8 Amazing Twitter Marketing Features for Brands and Creators

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Twitter Marketing features

Twitter is one of the most influential social media channels with 217 million daily active users. It can be a great platform to increase your brand’s social media reach and influence. It also offers a slew of features that you can use to promote your brand. So, are you leveraging these features in your Twitter marketing strategy?

In this piece, we’ll discuss 8 Twitter marketing features that every brand marketer should take advantage of. Let’s dive in.

1. Twitter for Professional

Twitter users, content creators, and professionals have long been asking for an option for business accounts. Well, Twitter has delivered. In mid-2021, the platform started rolling out professional accounts to help professionals differentiate themselves. It makes it easier for them to inform about and promote their business.

These professional accounts also have a new option called Quick Promote for promoting content. It essentially lets you pay to sponsor your content without going through the entire campaign creation procedure.

Twitter marketing with Twitter professionals To change to a professional account, go to the left-hand menu on Twitter and click More. Now select Twitter for Professionals and click the Agree & Continue button. Now choose the category where your business fits. The category shows up in the bio, so make sure the description is accurate.

Now choose between the Business or Creator account options. After completing the basic setup, you can start customizing your profile. You can also change the category anytime or switch between business or creator accounts.

2. Twitter Newsletters

At the beginning of 2021, Twitter acquired the newsletter service Revue and started testing its newsletter feature. You can now publish newsletters through Revue and use the Twitter integration to promote them on Twitter.

Twitter marketing with newsletters To use this feature, click on Newsletters in the left-hand menu and then click on Find Out More. Now you set up your account to get started. Once the setup is complete, you can import the email accounts through Revue.

While the newsletters can always be free, you also have the option to charge a subscription fee. Twitter also allows a subscription button to add to your profile to attract new users.

3. Twitter Shopping

Instagram and Facebook have native shopping tools and Twitter’s not one to be left behind. In mid-2021, Twitter introduced its Shop Module that allows brands to create shoppable profiles. It made it easier for brands to showcase their products on top of their profile.

While the feature was only a pilot and hasn’t been and hasn’t been officially launched yet, it could be officially launched in 2022 for brands to leverage them in their Twitter marketing efforts.

4. Twitter Spaces

Among the many features introduced on social media platforms, audio rooms were the ones that stood out the most in 2021. Twitter soon introduced an audio feature called Twitter Spaces where users can join audio conversations.

Twitter SpacesTo join Twitter Spaces, open the app and check the top of your timeline. You will find the Spaces of users you follow and you can join in too. To create your own Twitter space, click the plus icon on the bottom right of the Twitter app and select Spaces. Now name your space and add up to 3 relevant topics.

5. Twitter Supper Follows

One of the monetization options that Twitter introduced is Super Follows. It’s a native subscription feature that starts at $2.99 a month. It essentially gives the subscribers access to the exclusive content posted by the creators they follow.

Currently, the content format is limited to tweets, but Twitter plans to expand it to Spaces, Newsletters, and other formats.

6. Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is another amazing Twitter marketing feature that can help you in your marketing efforts. It is a paid Twitter subscription service that offers loads of benefits. Some of them are,

  • Undo button to fix typos and mistakes in your messages
  • Ad-free articles from known US publishers
  • List of most popular articles to share with your followers
  • Reader format to ease readability of Twitter threads
  • Bookmark folder to organize saved tweets
  • Pinned conversation for easy navigation
  • Upload videos that last up to 10 minutes

7. Twitter Communities

Twitter has now unveiled Communities, a feature aimed to build smaller interest-based groups, taking authentic relationships even further. It is possible to create discussions and ask questions about certain topics in Twitter Communities. The content in all communities is public, but only members can publish or engage in conversations.


Creating a community based on topics relevant to your business could be a viable option for you. Invite your followers to join the community where they can provide feedback and engage in relevant topics. You can also join other communities where you can add value and build thought leadership.

8. Twitter Conversation Settings

The tweets of brands, creators, and influential figures draw a lot of traction and it becomes difficult to keep track of conversations. Taking this into consideration, Twitter introduced conversation settings. It allows you to restrict who can reply to your tweets. It can be people you follow or the people you mention in your tweet.

Closing Thoughts

The above-mentioned features provide you with ample opportunities to expand your social media presence. Whether it is monetizing your content or building and engaging with your community, Twitter’s got you covered. Just make you track and measure your performance. It will help you how well your Twitter marketing strategies work and give access to valuable insights that can guide you into making informed decisions. Get started with TrackMyHashtag today.


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