by examining your most popular tweets, you can discover what aspects of your material are most appealing to your target demographic.

Another option is to promote the tweet you’re confident will resonate with people in order to give it even more exposure. Boosting your top-performing content is the best use of your advertising budget if you’re willing to spend it.

Top mentions

An account’s top mention is the @mentioned account with the most interactions. What’s the point? One of the best ways to find an advocate or influencer for your brand on Twitter is to find someone who has previously done so.

A tip as to the type of material that will produce the greatest buzz from your audience (whether good or negative) will also be provided by this analysis for you.

Top Followers

It’s also possible to see who of your followers has accrued the most followers in the past month by using Twitter Analytics. A chance for collaboration or influence may also exist with this follower.


Twitter impressions are the number of times a tweet was viewed on a user’s feed on the social media platform. Impressions can be viewed at the account level over a period of time or at the tweet level for each individual tweet. When you track impressions, you can see how many people have seen the content you’ve posted.


The amount of clicks, retweets, likes, replies, and follows that a tweet receives is referred to as its “Twitter engagements.”

Engagement rate

Take the number of tweets you have and divide it by the number of people who have seen them. This will offer you the level of interest. This is the frequency with which your tweets are being retweeted.

When it comes to figuring out what motivates customers to interact with your company, the engagement rate is invaluable. If you want to generate traffic and sales from Twitter, this is a must-do!


A conversion tracking tag installed on your website or mobile app will allow you to collect data on the website and/or app conversions and send it to Twitter Analytics. Any paid Twitter advertising campaign must include this tracking tag, as it will help you build up an audience of people to whom you may target your adverts.

TrackMyHashtag: Twitter Analytcis Tool

While Twitter analytics gives you access to a range of insights, it is very limited when it comes to audience demographics. Furthermore, you cannot use Twitter analytics to track the performance of other Twitter users.

Tracking your competitors can help you identify new content ideas and marketing tactics they use to increase their Twitter presence. Using a third-party Twitter analytics tool, you can track their performance and social media moves.

Twitter campaign hashtag trackingTrackMyHashtag is an AI-driven Twitter analytics tool that can help you track any hashtag, @mention, Twitter campaign, and historical Twitter data of any user. The analytical insights provide a comprehensive analysis of the data. You can use these insights to develop an effective marketing strategy and increase your social media presence.

Key features of TrackMyHashtag:

  • Track any hashtag, @mention, keyword
  • Track conversations in real-time
  • Track hashtag campaigns
  • Download historical Twitter data of any user
  • Track your competitors
  • Identify influencers

The basic premium plan starts at $49 a month.

Wrapping Up

It’s possible to turn Twitter data into actionable insights with the aid of Twitter analytics tools, which will help you make well-considered business decisions and develop a competitive marketing plan.

TrackMyHashtag can help you grow your brand by making effective marketing decisions based on analytical insights. Get started today.

Twitter Analytics: A Definitive Guide for Increasing Engagement and Sales
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Twitter Analytics: A Definitive Guide for Increasing Engagement and Sales
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