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Twitter hashtag

Writing something on social media is a big deal for GenZ. and Responding to it is more difficult than taking the stand, so every word and Hashtag is as important as choosing the right place for your home. In this article, we will learn how to increase the  impact of your followers by using suitable Twitter Hashtags.


Twitter was launched in 2006 as a micro-blogging platform, and after that, it is changing with every generation.  As we all know Elon musk is the new CEO of Twitter, he is the chief executive officer of electric automobile maker Tesla Inc. {TSLA}.Twitter has launched so many new features in 2023 and one of the most famous and talked about things was the reinstatement of profiles of users that had been previously banned from the app.  One of the reasons behind the banned users was ban HASHTAGS.

What is a Hashtag?

Twitter hashtags

People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase in their tweet, to categorize those tweets and help them to show more easily in twitter search. you cannot add spaces or punctuation in a hashtag or it will not work properly, using no more than 2 twitter hashtags per tweet is a best practice.

Why use Twitter Hashtags ?

  • Hashtags are a great way of labeling and finding suitable niche  social media content.
  • Twitter hashtags make all your content easily reachable.
  • Hashtags allow social media users to find and engage with content related to common themes or interests.
  • They also propel content to reach more people and be discovering users all across the world.

How to use Hashtags Effectively on Twitter?

To make your tweet stand out you should use the most trending  Twitter hashtag. But the concern is how to know what is trending. In our busy lives we don’t have time to research or scroll on Twitter, just to find the best and most trending  Twitter hashtag. Many people use hashtag tracking tools like Semrush, and many others but I will recommend TrackMyHashtag.

Twitter social media monitoring tool

Tracking the Twitter hashtag allows you to see which hashtag on social media is trending and how they are performing. There are some points below, which will help you to increase your users by using hashtags in the right way.

  1. Beware about the banned Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags play a very important role in any post, if you compare a post that has included a hashtag with a post that does not have a hashtag. You will see the reach between them differ. Because including a hashtag in your post means taking a part in a conversation, happening on that social media platform. It will lead to greater engagement through likes, comments, shares, and new followers. But in the same way, if you use the banned hashtag it will drop your followers. Some of the banned Twitter hashtags are -#abdl, #alone, #boho,#costumes, the list is never-ending. Social media platforms banned hashtags because of reports from users, it is usually a result of the inappropriate hashtag which is accompanied by certain hashtags. Banned hashtags are constantly changing based on community reports and social media platforms investigation.

Twitter hashtags
  1. Unique and specific

Your  Twitter hashtags should be different from others, some of the brands use their own hashtags like

 #LikeAGirl by always.

#ShareACoke by coca cola.

#openYourWorld by Heineken

#HaveABreak by kitkat

These brands are making more money than others ,who are just copying  or using most common hashtags are not doing well.

Start making your own Twitter hashtag and try to use it regularly so people will start recognizing your brand by that particular hashtag’s very easy to make a hashtag, you just have to use # to the beginning of an unbroken word or phrase creates a hashtag.

Twitter hashtags
  1. Don’t overuse Hashtags

Do not use hashtags again and again, it will look like you are spamming your followers. Don’t use more than one or two hashtags per post, make a mix of photos and videos which will help your users to understand easily . Users don’t want to see hashtags all over, we use Twitter hashtags to reach our target customers. But if we only look after the hashtags, then you will lose your followers. You have to modify your post by using the latest related pictures and other aspects are also important.

Twitter hashtags
  1. Make them want to retweet 

Use your words and hashtags and attach them with the sentiments of people, use those Twitter hashtags which people won’t be able to ignore. From which they can relate easily and can’t go before retweeting it. Always be real to your customers, give real life examples and use your products reviews, to show them that you are all real.

  1. Keep it simple and relevant 

People do not want something difficult, they are always looking for short terms, which make their reading time less and easy to spell, so don’t use long and difficult words in your hashtags, it should be short, precise and give your audience a clear view about the topic of conversation.

  1. Don’t use hashtags only because it’s popular

Using hashtags which have lots of results, will not show you in the first few minutes. There are lots of fake websites which claim to provide the most popular hashtags. and you will copy paste it and think that now everything is sorted. But no, by copy pasting you will get more numbers of spam and there will be no real growth.

  1. Utilize Trending hashtags

Trending hashtags are those hashtags  which are most popular ones, mainly they were linked with latest news, and if you relate your business or your post to new updates or with the latest and popular things that are happening in the world then it will give you immense growth and people will relate more and your reach also grows.

  1. Search for Twitter hashtag before using it

Every hashtag provide different information, so you should be clear which type of info you want to give to your users, must search before using any hashtag, it should be related to your business and be clear about your message you wanna give to your users, be respectful to other brands, do not use those hashtags which effect the sentiments of other brands, you can take the help of Twitter analytics tools to find your suitable hashtags.

  1. Track and analyze hashtags reach

This point is one of the most important ones, because if you track your previously used hashtags you will know how many users visited your site and how much people are not liking your page. For all of that you need Twitter analytics tools, where you can find all this info in one place, it is needed to have a record, so in future whenever you post a new one you can use them and will predict a reach by seeing their hashtag reach on TrackMyHashtag.


  • Putting your Twitter hashtags in captions instead of comments, it will be just as effective. Hashtags are for people to find you, not to see you.
  • Don’t use hashtags which have millions of results, because then your site will go unnoticed .
  • Don’t use hashtags which do not represent your site, using the hashtag off topic will lead you to wrong traffic.
  • Use hashtags on words not in images.


  • Make your caption clean and it should not be filled with spamming looking hashtags.
  • Research well about your brand. Write the general term on the search bar and see what hashtags are used, it will help you to see the most popular Twitter hashtag.
  • Check your competitors regularly, from them you can see which hashtags have the most engagement.
  • Use the hashtags which reflect your followers and are related to your product.

Closing Thoughts

Hashtags plays an important role in social media marketing and hashtag tracking  is more important. TrackMyHashtag Enables you to visualize your whole social media, shows you real time hashtag tracking and gives you Historical hashtag data, measure and analyze reach of your twitter hashtags.

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