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Twitter is the most popular social media platform for consumers to express their opinions and user experiences. The main reason for being so is that every major brand and marketer invests heavily on Twitter and responds quickly to consumer queries and complaints.

These factors combined, make Twitter one of the most efficient platforms for customer support and feedback. The Twitter poll is one such mechanism that can help you gain customer feedback and analyze their opinions in easy-to-understand statistics.

Introducing Twitter polls made it easier for brands to engage and understand consumers. It can help you gain valuable customer feedback and improve customer support.

What is Twitter Poll?

The feature was introduced so brands can pose questions and consumers or users can weigh in their opinions.  Brands and marketers can use them in various ways to understand consumer preferences and opinions.

It can also help you identify the product categories that are popular or request suggestions for product development.

It can help you create easy-to-understand polls within minutes to gain vital consumer feedback.

The Twitter polls can help you analyze consumer opinions in easy-to-grasp statistics with just a glimpse.

Leverage Twitter polls

How to set up a Twitter poll?

To create a Twitter poll follow these simple steps,

1. Go to the Twitter homepage and compose a tweet

2. After you click compose, click on the third icon from the options to compose a tweet.

How to set-up a Twitter poll
3. Now add a Twitter poll question that you want to ask your followers

set-up Twitter poll 4. Define some answers or choices for the followers to choose from

step-by step process5. Lastly, select the poll duration. The maximum duration is 7 days

step-by step-process

How to increase the reach of a Twitter poll?

Here are some ideas to increase the reach of your Twitter poll:

  • Ask for retweets: One of the most effective ways to increase reach is by retweets and there is no harm in asking for it. You can also mention users with large follower counts to increase tweets. Just don’t mention random users.
  • Ask for comments: While the users have options to choose from to answer, ask them to comments if they want to give a more detailed answer. Also, engaging with these comments can further motivate other users to engage with your Twitter polls.
  • Use your email list: If you have a good email list consisting of users that are interested in your content. Ask them to check and engage with the poll.
  • Embed your Twitter poll: If you run a blog, make sure to embed your poll in the blogs to draw more eyes on your poll.
  • Use hashtags: Hashtags are one of the best ways to increase the SEO authority of your tweets. Choose a popular but relevant hashtag, this will help you categorize your poll as per topics and draw the attention of users interested in the topic.

How to leverage Twitter Polls?

Now that you know what exactly a Twitter poll is, let’s dive into the ways to can leverage it to expand your social media horizons.

  • Tweet polls frequently

Twitter polls are a brilliant way to increase engagement for your brand’s Twitter profile. Tweeting polls frequently keeps the followers engaged and increases user participation.

Keeping the followers engaged is something that even seasoned marketers struggle with. Twitter polls can help you guide users to your Twitter profile and increase overall engagement.

Increasing user participation and considering their opinions when creating or launching products and services increases your brand’s reputation among the users. Users are more likely to engage with Twitter polls rather than tweets as it allows them to influence the decisions of the brand.

  • Keep polls short but relevant

Tweeting polls frequently is important, but so is ensuring that the polls are short and easy to understand. Also, ensure that the polls are relevant to your brand and the consumers.

Tweeting irrelevant polls can decrease user participation, engagement, and your brand’s image. Post Twitter polls that can help you in product development, product launch decisions, or what content keeps the users engaged.

This can help in keeping the users engaged and keep them coming for more. User participation is now a key aspect of social media marketing or even major brand decisions. Some brands even go so far as building social media communities to deliver better products to consumers. The gaming industry is a great example, they use streamers and their communities to test and develop better games for the end-consumer.

  • Create a distinctive hashtag for Twitter polls

Hashtags are always been one of the best means to differentiate or categorize the content. It makes it easier for users to find and engage with your content. Creating a distinctive hashtag for your Twitter poll can make it easier for users to participate.

Also, a hashtag can help you increase the reach of your Twitter poll and perhaps make it trending on Twitter’s popular conversation. It can also help you attract new followers for your brand’s Twitter profile and increase engagement.

  • Use Twitter polls to gain audience insights

Twitter polls can help you gain valuable audience insights by increasing user participation. You can leverage Twitter polls to ask users about their likes and preferences. You can ask questions like what kind of content they find engaging.

You can also leverage Twitter polls to ask users if they want a product available in other international markets. Apart from products, you can also use Twitter polls to analyze the demand for products or services before the launch.

  • Twitter polls to gain feedback on the content

Consistently posting quality content to keep the users engaged is something that even major brands and marketers struggle to achieve.  This is where you can ask your consumers or users to weigh in so you can deliver quality and engaging content.

Twitter polls can help you realize what kind of content they like to engage with. You can also gain feedback from followers on published content and if they want more content like it.

  • Twitter polls to check product demand before launch

One of the most important tasks before launching a product is gauging the demand for the product. Suppose a company is about to launch a product with different options. It is difficult to analyze the demand for each option for the product.

You can use Twitter polls to ask users which product option they like the most and are will spend on. Based on the statistics, you can analyze the demand for each product option and optimize production accordingly.

  • Gain customer feedback

Positive customer feedback about your brand can help you build your brand’s reputation on social media. Honestly, what would you trust as a consumer, a brand’s advertisement, or positive feedback from a user?

Also, Twitter polls can help you analyze the sentiments of users towards any newly launched product or service. It can also provide insights to help develop better products and services or even better creating new products for consumers.

  • Twitter polls to increase website traffic

Twitter polls are an effective way to guide traffic to your brand’s official website. Suppose you want to launch a product with some options. You can use a Twitter poll to analyze the sentiments of users towards your product and include the website link to provide more info on the products.

The move will not only increase engagement for your brand’s Twitter profile but also direct traffic to the official website. You can also use Twitter polls during live events to understand what topics the audience wants you to cover or focus on. It will not only keep the audiences engaged but also increase traffic to your website.

  • Take advantage of events and holidays with Twitter polls

Tweeting about trending events or holidays is a great way of engaging with your followers. But you can add more to it and have some fun with your followers at the same time. Take this opportunity to engage with your followers. Polls don’t always need to be serious, add a bit of humor. Analyze the opinions of users on ongoing events or how your followers are going to spend their holidays but in a humorous and engaging way.

Closing Thoughts

If you haven’t started using Twitter polls for your business, you are missing a lot of opportunities to enhance your social media presence. Apart from social media traction, you are also losing the opportunity to build long-lasting relations with your consumers.

Twitter polls along with an effective Twitter analytics tool like TrackMyHashtag can help you gain vital audience insights. Insights that can enhance your social media strategies and help maximize social media success.

Best Ways Brands Can Leverage Twitter Polls
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Best Ways Brands Can Leverage Twitter Polls
Best Ways Brands Can Leverage Twitter Polls
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