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Social media is a vast digital world where users from all over the world can connect with each other to debate, criticize, argue, or express their opinion. It is used by almost every age group on a regular basis. This highly used form of media is where all other mass mediums come together. There is a social media profile of every TV channel, radio station, and print medium. With this amount of usage, a brand will have to resort to some unconventional tactics to gain fame. Conducting a social media audit is the first step that can enhance any business’s performance.

In this guide, we will focus on audit tools for extracting only Twitter analytics.

Conduct social media audit for the well-being of your profile

By performing social media audits you are improving your profile’s look and performance. There are a lot of things hindering your businesses’ performance. And audits are the best way to give your profile a clean-up before putting it back to work. Businesses sell, promote, advertise and provide customer service through this single medium. Once in a while, every account holder should conduct a social media/ Twitter audit. Declutter your social media profiles with this kind of audit for smooth and uninterrupted flow.

A trustworthy brand has similar profiles on all social media. And they are easily accessible through every platform. If you want to gain your followers’ trust then you should make your profile look professional and trustworthy.

Begin your social media audit

whsat to analyze in a social media auditI think you are well aware of the importance of social media audits now. To keep your business profiles up-to-date, conduct social media audits at least once a year using audit tools. Now, let’s discuss some important things you should consider while conducting an audit. 

 1. Audit the look of your profile

The first thing your customers or followers are going to notice is your profile picture. And you need to make that first look impressive. That is why you should tidy up your profile. Decide on a theme you want your content in and follow that all along with your campaigns and marketing strategies. Pick out a logo for your business, decide on a catchy name and all other visible details that could drive more people in. And don’t forget to apply these changes to your other social accounts. This should be your first step as no audit tool is required for making these changes.

 2. Audit your content

Your content is going to help you keep your followers engaged after they have followed you. So make sure that you do analyze your content properly. If your previous posts haven’t gained a lot of engagement then change your style. A Twitter audit will help you make high-quality tweets. And also remember to optimize your content for every platform.

 3. Monitor all the metrics

While auditing your profile, make sure to keep track of all your metrics. Different metrics give different insights and leaving one of the insights behind puts you at risk. Evaluate the engagement metric according to your goals associated with that social media. For instance, you want to build a brand name through Instagram. The most important metric will be the reach of your content.

 4. Analyze competitors

The competing business should always be monitored. By monitoring your rival’s moves you can plan your marketing strategy. We know that you want to make your brand famous and earn lots of profit. We all want that! But you should also know about your rivals in the market. Or else you won’t be able to retain your followers and sales. Competitors can steal your audience away, decrease your sales and even harm your brand image. Tracking your competition can help you to get one step ahead of your competitors.

 5. Remove the platforms that aren’t gaining traction

It isn’t necessary to exist and interact on all social media platforms. If there isn’t a lot of audience on one platform then you can delete the business account. Managing fewer sites with an engaging audience would be easier for you. Not getting engagements on your post/tweet is not going to help your brand in any way.

How to perform Social Media Audit

You can perform a social media audit on Twitter by using features provided by Twitter or any third-party tool. Read about all the audit tools in detail below.

Twitter advanced search

use Twitter advanced search to perform a social media auditTwitter advanced search is a feature provided by Twitter. You can input any word or phrase to be looked up, and the advanced search algorithm tries to match it up against the data such as tweets on Twitter’s servers and provide you with the results.

Advanced search will help track and audit tweets related to the keywords entered by you. It will also customize the result according to engagements, words included, time period, and account targeted. To learn more about Twitter Advanced Search click here.

Twitter analytics

native Twitter analytics to perform a social media auditThis service is provided by Twitter that has been making an archive of your Twitter activity since the creation of your account. It makes sensible reports of your Twitter data which you can use to increase your reach and business marketing. The native Twitter analytics provides a ton of insights that can help you evaluate your social media authority. The same insights can also be useful while conducting a social media audit.

Perform social media audit with TrackMyHashtag

Twitter analytics toolGetting engagements out of some social media platforms can be really difficult. And you won’t just keep inspecting each post of your account to audit. That is where third-party tools are put into use. An analytics tool that can provide you with Twitter analytics is TrackMyHashtag. Use this audit tool to see the engagements of your tweets. This tool can also track hashtags and their engagements, so you will be able to manage Twitter campaigns. You can even track your competitor’s Twitter profile using TrackMyHashtag. It is the best Twitter audit tool.

To access insights out of TrackMyHashtag follow these steps:-

  1. Go to the TrackMyHashtag website.
  2. Enter @mention, #hashtag or keyword to track and search.
  3. You will see an overview of analytics, now choose a pricing plan.
  4. Select the plan suitable for you and click on buy now.
  5. Now, log in or create your TrackMyHashtag account.
  6. Confirm your subscription plan and make payments.

You will receive a link through which you can download your analytics report.

Best Twitter Marketing Practices

TrackMyHashtag performs real-time tracking as well. Real-time tracking is best as you can know about the changing preferences about your audience’s likes and dislikes.

  • Monitor your performance metrics

Performance metrics consist of reach, impressions, engagements, likes, and retweets. These metrics can help you evaluate your social media presence as well as the impact of your implemented strategies. So, monitor these metrics to identify ineffective strategies or content that resonates with the audience. Fine-tune your content strategy to the likes of your target audience to boost engagement on your tweets.

  • Understand the audience of each platform

Understanding your audience is essential to developing effective content and marketing strategies. But the same strategies cannot be used on each platform. The interests of your audience may differ on each social media channel. It’s best to use social media analytics to first understand your audience and then plan strategies to grab their attention and build an engaging follower base. 

By knowing the target audience, you can customize your content according to them. With TrackMyHashtag metrics, you will be able to know the Twitter age of the audience. Top languages used by them. Influencers who engage with your content. Location and client source used by the audience can also be determined by this audit tool.


Track your posts, campaigns, and your competitors to have a clear insight into your business. Also, performing Twitter audits for your profile at regular time intervals should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy. It will help you identify areas that need to be improved. Get access to a fresh perspective of your businesses’ whereabouts every now and then. 

See you next time!

A Definitive Social Media Audit Guide for Beginners
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A Definitive Social Media Audit Guide for Beginners
Use this guide to enhance the social media performance of your brand or your personal profile. Use Twitter audit tools for this audit.
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