The Secret to Holding a Successful Twitter Chat

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If you use Twitter to promote your business and invest a decent chunk of time, effort, and resources in it, you have most likely come across an organized Twitter chat. They have been around for a significant span of time, and when paired with a hashtag, can become a powerful marketing tool.

Twitter chats can help you increase interaction, get more followers, and perhaps become a thought leader in your industry. However, if done incorrectly, it has the potential to harm your brand’s reputation.

In this blog, we will discuss how to host an engaging Twitter chat. Let’s get started.

What is a Twitter Chat?

Chats on Twitter have usually planned discussions moderated by the same users that post to the site on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if they occur once a month or once a week if they always take place at that time. Each discussion has its own unique hashtag and focuses on a single broad subject. Afterward, a specific topic is selected for the talk day.

Twitter discussions can last anything from 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on the level of detail required, questions can range from five to fifteen in length. The host will begin with “Q1” and followers will reply with “A1.” All participants can keep track of the dialogue by using hashtags in every question-and-answer tweet.

It’s just like a face-to-face conversation in which everyone introduces himself and ends with a final statement. People enjoy exchanging tweets with one another and going off on tangents with their conversations. It is not uncommon for active users to forewarn their followers ahead of time that a torrent of Tweets is about to descend.

How to Host a Successful Twitter Chat?

how to host Twitter chat 1. Monitor Twitter chats of competitors

Observing your competitors’ TweetChats is a great way to get a sense of how you should structure your own. Are they friendly to their fans? What are they talking about, and how are they raising the questions? Keeping tabs on other TweetChats can help you narrow down the theme for your own talk.

Try to find a trending issue in your sector that has not yet been incorporated into a TweetChat. In order to find a topic that will attract your target audience, this is a terrific strategy. Learn from the successes and failures of others by attending a few Twitter talks that intrigue you.

2. Finalize the topic of discussion

You can decide whether you want to hold just one Twitter chat or schedule it on a weekly basis. In any case, it’s critical to establish a unifying theme to lead your conversation. Throughout the talk, stay focused on their main topic and avoid deviating into other topics that are unrelated to their main theme.  This helps to keep everything centered and structured.

3. Choose engaging questions to discuss

As soon as you’ve decided on a topic, the day, and the time, consider what your prospects and customers might want to know about the issue. Preparing questions and discussion points ahead of time will help you keep the conversation flowing throughout your online meeting.

Asking your audience what strategies they employ, the one major issue they have, or what solution to an industry challenge is a good illustration of this. It’s critical that the questions you ask in your TweetChat get your participants involved and interacting with one another.

4. Create a hashtag

After you’ve decided on a TweetChat topic, you should create a hashtag so that others can easily follow the chat. You may want to use the company’s brand name in the discussion, and make sure the hashtag is related to the topic of the chat.

Make it clear to your audience what they can expect from your event. If you’re hosting a weekly talk on a specific topic, the hashtag should be broad enough to be utilized for subsequent discussions.

5. Finalize a date and time

It is vital that you schedule your TweetChat at a time that is convenient for both you and your followers. When scheduling your conversation, ensure sure it does not conflict with any other chats that are discussing the same topic as yours.

Organizing your own Twitter Marketing event at the same time as a #SocialMediaMarketing event, for example, is probably not a good idea.

6. Choose guests tweets to host your chat

Asking an industry expert to participate from their own account is a great way to get your followers engaged and make the event a “must-attend.” These guest tweeters can come from outside your organization or from your company’s leaders and can be used to boost your firm’s brand.

You should publicize the attendance of an industry expert in your chat to give your discussion and the subject you’ll be discussing more legitimacy. It’s also a great way to get more people to participate in your chat room topic.

7. Promote your chat event

In order to get the word out, you must first structure your chat. In addition to writing a blog post about it, you can also spread the word about the discussion by promoting it to your social media followers. Notify as many people as possible that you’re hosting a TweetChat.

Make an extra effort to individually ask significant people in your field to join, explaining why you believe their knowledge on the issue will make for an entertaining and informative TweetChat.

8. Start your chat

Your Twitter chat will begin when the moment is right. Make sure each host is available and that they have relevant questions and topics to discuss before the event.

Once you’re up and running, having someone other than your host keep tabs on the conversation is a good idea. By having your staff answer tweets together, you’ll be able to handle a large volume of responses more easily. It’s also a good idea to have a community manager on hand in case the chat grows boring or is overrun by bad language, complaints about your firm, or other undesirable tweets.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how to host successful Twitter chats it’s time to get started. Remember, choosing an engaging topic and asking the right questions is the key to keeping the conversation going. Also, once the chat has ended, monitor the event hashtag as users might still be using it.

You can also use a Twitter analytics tool like TrackMyHashtag to track the tweets mentioning the hashtag and analyze engagement statistics of the event. Furthermore, use the tweets highlights to promote future events.


The Secret to Holding Successful Twitter Chats
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The Secret to Holding Successful Twitter Chats
The Secret to Holding Successful Twitter Chats
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