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The most talked about thing in 2023 was AI. Its impact on various industries including social media marketing is known to everyone. Now we are in 2024 and the frenzy around AI has settled, it’s time to get back to the way social media marketing can be done best. If you aim to connect with the target audience while ensuring a high ROI, you need to understand what will work the best this year. In the newest trends in social media, staying on top of current trends holds the key to promoting meaningful interactions with customers and all other stakeholders within your brand’s digital scope.

Looking ahead to 2024, the top five social media trends prioritize placing humans at the core of marketing strategies. A collaborative approach that integrates social and digital efforts across marketing teams and MarTech stacks, is what will be the deciding factor. Below are key insights into the trends this year.

Authenticity will take the lead this year. The raw, unpolished content will gain traction instead of the meticulously produced content. Brands will have to showcase the human element behind their efforts. The audiences have seen a lot of generative content or content that is refined with the use of various tools. The spontaneous moments, such as impromptu monologues or behind-the-scenes glimpses will take the lead. This form of content resonates more with audiences and helps directly in building a genuine connection with them.

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2. Authentic creator content

The digital marketing landscape for 2024 will be dominated by two main platforms besides other popular ones. The popularity of platforms like TikTok and Instagram (mainly short-form video content) will continue to rise in 2024. Meta’s Instagram is set to build a user base of 1.4 billion and TikTok of 900 million. These platforms are growing based on creative and short-form content. For your brand, this is the perfect opportunity to tie up with creative influencers. Instead of the sheer number of followers, your focus should be on creative content that can meet every current trend.

3. Social collaboration

The challenge of decline in the visibility in feeds is really big. In the year 2024, collaboration will serve as the perfect solution to overcome this challenge. Social media marketing for 2024 will be more about consistency in content. User-generated content and influencer marketing will play a big role in promoting visibility and trust.

4. Social search

There has been plenty of news regarding how Amazon e-commerce platform and Pinterest on social media are picking up as the new search mediums. And now not just Pinterest, but entire social media is set to become the new search engine platforms. Seeing this, optimizing the content with keywords and relevant hashtags is crucial. Like search engines, it will ensure higher discoverability and get more post engagement.

5. AI for social listening

After ChatGPT’s launch in late 2022, AI saw a new level of popularity. It played a big role in many areas including SEO, content generation, keyword research, and much more. In 2024, AI will continue to play a big role in social listening. Some platforms have already introduced in-app AI post-writing and comment-suggesting features. This will provide customer insights in real time. This trend is still in the infancy stage though and might take time to come up fully.


2023 was a challenging year with new trends disrupted by AI advancements. AI is here to stay and it will continue to influence social media trends. AI opportunities to optimize social and marketing activities will play a big role in delivering the most unique and engaging content to the audience. Along with this, tie-ups with the best influencers and creating high-quality (raw and UGC) content will be of more significance than the content that users have had enough of in the last few years. Uniqueness is the key to engaging the audience in 2024 and whoever does it best will benefit the most.

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