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Twitter is a platform where you can share your opinion openly without any boundaries. But the character limits that range till 280 is a real mood spoiler. 

If you are someone who uses Twitter for marketing or business purposes then at some level you must have also faced the same issue of less characters that leads to too many tweets. That’s when Twitter Thread’s comes in and saves the day. Twitter threads are groups of tweets linked together from the same profile. 

What are Twitter Threads?

Twitter Threads are a series of connected tweets done by one person. Twitter Threads allows you to add content, keep updated or extend a point.  With Twitter Threads you can easily tweet your whole story in an instant without any character limits. These tweets are attached with a line to differentiate them from the rest of the tweets. 

Twitter Threads are a series of connected tweets done by one person. Twitter Threads allows you to add content, keep updated or extend a point.

How to increase your engagement with Twitter Threads?

There are countless ways on how Twitter Threads can help you to increase your engagement,

Curate list

Create a checklist about the data points you want to share with your audience in one place. Let’s say you are launching a new product. You can use Twitter Threads to list all your product services and features.

Such threads are more engaging and attractive, you can mention at once all the points that can attract your audience towards buying your product.

Try creative contents

On any social media sites, posts with creative presentation are believed to get more attention. With twitter threads you can post videos, infographics and GIFs to make it more attractive. In other words, showcase your brand in a creative way to engage the audience and keep an eye on how each content does.

Create campaigns 

Twitter threads are the best way to narrate your campaign’s story. You can target your audience and post highlights the entire time. It reduces workload, and the reputation of the task. For example, if you have posted a giveaway instant of posting a new content at the time of announcement you can just reply to the original tweet and create a tweet thread.

Post Tutorials 

With twitter threads you can guide your audience with step by step tutorials. With this you can deliver crips, to the point and understandable content. Make your Twitter thread tutorial actionable, relatable and insightful to gain maximum engagement and buy-in from the audience.

Insights with real content

These are unique content made for the target audience to establish a powerful and deeper connection. Niche contents are used for social media brand building. You establish yourself as an authority in a niche when you offer insights frequently. So you may be someone to turn to for information about that sector.

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How to publish a Tweet thread?

To create and publish tweet follow these steps

  1. To start a new tweet, click the “Tweet” button.
  2. Send out your first Tweet.
  3. To add a tweet, click the “+” button. A second section for individual tweets will appear.
  4. Continue doing this until you have written every tweet and added every image or video.
  1. After that, press “Tweet all” to send out the entire thread at once.

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Now you can add different formats of contents without stressing about the word limits. Creatively showcase your product and services with Twitter Threads and engage your target audience with fun contents. Moreover, you can take the help of TrackMyHahtag to search trending and niche hashtags for your Twitter Threads and uplift your company’s image. 

TrackMyHashtag is an outstanding, AI enabled Twitter hashtag analytics tool that can monitor any hashtag, mention and keyword and gives you an instant update of your performance metrics to improve Twitter marketing. It also identifies key influencers according to the niche that can promote your brands or campaigns. Finally, Try them Today! And boost your brand’s engagement.

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