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Initially, hashtags were meant for searching for information on Twitter. However, today you can use them across multiple social media platforms for various reasons. Individuals and companies now use them in their content: from solidarity expressions like #MeToo to world events like #WorldCup.

A well-crafted hashtag captures the imagination of Twitter users and your company can increase its media presence using hashtags. Tracking these hashtags can be quite challenging, mainly when used severally and across many countries. 

In light of this, here’s how you can track and analyze your company’s Twitter hashtags when using the social media network

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  • Integrate A Tracking App 

The market has free and paid applications that you can use to track your hashtag. These tools come in various features and designs. The apps help you monitor the conversations and influencers that use the hashtag, while others allow you to understand the hashtag’s meaning. 

To measure your hashtag performance, you need to key in your hashtag and select the platforms on which you need to track it, in this case, Twitter. Give your tracker some time to ensure you don’t pick results from a short period. Once you get the results, you can create marketing reports like the demographics and top influencers.

While most countries can access Twitter freely with no restrictions at all, some countries like Myanmar and China have restrictions. If you want to access Twitter from these countries safely, you can use the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) outlined by EarthWeb and other reliable online technology publications.  

  • Interaction Volumes

You can track and analyze your hashtag by looking at the interaction volumes. Twitter allows people to interact with your hashtag using likes, comments, retweets, or shares. By following this metric, you can quickly analyze how your Twitter posts with hashtags are performing. Having more interactions is a good sign because it shows your content resonates with your audience. 

Retweets and hashtag sharing show you that people like the content you post, and this expands the reach of your campaign. 

  • Popularity 

There’s so much buzz on Twitter; according to sources like, 192 million people use the application daily. Thus, a great way to track your hashtag would be to gauge its popularity among these users. 

When you constantly use a hashtag with your company, it becomes the standard way for Twitter users to search for your product. Hence, you should add your hashtag to your popular posts to reach more people and monitor your performance.

  • Volume Of The Mentions

You can track your hashtag and analyze it using the mentions it gains on Twitter. It gives you an idea of your hashtag’s popularity, and you can see if it went viral. You can get more insight into this tracking metric if you do it weekly. 

Plus, you can identify the people who mention your hashtag often and drive engagement accordingly. It helps you identify those you can use as advocates and endorsers for your company’s products. 

  • Hashtag Reach 

You can’t analyze and track your Twitter mentions through hashtags without looking at their social media reach. With every content post with your hashtag, you create a social media reach that estimates the number of users coming across the hashtag. 

With this, you can analyze the number of users who might have seen a post with your hashtag. If the number is low, you need new hashtag tactics to make it catchier and more relatable. You can use tools available online to find hashtags that are similar to yours, and you tweak them accordingly. 

  • Users Of The Hashtag

This’s an excellent way to track who’s using your hashtag, and you can determine if they’re within your target audience bracket. With this analysis, you can ensure that the users are all included in your product base, they’re using the hashtag your company is using, and the message resonates with them. 

Twitter is a social media platform open to the public by nature and if you’re targeting a sports fan audience with your hashtag, then you can use a hashtag that resonates with athletics or football and they’ll catch on quickly, making it viral.


Tracking and analyzing your hashtags on Twitter is an excellent way for you to get involved with conversations related to your brand. It helps you to know what’s being said about your company by users online. Also, it enables you to adjust your marketing plans accordingly and enhance customer support. 

Therefore, install a suitable Twitter hashtag analytic tool and start the analysis. Commercial tools may have more advanced features than free ones or trial versions. So, don’t feel it’s a burden to pay for subscriptions. The results are undoubtedly worth it.

How To Track And Analyze Your Twitter Hashtags
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How To Track And Analyze Your Twitter Hashtags
Learn to track and analyze Twitter hashtags to enhance your brand's online presence
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