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How to Plan a Successful Twitter Ads Campaign?

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New social media platforms like TikTok and Clubhouse have gained a substantial userbase with their short-video and audio content formats. But when it comes to real-time conversations, Twitter still rules. Twitter witnesses a 29% annual increase in followers. As per reports, Twitter had over 206 million monetizable users in the Q2 of 2021. These are users that can see Twitter ads on the platforms.

Twitter has a substantial user base that is quite mature and is willing to try new products and services. It’s definitely not a platform that brands and marketers should take for granted while allocating advertising expenses.

Still unsure about how to make the most of Twitter ads? Or maybe you want a few tips to maximize the success of your Twitter ads campaign. In this piece, we will discuss how to use Twitter ads and how to increase engagement.

Let’s dive in.

Why are Twitter ads important?

If used right, Twitter ads can increase your reach and help build a follower base that not only boosts engagement but also increases conversions. Since the inception of Twitter ads, the platform has made numerous improvements to improve targeting, added new ad formats, and more.

These improvements and added ad formats give brands and marketers make Twitter advertisements a viable option. While I do appreciate Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Bing Ads, here are a few reasons why Twitter Ads is better:

  • Unlike the other ads options, on Twitter, you only pay for what you have gained.
  • Keyword targeting enables you to target people that use a specific word or hashtag in the last 7 days.
  • You can target people that recently saw or engaged with your tweet.
  • Target people that follow specific accounts
  • Low cost per click

Also, 44% of the Twitter demographic lies between the age group of 30-49 years old.

Types of Twitter Ads

You can choose from a variety of ad formats on Twitter. Selecting the right format for your ad campaign is essential if you want to see the best results.

Promoted Accounts and Follower Ads

promoted Twitter accountsInstead of promoting a single piece of content or tweet, you promote your entire Twitter account. It can assist you in reaching users who aren’t already fans of your brand. This advertisement format is ideal for increasing your social media presence and growing your follower base. This ad format suggests your Twitter profile to new users in the “Who to follow” section.

Promoted Tweets

Regular Tweets and promoted Tweets share many similarities. The advertiser pays to have their content seen by people who aren’t already followers of that advertiser on Twitter. Like any other tweet, users can like, retweet, and comment on them. They are, however, clearly labeled as advertisements, with the label “Promoted” in the bottom left corner.

You can also include videos in the promoted tweets. If the videos are of 60 seconds or less, it will automatically loop in the user’s feed.

Promoted Trends

promoted Twitter trendsThe trending topics are a frequently updated list on Twitter. This is a real-time feed of the most talked-about topics and hashtags. Users can interact with a Promoted Trend just like they would with any other trending topic on Twitter. What’s new is that the ad space purchased by a company will appear to certain users as ‘Promoted.’

A trend that has been promoted will appear at the top of the Explore tab’s “Trends for you” section as well as in the feed.

How to set up your Twitter Ads Campaign

Just follow these simple steps to get started your Twitter advertisement campaign:

1. Set up your Twitter ads account

Twitter ads homepageYou’ll need to create an account if you’ve never used Twitter advertisements before. Simply sign in to your Twitter account and then go to Click Let’s go after entering your location and time zone.

This gives you instant access to Twitter Ads Manager and all of its useful tools, including the ability to track and analyze your ad campaigns.

2. Finalize your advertising goals

Twitter ads objectiveThe first and foremost thing that you need to do is decide what you want to achieve. Depending on the objective of your campaign, you’ll pay for different forms of engagement and actions.


Reach: The amount you spend on engagement and actions is ascertained by the campaign objective you choose.


Video views: When you upload movies or GIFs, you want users to see them. Each time someone views a video, you’ll be charged.

Pre-roll videos: Similar to YouTube, place your advert before the video even starts. It will help your get more impressions and boost awareness of your brand.

App installs: Installing your app is what you’re aiming for. Each time a user installs your app, you’re charged.

Website Clicks: Visitor traffic is something you’d like to see grow. You’ll be charged based on how many people click on your ad.

Engagements: Your goal with Promoted Tweets is to get as much attention as possible from your target audience. You’ll be charged for each interaction, but only for the first interaction with each user.

Followers: You’d also like to increase the size of your Twitter following. Each new follower adds to your bill.


App re-engagements: You want existing people to access and also use the app. Each time an app is clicked, you’re charged.

3. Update your campaign details

Twitter ads detailsOn the second page, you will have the option to provide additional information about your campaign. You may give your campaign a name, choose a budget, and settle on a timeline all from this page.

4. Update ad group details

Ad groups TwitterThe following step is to start creating ad groups. Ad groups are used to differentiate campaign specifics such as budget, targeting, and creatives, allowing you to be more precise with your goals and creative testing. When launching your campaign for the first time, start with just one ad group. As you gain experience with Twitter advertising, you may want to experiment with different ad groups.

In the upper-left corner of the screen, select “Ad Groups” from the drop-down menu. Then, click the button to enter the details of your ad group. Choose a name for the ad group, an objective, and a bid strategy for the campaign. The “Autobid” option, which optimizes your results while keeping costs low, is best suited for your initial campaign.

5. Select your target audience

advertisment demographics This feature aids in the selection of your target market and helps you make the most of your ad budget. Start by looking at the demographics of your potential customers. Decide who you want to reach by defining your target demographics based on factors such as gender, age, location, and language.

A postal code or even a metropolitan area can be targeted with geolocation targeting. Another option is to target the whole country. By using technology components, you can narrow your focus to a specific type of device, carrier, or operating system version.

Ad groups target audienceIf you go to the ‘Audience features’ section, you may tailor your ad towards people who are interested in certain things like events or hobbies or habits, as well as specific terms or TV series that people are talking about on Twitter.

As you add new targeting options to your campaign, the interface updates to reflect the updated audience size.

6. Choose ad placement and creatives

Twitter ads placement

creativesHere you have to pick where your adverts will appear on Twitter. The next step is choosing the ad creative you’d like to use for promotion. Based on your campaign goal, Twitter will provide you with several options. For example, you may be asked to select a Tweet that was published or a video for particular ad kinds that you want to use. Ad creative isn’t required for Follower campaigns, though, because they only promote the account.

7. Launch your Twitter ads campaign

After you have filled in all the required details, go through them again to make sure everything is in place. Once you have made sure that everything is right, you are all set to start your campaign. Just click Launch Campaign and your campaign will be live.

Proven Tips for Successful Twitter Ads Campaigns

advertising strategy tips Optimize your Twitter profile

You’re probably targeting Twitter users who don’t follow your brand. Include images or video, as well as a copy that explains what your company does.

As users may click from your ad to your Twitter profile, make sure your Twitter bio and profile details are up to date. This could influence their decision to follow you and interact with your tweets. Furthermore, if your brand displays the verified badge, users are more likely to trust it.

Stay true to your brand voice

Maintaining a consistent brand voice will aid in connecting your commercials with your target audience. The voice of your sponsored content should be the same as that of your organic content.

Develop short but engaging ad copy

Twitter conversations move at a breakneck pace, and users move on from them in a matter of seconds. As a result, avoid creating lengthy text sections. The importance of a short, concise, and to-the-point message cannot be overstated. You must not use all 280 characters just because you can.

Emojis can help your content stand out as long as they are consistent with your brand identity and are not overused.

Use high-quality visual elements

Videos and images with strong visual impact can help your advertising shine and get people to stop scrolling, increasing the amount of time they spend looking at your ad. They have the power to get consumers to stop browsing and pay attention to your ad instead of passing it by. In other words, make sure your images testify to your company’s excellence by using high-quality ones.

Prepare a clear and concise call-to-action

Make it clear in your advertisement what you want viewers to do after they’ve seen it. Your advertisements should include a call to action (CTA) that clarifies the next step. It can be as simple as visiting your website, downloading your app, or encouraging a purchase.

Track performance of Twitter ads

Organic responses to your Tweets can teach you a lot about how to manage your Twitter advertising campaigns more effectively. Find out which content your intended audience is most interested in and how they feel about it. After that, use what you’ve learned to guide your advertising strategy.
is an AI-driven Twitter hashtag and campaign tracking Twitter analytics tool. You can track the performance of your tweets in real-time and analyze how users engage with your content. You can identify the media and content topics that the users are most interested in. You can use these insights to plan an effective content strategy and keep your followers engaged while also drawing the attention of news users.

Test, learn and improve

Of course, testing your ads is the greatest method to ensure they are effective. A/B tests different ad placements, messaging, and ad formats, for example. You can use the information you’ve gained to build very effective commercials that bring in big bucks.

Wrapping Up

Finally, don’t disregard what works well with your organic Tweets! Using Twitter analytics, track how your organic Tweets are performing and apply what works well with those Tweets to your Twitter advertising.

TrackMyHashtag can help you manage your Twitter presence and develop effective strategies for engaging your users and growing your follower base. Track and analyze all of your profile’s activity to improve your marketing strategy. You can also use it to keep track of your competitors and learn from their marketing tactics. Try it for free.

How to Plan a Successful Twitter Ads Campaign?
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How to Plan a Successful Twitter Ads Campaign?
How to Plan a Successful Twitter Ads Campaign?
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