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The days of ‘broadcast marketing’ are long gone and brands have made tremendous strides in switching over to targeted advertising methods. This voguish trend can be attributed to the rise in the popularity of Twitter analytics tools. Precise analytical data combined with deductive insights can serve as the elixir that can tremendously improve your marketing prospects.

But, a lot of marketers have the same burning question, what is the best Twitter analytics tool out there?

Choosing the right analytical tool is very important for any social media marketing campaign, as it can directly affect the outcomes of your efforts. If you are serious about Twitter marketing, it would be worthwhile to try out a few Twitter analytics tools first. It can help you find the most suitable tool with the right set of features to fulfill your requirements. This includes using a free trial to see in-depth Twitter analytics of any paid platform.

We have compiled a list of the best 10 Twitter analytics tools for the year 2020 that can assist in maximizing the success of your Twitter marketing efforts. Let’s begin!

1. TrackMyHashtag

TrackMyHashtag Twitter analytics tool, analytical dashboard

TrackMyHashtag is one of the most outstanding Twitter analytics tools for brands as well as individuals when it comes to understanding what content resonates with their audience. To improve engagement, this tool monitors related conversations and hashtags.

TrackMyHashtag’s real-time hashtag analytics enables users to obtain:

  • Real-time hashtag metrics
  • Identify the most engaging media, hashtags, and URLs
  • Geographical insights in real-time
  • Analyze social media campaigns of your competitors
  • Identify influencers to promote your brand
  • Track tweet timeline or daily and weekly usage pattern

Real-time hashtag monitoring offers instant engagement metrics on your Twitter marketing efforts. It helps the social media campaign to quickly improvise tactics. Combining all the features, you can make decisive decisions that can drastically improve your Twitter campaign’s overall performance.

TrackMyHashtag offers a 5-day free trial. Pricing starts at $49 per month.

2. Twitonomy

Twitonomy free Twitter analytics tool

Twitonomy offers a wide range of diverse and informative resources for you. The platform’s Twitter analytics provides a list of top languages that are used alongside unique keywords and hashtags. The analytics tool also allows you to examine any targeted Twitter handle traction.

Twitonomy’s Twitter analytics tool provides users with:

  • Profile analysis including tweets, retweets, mentions, and hashtags
  • Comprehensive insights on the people you follow and those who follow you
  • Insights on your tracked hashtags with in-depth analytical reports
  • Interactive map of users who mentioned you in their tweet

Twitonomy provides extensive intuitive reports on any public Twitter account along with insightful social media metrics of the user’s historical Twitter data. It enables users to monitor tweets, manage their lists, and access reports.

The premium plan for Twitonomy starts at $20 per month.

3. KeyHole

keyhole Twitter analytics dashboard

Keyhole provides hashtag tracking benefits to individuals and companies, trying to monitor their engagement in real-time. The analytics tool provides instant updates on engagement metrics along with analytical reports in real-time.

Keyhole’s Twitter analytics tool enables users to:

  • Get engagement metrics along with reports in real-time
  • Predict future performance of hashtags
  • Identify trending topics and relevant hashtags to boost engagement
  • Analyze your competitors, social media campaign
  • Research real-time and historical Twitter data

Keyhole’s Twitter analytics enables you to elevate your content to the user’s preferences. It offers benchmarks to identify the optimum time to post your content to gain maximum engagement. The analytical reports help to improve approaches to boost engagement for a brand’s Twitter campaign.

Keyhole’s premium plans vary between $26 per month to $179 per month.

4. TweetReach

tweetreach social listening tool

TweetReach is a Twitter analytics tool that provides, real-time hashtag tracking, Twitter monitoring, and report-ready trackers to analyze the engagement of Twitter accounts. The analytical reports provide real-time metrics that include overall reach, engagement, content performance, competitive analysis, and more.

The key features of TweetReach include:

  • Measure direct and earned organic conversation
  • Perform comprehensive competitive analysis
  • Identify the best time to tweet based on the performance of past tweets
  • Identify hashtags and URLs that attract more engagement

TweetReach reflects on the content’s cumulative impact in terms of interaction, discussion, and a rise in followers. It also helps in identifying influencers that are engaged with your content.

TweetReach premium plans start at $29 per month.

5. Brand24

brand24 Twitter analytics tool

Brand24 is an analytics tool that can track and monitor performance metrics across multiple social media platforms. It not only offers analytical insights on your social media campaign’s total interaction and scope, but also the influence of the targeted keywords.

Key features of Brand24:

  • Social media analytics on various platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Detailed analytical reports and metrics on social media campaigns
  • Identifying keywords to boost engagement
  • Monitoring the performance of the content in real-time

It assists in monitoring the performance of your social media efforts in real-time. The user can identify appropriate keywords and evaluate the @mentions to improve the scope of their social media campaigns.

Brand24 comes with a 14-day trial period and the monthly plans start at $49 per month.

6. SproutSocial

sprout social Twitter analytics tool analytical dashboard

SproutSocial is an analytics tool that assists individuals, small businesses, and corporations in integrating with various social media platforms. The smart inbox feature allows you to analyze your overall engagement statistics on social media websites. This saves you the trouble of logging into several social media websites.

SproutSocial’s key features include:

  • Provides complete social media management
  • Smart Inbox for engagement statistics on multiple social profiles
  • Track keywords and URLs
  • Identify the latest trends
  • Analyze your competitors

SproutSocial enables users to monitor social media activity on numerous social media platforms. It helps to devise effective social media tactics to increase their brand’s interaction and conversion levels.

SproutSocial provides a 30-day free trial for users. The base plan starts at $99 per month.

7. Foller.Me free social listening tool analytical dashboard is a Twitter analytics tool that provides a detailed analytical overview of any public Twitter account. reviews the tweets and followers of a user and offers reports on the success of their activities in social media.

The key features of include:

  • Analyze engagement on tweets
  • Identify trending topics and hashtags and key mentions
  • A map overlay of the location of followers
  • Follower growth overtime
  • Twitter marketing trends helps users review their past Twitter activity and identify more engaging content. It is a great analytics tool for users trying to grow their community’s scale. is a completely free tool but with limited statistics. It can be a great tool for new users who analyze their engagement metrics and overall growth.

8. Hashtagify

hashtagify analytical dashboard insights

Hashtagify is a simple yet amazing Twitter analytics tool that offers insights into hashtags for your targeted Twitter marketing efforts. It helps to determine and identify hashtags important to your campaign or content along with the indicators of popularity for each hashtag.

The key features of Hashtagify include:

  • Find the most relevant hashtags and trends
  • Get insights on the popularity of hashtags
  • Identify countries where your hashtag is trending
  • Languages used with your hashtag

Hashtagify empowers you with the tools to evaluate and identify trends and hashtags that make your Twitter campaign more engaged. It also helps you to monitor the audience and the influencers involved in your content.

Hashtagify comes with a 7-day free trial period. The basic plan starts at $29 per month.

9. Socialert

socialert social listening tool analytical dashboard real-time metrics

Socialert is an excellent Twitter analytics tool that delivers real-time hashtag performance metrics. It also provides historical Twitter data on hashtags and tweets. The analytical tool enables you to track and analyze the Twitter campaigns of your competitors. Analyzing the success of hashtags in real-time helps to improve the marketing tactics as and when appropriate.

Key features of Socialert

  • Hashtag analytics and brand monitoring
  • Track your followers
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analyzes tweets and identify influencers
  • Identify popular hashtags for your campaign

Socialert is a trouble-free way to track your Twitter engagement and compare competitive marketing strategies.

Socialert does not offer a free trial. The paid plans start at $24.95 per month.

10. TweetBinder

paid Twitter analytics tool

Tweet Binder is a splendid Twitter analytics tool that offers real-time hashtag monitoring, keywords, mentions and, URLs. It helps you define and measure your Twitter campaign’s overall impact in real-time.

The key features of Tweet Binder include:

  • Classify your tweets based on hashtags
  • Monitor the impact of campaigns and promotions
  • Real-time hashtag tracking
  • Identify influencers to promote your brand

Tweet Binder helps you to examine historical and real-time tweet data related to a conversation over any defined period of time.

Tweet Binder does not provide a trial period. The basic plan starts at $83.36 per month.


Twitter analytics tools are now a key aspect of social media marketing and the significance is growing even as we speak.

Twitter analytics tools can provide you the much-needed insights to maximize the success of your Twitter campaigns. Start monitoring and measuring the impact of your Twitter marketing efforts with TrackMyHashtag. Do give it a try!


Top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools in 2020
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Top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools in 2020
This post lists the top 10 Twitter analytics tools with the best set of features. It can help you choose the right tool with the right set of features to help you track your performance metrics as well as your competitors.
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