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Every social media platform uses hashtags, to draw an audience and reach more people. But not all the hashtags have the potential to attract the right audience. Moreover, the importance of hashtags also differ on various social media platforms. Yet the one platform where hashtag plays a great role is Twitter.

But you can’t write all the random hashtags and hope that magically people will explore your feeds and page. For an effective hashtag you need to know the hashtag analytics tool, to monitor how your content is performing, what needs to be changed and how to increase your brand’s social media marketing.

In this blog, we will dive deep into the complete guide of hashtag analytics and right tools to conduct analytics.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtag explanation

If you are a fresher Twitter user, then you would be unfamiliar with the term “Hashtag”, basically it is using a (#) pound or hash symbol before any keyword or phrase makes a hashtag, for example #youcandoit, #socialmedia.

The use of a hashtag helps users to find relevant content under the hashtag categorization, users could also use specific hashtags to increase the reach and impressions of their tweets. This made hashtags an effective marketing tool to increase your brand’s social media authority.

What is hashtag analytics?

Hashtag analytics is the process to extract insights and statistical reports of your hashtag performance. It keeps a record of the company’s social media marketing which is very helpful to create strategy for hashtag campaigns. But you can’t get pinpoint hashtag analytics without a third party tool for that, Trackmyhashtag is the trusted option. It’s an AI based self learning Twitter hashtag tracking tool that can monitor any hashtag, mention, and keyword to improve Twitter engagement.  It’s an effective Twitter hashtag and event tracking tool that can provide real-time hashtag performance metrics . 

Why do you need hashtag analytics?

Hashtag analysis of the account using trackmyhashtag.

Track the performance of hashtags

One of the most important features of hashtag analytics is that you can track the performance, reach and metrics of brands, campaigns and contents to know how popular hashtags are working amongst your targeted audience. One of the best tool to track any hashtag, keyword and mentions is TrackMyHashtag.

Discovering your best hashtag

Hashtag analytics also provides you access to popular hashtags related to your content that are best in reach and engagements and attract targeted audience. It also gives you insight into your most used hashtags to build an overall strategy.

Insights of competitors’ accounts.

With the help of a hashtag analytics tool one can keep a record of the competitors action for planning social media strategy, it helps in tracking their main hashtags, tweets, influencers, contributors and related hashtags. Enables  you to keep an eye on the competition by analyzing their data.

Important hashtag analytics metrics


You can’t just use any hashtag with your tweet,unrelated hashtags with your tweets are a rookie mistake rather go for hashtags that have high search volume, better engagement and  reach, to drive users to your twitter profile and create your brand awareness.


It’s important to monitor your brand’s metric & analytics to know the reach in the market. In case of a hashtag it displays the number of times a user has used, reacted or retweeted using your hashtag. It helps you to find the hashtag that drives the most engagement.

Reach and impressions 

It’s important to know your overall hashtag strategy. Hashtag analytics helps you to know the metrics of the most searchable or reached hashtag and the number of times a hashtag has appeared in the user’s timeline. On the other hand, it also provides the impression that is the number of users who have seen the hashtag, together you can identify which hashtag is helping you to fine-tune your strategy.


Now that you know options for hashtag marketing it’s time to decide which hashtags to use for engaging your target audience, to identify that you have to see which hashtag is bringing the most traffic on your tweets, and explore more options for hashtags of low engagement rate.

Track hashtag analytics with Trackmyhashtag. 

trackmyhashtag, tracking tool

TrackMyHashtag is one of the outstanding, AI enable Twitter hashtag analytics tool that can monitor any hashtag, mention and keyword and gives you instant update of your performance metrics to improve Twitter marketing. It also identifies key influencers according to the niche that can promote your brands or campaigns. The tool also fetches the historical data related to any hashtag or any topic since 2006.

TrackMyHashtags real-time features enables users to obtain:

  • Real-time hashtag tracking
  • Identify the most engaging hashtags,keyword, mentions and URLs
  • Analyze social media campaigns of your competitors
  • Identify influencers to promote your brand
  • Track tweet timeline or daily and weekly usage pattern

With the help of TrackMyHashtag you can analyze your competitors’ activity, reach and engagement to plan your marketing strategy and improve your Twitter campaign’s or brands overall performance.

TrackMyHashtag offers a 5-day free trial. Pricing starts at $49 per month.

Types of hashtags.

Now that you know what hashtags are and how to track them. Let’s discuss the types  of hashtags you should track :- 

Trending hashtags-

Trending hashtags are the tags that are popular at a particular time,these hashtags change according to the conversation, you can easily find out which hashtags are trending by checking out your sidebar(what’s happening)section on Twitter’s desktop website. Analyzing a trendy hashtag will help you figure out an appropriate hashtag relevant to your content and  be your brand’s voice.

Branded hashtags-

Branded hashtags are hashtags that a company creates to promote. It’s simple to create and involves only two steps, 

Company name+any keyword (product or service ). For example @Cadbury5star uses #5star. It’s the best way to see how people are talking about your business specifically.

Campaign hashtags- hashtags are the hashtags that a company creates for a specific campaign, launch, or digital advertisement. This helps to generate buzz around the market for new launch or campaign.For example Starbucks will use different hashtags each time they’re promoting a new drink.These hashtags are great for grabbing audience attention, since they’re so specific to companies that they catch eye of the audience towards your brand

Content hashtags-

 Content hashtags are basically keywords related to your content, for example if you are posting about social media marketing you can use #socialmediamarketing at the end or inside your post,using this would automatically classify your tweet under the social media marketing category,thus increasing your SEO.

Benefits of hashtag analytics.

Once you have figured out how to track your hashtag performance and metrics using hashtag analytics tools,  here are the ways you can benefit from analyzing useful hashtag insights.

Enhance your content strategy

Keeping the track of your hashtag analytics metrics helps to enhance the content strategy. It helps you to find the most popular hashtag for your industry that gets the most audience eye. Moreover it helps you to identify the resonating content topic for more agement.

Understanding the user

For enhancing customer service, understanding the user is very important, you can utilize the hashtag analytic to monitor and improve your response to customers and resolve customer issues. This will help you to have better knowledge of what people think about your brand.

Monitoring your marketing campaign

To get the favorable result monitoring social media campaigns is the must, marketer and social media managers tend to use these hashtag analytic tools to track the success of their campaign.

Finding influencers

You can find key influencers suitable for your industry who have the power to influence people and push the customer at the edge of purchasing decisions. One of the best tools for finding the influencers is TrackMyHashtag, which finds and ranks the top influencers based on their engagement in twitter campaigns, their impact, their followers and many such metrics.

Analyze competitors

Hashtag analytic tool helps you to keep an eye on the competitors, you can keep track of your competitors social media accounts to make your own marketing strategy based on the analyzed data of your competitor.

How many hashtags to use?

Guide on how many hashtag to use on different platform.

 The importance of hashtags also differs on various social media platforms, not using the right number of hashtags can also lead to low rate engagement. No worries, we’ll discuss the use of hashtags on each social media platform.


One of the first platforms to implement the use of hashtag was Twitter, primarily it was used to categorize the content. But soon the brands and marketers realize the potential and its effective on the market, then expert social media marketer and brands suggested using 1-2 hashtag because tweet more than 2 hashtag draw 17% less engagement whereas tweets with 1-2 hashtag derives 21% more engagement and tweets with 1 hashtag are likely to draw 55%more engagement.


Instagram is another social media platform where hashtags are used for marketing, instagram allows to post 30 hashtags with one post but posts with 9 hashtags are proven the most effective.


Facebook is a giant social media platform with the largest number of daily users, Facebook also allows posting with a hashtag, however they don’t make any difference in terms of content performance.


LinkIn is a professional networking platform who has recently adopted hashtag, although it does not have much effect as Twitter and Instagram but play an important role in conversation between the user, LinkIn also suggests you a relevant hashtag for your post also posting more than 5 hashtag in one post algorithm marks it as spam.


Pinterest has also adopted the use of hashtag but just as facebook it also doesn’t have much effect on the marketing of posts, moreover this allows  you to use a hashtag in your description.

Winding up

Now that you know, what hashtag analytics are? How to use them? and what are their benefits? It’s time to up your hashtag game and expand your brand to social media horizons. For that the first step is to choose an effective Twitter hashtag tracking & analytics tool to monitor your hashtag performance metrics in real-time. You cannot create an effective hashtag marketing strategy without that,So start amping your Twitter marketing with  TrackMyHashtag it’s an effective Twitter hashtag and event tracking tool that can provide real-time performance metrics. and make strategies that will boost your brand’s sales.TrackMyHashtag an AI based self learning Twitter hashtag tracking tool. Do give it a try!


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