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Twitter analytics tools

Twitter analytics is one of the fast growing tools. it will show the respond of audiences on your content, what is working for your business and what’s not, you can make changes and modify according to analysis.

How important is Twitter marketing?

Twitter ranks as the 15 most popular social networking sites. it is the most used one, only 10 percent of people are active which generates 92 percent of tweets. 48% of people use Twitter for the latest news. Twitter is helping people all over the world and spreading like fire. Analytics tools support marketing, they will drive traffic to your website and promote your product.

Best Twitter Analytics Tools are mentioned below.


TrackMyHashtag is one of the most outstanding Twitter analytics tool for brands as well as individuals when it comes to understanding what content resonates with their audience. To improve engagement, this tool monitors related conversations and hashtags.


  • TrackMyHashtag will show real time hashtag tracking of Twitter campaigns and measure, analyze hashtag campaign.
  • Find key influencers- it will show the report of active influencers, who are promoting Twitter hashtags campaign.
  • Historical hashtag data- from 2006 to present time, fetch all historical data, just by typing the search term or hashtag.
  • Measure and analyze- AI-driven analytical platform helps in measuring the reach of your Twitter hashtag campaign.

Pricing – Basic real time hashtag tracking is 49 dollars/month. 

2. Social Pilot

SocialPilot is an easy-to-use social media marketing tool that helps professionals, teams, and businesses automate their social media management.

Twitter analytics tools


  • Social pilot Twitter analytics tool  is easy to navigate and is transparent and customer driven,
  • Social pilot powers up your Twitter marketing by resharing  your most performing tweet write from the tool itself.
  • You can share your reports  by using this Twitter analytics tool with your clients and team members.
  • Check the frequency of your tweets divided into days and hours to give you a clear idea of your Twitter consistency.

Pricing: 14 day free trail and $170/month.

3. Follower Wonk

Follower wonk allows you to track bios and shows your user activity. Analyze accounts with up to 25000 followers, Sort followers up to 200,000, research per search 5000.

Twitter analytics tools


  • Follower wonk is used to find social authority ranking, can see followers and their locations.
  • Analyze and compare follow/followers, views follower losses and gains.
  • Help in optimization by showing what tweets engages the followers, show when followers are most active.

Pricing – 29 dollars per month for using 3 profiles

79 dollars /month for up to 20 profiles.

4. Tweepi

With this Twitter analytics tool you can engage industry leaders and influencers, based on a single keyword.


  •  Show you the list of accounts that have your own followers, cleans up your Twitter account by removing irrelevant and inactive users with the help of this Twitter analytics tool.
  • There are two types of pricing: Silver and platinum.
  •  You can use their annual plan or monthly plan, depending on your convenience.

Pricing– For silver 10.75 dollar( per month) Annually or for platinum prices  20.75 dollar (per month).

5. Twitter Analytics

  • If you are confused about the above tools. You should use this Twitter analytics tool first, Just to understand how these tools work.
  • By using Twitter cards, you will see how many users visited your posted blog.

Pricing– 19 dollars per month / 199 dollars per year.

6. Tweet Reach

Tweet Reach analytical tool provide real-time metrics that include overall reach, engagement, content performance, competitive analysis, and more.


  • This Twitter analytics tool launched in 2009. It does not differentiate you by your firm size, Tweetreach generates a quick twitter analytics report.
  • Targeting the needs of social media marketers, easy to use, it will give you a brief about the tool with easily accessible videos.
  • o not introduce to children which are under 18 and use it on your own risk.

Pricing– premium plans start at $29 per month.

7. Keyhole

Keyhole provides hashtag tracking benefits to companies and  gives instant updates.


Social listening and  campaigns- monitors brands and sentiments, identifies influencers .

  • Profile analysis – it will show you how much your account is grown and its engagement
  • Influencer tracking- analyze influencers account and show influencers impact on your campaign

Pricing– keyhole  premium plans vary between $26 per month to $179 per month

8. is a Twitter analytics tool that provides a detailed analytical overview of any user’s Twitter account, and offers reports of their success.


It will show you the joining date of available users and time zone. The most amazing thing is that they have their own dictionary.

  •  If you forgot the name of the user you want to search, just write the first letter, their dictionary opens with all the names of people who are living in the USA.

9. Twitonomy

It offers a wide range of informative resources to you. The platform’s Twitter analytics tool provides a list of top languages that are used alongside unique keywords and hashtags.


They monitor your interactions with other Twitter users. Get insights on and download any users’ retweets and favorites tweets.

  •  Make a list, of whom you follow
  • It’s available on your phone and desktop.

Pricing– The premium plan for Twitonomy starts at $20 per month.

10. Sprout social

Sprout social is the steam line and effectively scale, monitoring and engaging with a unified social inbox, it have drive strategic decision making across the business with access to rich social data and analytics.


  • It will provide you top performing post.
  • Discover new topics for discussion to spark engagement on your Twitter account.
  • Tracks keywords and URL, analyze your competitors by identifying latest trends.

Pricing- Sprout social provides a 30-day free trial for users. The base plan starts at $99 per month.


Every Twitter analytics tool that I have mentioned above is the most used tool in 2023, Twitter analytics tools can provide you the much-needed insights to maximize the success of your Twitter campaigns. I recommend you to try each one of them, test their free versions and decide what is best for you. One of the easiest tools that I found is TrackMyHashtag. Must try it!

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