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Conducting Influencer Marketing Campaign is in trend these days. Brands hire online influencers to market their products. In this way, brands can leverage trust of the followers of those influencers.

Influencers can be mega, macro, micro, and nano. Micro-influencers have an advantage over other influencers, because they have a good amount of followers, unlike nano influencers. And they are able to engage and connect with their followers, unlike mega influencers. All this makes them an ideal suit for Influencer Marketing Campaigns these days.

If you want your brand to flourish, then you should arrange an influencer marketing campaign. Marketing Campaigns are used to lure customers towards the brand. Influencers already have followers who trust them and will consider anything recommended by the influencers. Influencers will market your products and provide a list of potential customers for your brand.

But, there are a few landmines you wouldn’t want to step on.

Avoid these things while conducting Influencer Marketing Campaign

  1. Don’t focus on only one Social Media

You need to look into all the social networking sites, or else you might lose your potential customers. Your audience isn’t just sitting on Instagram and waiting for your content to hit them. They use a lot of other social media platforms, and might not be using the one media that you are focusing on. So, expand your reach and conduct marketing campaigns to target audiences from all the social media platforms.

But, make sure that you modify your content accordingly.

  1. Don’t use the same content on all platforms

If you keep using the same content on all social media platforms, you are just boring out your audience. And different platforms require different types of content to generate more engagements. For instance, uploading only videos on Twitter will not give you any better engagement rate than text content. And people don’t like to read a lot on Instagram, thus photos and videos are a must on that platform.

  1. Do not neglect the likes of your audience

You have customized your product according to your target audience, but with time your audience will have a new liking. They might think your content is outdated and opt for other brands. How will you manage this crisis? Your brand should be flexible enough to change the content for audiences’ preferences.

  1. Don’t choose influencers without doing research

Picking the right influencer for your brand is really important, as it can affect your brand image. An influencer that doesn’t resonate with your products is not the right one for you. In your marketing campaign, you might attract some attention but it will be worthless as her/his followers are not interested in your brand. And in the end, you won’t gain any customers. 

So, search for those influencers who share a similar interest in what your brand provides.

  1. Don’t quit traditional marketing

However easy and effective online marketing is, you shouldn’t forget the importance of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is for those people who avoid looking at advertisements on social media. These people are still your potential customers. And in order to target them, you need to make your marketing strategy offline as well.

  1. Don’t stop at only one strategy

Your potential customers are out there, thinking that a brand that can fulfill their needs does not exist. While you conducted only one marketing campaign and stopped. You will not get anywhere like this. Make more relevant content, target every audience, and customize the content for every group.

Or else, your competitor will swoop in and captivate your audience.

  1. Do not forget to monitor your competitors

Competitors are always eyeing your strategies to make themselves superior. You need to do the same! Monitor their overall performance so that you can predict their next move. And once you know what their next move will be, you can tackle them with even better content.

  1. Do not give all the content authority to the influencer

Yes, you want influencers to market your products but you need to be careful of them misusing your brand’s name. Before you collaborate with any influencer always do a background check. The user might have had a bad experience with your brand in the past and can spoil your image in the present. And do not keep all the authority in your hand only. You have hired them to work for you, so give them an equal opportunity to give suggestions, advices and have discussions.

  1. Don’t forget to call to action

You need to set a goal for your campaign. And then ask your audience to complete that goal. Call to action can be done by using some specific phrases in the campaign. CTAs include order now, start ordering, click here, subscribe now, hurry up, limited stocks, etc.

  1. Do not forget to track the Influencer marketing campaign

You need to track and monitor the performance of the marketing campaigns. To determine the success or failure of the campaign, you should keep track of followers, engagements, sales, and other important things. You can use any third-party tool to track your influencer marketing campaign.

How to track influencer marketing campaign?

To track your influencer marketing campaigns you can use third-party tools such as TrackMyHashtag. This is an AI-driven real-time hashtag analytics tool, which can be used to track Twitter hashtags, mentions, and keywords. It also enables you to track and monitor all conversations related to your brand with ease. 

Influencer Marketing Campaign tracker

Some of its important features are:

  1. Real-time Hashtag tracking
  2. Historical Hashtag data
  3. Find key Influencers
  4. Get comprehensive audience insights

The analytical dashboard also provides a ton of audience insights that can help you elevate your Twitter content and marketing strategy. Start tracking your campaign with a basic plan of $49/month, or a 5-day free trial.


Influencers establish their reputation and credibility by providing engaging content and unbiased opinions. Brands and marketers can use this to grasp the attention of users. Also, the move towards a centralized influencer marketing landscape has made it easier for brands to work with influencers. 

People trust influencers and try to be like them, if they see their favorite influencer using a product they will also want to use the same. Leverage their influence, credibility, and appeal to propel your brand to new heights. Do try TrackMyHashtag!

Influencer Marketing Campaign: Don'ts list
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Influencer Marketing Campaign: Don'ts list
This article is about things to avoid while conducting a Influencer Marketing Campaign on any social media.
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