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Applications of social media monitoring

Social media monitoring now holds great significance for brands trying to build engaging communities. Consumers prefer personalized responses to their queries over preset chat-bot replies. It can help you customize and provide personalized customer support experiences.

What is social media monitoring?

It is the process of tracking social media conversations related to your brand with the help of specific keywords and phrases. It helps brands and marketers in identifying trending conversations, consumer queries, and complaints.

Brands can then analyze social media conversations that can guide marketers in tailoring products and services, along with identifying the scale of demand. It can also help marketing agencies in identifying and leveraging the trends to increase engagement and generating prospects for new customers.

Social media monitoring is not limited by the size of a brand or business and is implemented by organizations, however big or small. Though, it is quite difficult for major brands to track conversations related to their brand due to the enormous size of their audiences. Whereas small businesses can leverage social media monitoring more easily to find trending conversations to promote their brand and to identify their target audience.

Let’s examine some major benefits of social media monitoring that can enhance your brand’s presence on Twitter along with an increase in conversion rates and ROI.

Benefits of Social media monitoring

Twitter is a social media platform where users express their opinions and user experiences. This makes Twitter the most prominent social media platform. But the abundance of content makes Twitter one of the noisiest social media platforms. It is difficult for brands to identify and reply to relevant conversations. This makes Twitter the perfect platform for social media monitoring.

Most customers abstain from directly engaging with a brand regarding their issues with a product or service. Social media monitoring tools can help you in tracking such conversations and conceptualizing solutions.

TrackMyHashtag is a hashtag and event tracking tool that can help you track, identify and analyze social media conversations related to your brand along with identifying content that resonates with the audience. It can also help you measure the impact of your social media campaigns in real-time with instant updates on engagement metrics.

Product development and analyzing demand

Social media monitoring tools can help you tailor products and services appealing to the audiences. You can track conversations related to your brand and the industry to identify the needs of the consumers. You can also analyze your followers opinions, which can help you in developing products and services that are tempting to the consumers.

You can also create surveys to analyze consumer sentiments that can help you in forecasting demand for a product or services.

Content strategy

Social media monitoring tools play a key role in identifying content topics that resonate with the audience. These analytical tools can help you analyze social media conversations and evaluate the engagement metrics on your historical Twitter content to identify the content topics that the users like to engage with.

It can also identify trending hashtags and conversations related to your brand. You can leverage these hashtags and conversations to generate brand awareness and find potential customers.

Impact of social media campaigns

Social media campaigns play a vital role in elevating your brand on social media and increasing engagement. But monitoring the impact of your social media campaigns in real-time is essential to maximize its success.

Social media monitoring tools can help you measure the impact of your social media campaigns in real-time. You can also improvise your campaign strategies in real-time if it does not meet the desired engagement standards.

Identify influencers

Social media influencers are individuals considered as celebrities with the influence that can sway consumers’ buying decisions in your favor. Though, not every influencer that engages with your brand can help you achieve that. Social media monitoring tools can help you identify and analyze influencers’ Twitter profiles that engage with your brand. You can find social media influencers who can help you increase engagement and conversion rates for your brand.

Also, it is essential to decide what kind of social media influencer can help you in achieving your KPI’s. In 2020 the focus of major brands and marketers has shifted from mega-influencers (follower base over 1M) to macro-influencers (follower base between 50K-1M).

Small businesses and startups can collaborate with micro-influencers (follower base between 10K-50K) to lower marketing costs. Micro-influencers are connected with their community on a personal level and thus they are a viable option to increase conversion rates without increasing marketing costs.

Customer support

Twitter is an excellent platform for consumers to converse directly with a brand regarding their user experiences, queries, and issues. But, some consumers don’t engage directly with the brand about their unsatisfying user experiences or issues.

Social media monitoring tools can help you track such conversations with the help of relevant keywords and phrases. You can quickly act on such consumer complaints and provide a solution. This helps you in keeping a valuable customer and building your brand image.

Apart from retaining a customer, social media monitoring not only increases your response time but also helps you avoid a situation that could have escalated into a social media crisis.

Analyzing competitors

Social media monitoring tools can help you in analyzing and evaluating the social media moves of your competitors. You can analyze the strategies implemented by your competitors and measure their strengths and weaknesses. After identifying the most effective strategies, you can implement similar or improved approaches to ensure your social media success.

Social media monitoring can also help you identify the customers of your competitors with unsatisfied user experiences. You can target these individuals and convert them into your prospective customers.

Final Thoughts

Social media has become a vital part of digital marketing. The insights gained from social media monitoring can help you achieve greater engagement, conversion rates, and enhance other key performance indicators.

It can also help you understand consumer sentiments and identify the right social media influencers to promote your brand.

TrackMyHashatag is an amazing social media monitoring tool that can help you identify keywords, hashtags, and the right social media influencers to promote your brand.

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Doing Social Media Monitoring the Right Way
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Doing Social Media Monitoring the Right Way
Doing Social Media Monitoring the Right Way
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