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content ideas for Twitter

Going back a decade or so, posting once a twice a day on social media was just about enough to the needed traction. But that has changed drastically.

Social media platforms are now an effective marketing tool for brands, marketers, and influencers. But they are now more competitive than ever and it’s very difficult to stand out, especially on Twitter.

In this blog, we will discuss what to post on Twitter to draw the attention of the target audience and grow engagement.

What to post on Twitter?

Industry news

The type of content that all businesses and brands should leverage is industry news. Your target audience can find value in the news related to your industry or niche. It can be news about people in the industry, any leading business or brand, or any change in regulations and policies.

Products and services

This is pretty obvious. The primary reason for marketing your brand on social media is to generate awareness about your brand. Share content about your product and services to inform users about your offers. Although, make sure that you don’t overdo it as will draw customers away from your brand.

New product releases

If you have added a new feature to your product or are about to launch an entirely new product, make sure to tweet about it. You can inform users about them and generate interest in your product and services.

Brand announcements

Do you have any noteworthy information to share? Is there something in the works that your target audience is looking forward to? Could you please provide some persuasive feedback or an endorsement? This is the type of content you should share with your followers if you have one.

Pinning this tweet will increase its visibility and allow new visitors to see it right away. You can update this pinned tweet with any announcements or industry news you want to share.

Visual content

Tweets with visual content draw twice as much engagement compared to tweets without visual content. Use images, graphics, and infographics in your tweets to draw attention. You can also use short video which is now one of the most consumed content formats. Videos that are directly uploaded to Twitter start playing as soon as the user sees the tweet. This can stop the user from scrolling and increase engagement for your brand.


Your blog’s content is the most consumed content on virtually every social media platform. Furthermore, if you’re publishing high-quality blog pieces, you’ll want as many people to see them as possible. If you haven’t already, share your blog content on Twitter. If you want to see how your audience reacts, now is the time.

Event updates

If your company will be attending or speaking at an event, notify your Twitter followers. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to engage with industry leaders, experts, and other participants by life tweeting your presentation.

Flash sales and promo codes

It’s a terrific approach to increase engagement and revenue if you share promo codes or sales only available to your Twitter followers. Consider how you can use your Twitter account to provide and advertise ongoing specials and discounts.

Motivational quotes

Inspiration can be shared using a daily #quoteoftheday. Furthermore, individuals enjoy sharing statements that resonate with them, increasing the likelihood that they’ll retweet it to their own timeline.

Twitter polls

With the Twitter poll features, it’s never been simpler to get input from your followers. Furthermore, this is a great approach to ask open-ended questions and watch who responds.

Social media holidays

A wonderful strategy to grab the attention of your target audience is by taking advantage of relevant social media holidays – or even real holidays that your audience celebrates – that they are interested in.

Trending topics

For brands, it’s sometimes a good idea to jump on popular topics that are being talked about a lot on Twitter to enhance their reach.

As a general guideline, when it comes to trending subjects, it’s best to ensure you understand what’s being discussed so you can tweet about it with confidence.

Do not utilize an apparently innocuous trending topic to allude to a significant matter, since this could result in negative publicity for your brand.

Popular GIFs and memes

Because of Twitter’s 280-character limits, sharing your thoughts using GIFs and memes has become a big component of tweeting and promoting on Twitter.

Users frequently utilize GIFs in their tweets and replies, share memes, and even join in on popular memes. GIFs are becoming increasingly popular on Twitter.

Customer testimonials

Make it clear that customers enjoy using your products or doing business with you. Use Twitter to share your testimonials and reviews with the world. I mean, what would you trust, genuine feedback from a customer or an advert. Take advantage of positive feedback and let your customers speak be your advocates.

Quick Tips

Educating and instructing your viewers is essential to building a successful online presence, whether it’s regarding your industry or your products. Sharing tips on Twitter is a wonderful way to start.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know the various ways you can post content to keep your users engaged, start planning your content strategy. Also, make sure to track and measure the performance of tweets. The insights can help you further tweak your strategy. TrackMyHashtag is the perfect Twitter analytics tool that can provide real-time insights. Do give it a try.


15 Engaging Content Ideas for Posting on Twitter
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15 Engaging Content Ideas for Posting on Twitter
15 Engaging Content Ideas for Posting on Twitter
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