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Social listening tools tp plan an effective Twitter Strategy

Promoting brands on social media is now more popular than it has ever been in the history of marketing. Brands and marketing agencies now leverage the insights gained from social listening tools to generate awareness about their products, events and marketing campaigns.

The free and fast way to connect to the global consumer base offers the brands and marketing agencies an opportunity to tap into unexplored markets.

With such a rise in using social media platforms, the need for social listening tools in social media marketing has gained greater importance.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the way of tracking social media engagement and conversations about your brand. The goal is to understand how customers view your brand by observing what they share on social media about your brand.

Social listening involves keeping a close eye on brand-related conversations using keywords, @mentions or hashtags. Third-party social listening tools play an important role in tracking the interactions of social media and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Social media is now the go-to way of sharing experiences or grievances for customers. Aside from understanding user perspectives, social listening also helps in gaining feedback from customers.

How can social listening maximize your success on social media?

Social listening can help you gain key insights into the audience demographics. It also provides you conclusive performance metrics to help plan an effective social media marketing strategy. There are several ways social listening can help you maximize your success on social media.

Perform market research with social listening

Planning an effective social media strategy requires extensive research. Social listening tools can help you analyze your historical performance, perform market research, analyze consumer sentiments, demographics, competitor insights and more.

These insights will help you plan an effective social media strategy that will generate interest, increase traffic and conversion rates for your brand.

Develop effective social media marketing plan with social listening

Assume that you have a product with plenty of features, but if you have not analyzed your target audience, you do not know which features appeal the most to the audience. Social listening can help you analyze consumer preferences, likes, and dislikes that help you tailor products accordingly.

Monitor conversations related to your brand or industry to find out what consumers love the most. Analyze their sentiments and the benefits they seek along with the product. You can leverage these insights to plan an effective social media marketing plan that attracts engagement from the audiences.

Devise impactful content strategies

Social listening can help you identify topics that your audience engages most with and topics they don’t interact with, by evaluating your historical Twitter content. You can capitalize on such topics to create content that resonates.

Also, Twitter has an abundance of content and if the post is not timed perfectly, your content might get lost in the users’ Twitter feed. Social listening can help you identify the time frame when your audience is online and can provide the desired engagement.  

Competitor analysis with social listening

Social listening tools can analyze and provide insights into your competitors’ social media moves. You can implement similar or improved strategies to increase engagement and ROI.

It can also help you track and identify conversations of your competitors’ customers with unsatisfying user experiences and convert them into your prospective customers.

Enhance customer feedback and support with social listening

Users on social media refrain from directly engaging with your brand about their unsatisfying user experiences. But they do mention your brand in the conversations. Social listening tools can help you track and identify such conversations with the help of specific keywords or @mentions.

You can track conversations to offer a solution and retain the consumer. Also, tracking and resolving such consumer complaints can help you avoid a social media crisis.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are people with a large follower base and have the power to sway user decisions in your favor. Established brands have recognized it as the future of marketing. Influencers not only help in promoting your brand but also provide new prospects to customers and a significant increase in engagement.

Social listening tools can help you track and identify influencers that engage with your brand. You can analyze what these influencers talk about your brand and how it impacts your brand image.

Find potential leads with social listening

Social media is a great platform to increase your brand’s awareness, but it can also help you in generating qualified leads for your products and services. Further, you can also analyze the sentiments of users along with their needs and problems. It can help in tailoring products and services that offer the required solution. Incorporating social listening into your strategy can help you analyze user sentiments and design solutions accordingly.

Closing Thoughts

Social listening is an unending process that constantly provides you with vital insights to help tailor effective social media marketing strategies.

TrackMyHashtag is an amazing social listening tool that can help you track and monitor hashtags, conversations, events, and campaigns along with engagement metrics in real-time.

Start monitoring your performance metrics today with TrackMyHashtag.

See you next time!

Why you Need Social Listening Analytics for Twitter?
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Why you Need Social Listening Analytics for Twitter?
The article describes why brands and small business should implement social listening into their social media marketing. It also describes a social social listening tool for social media monitoring.
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