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hashtag analytics tool

In today’s world, social media is one of the most important sources of information and is becoming a place where most people spend their time. Therefore creating a strong social media presence is a dream for every marketer.

To catch the attention of your audience, the use of the right hashtags is important. But knowing the right hashtags is as tricky as it sounds. Therefore, to help you with this problem we brought a list of 11 best hashtag analytics tools.

These hashtag tracking tools can help you launch a successful social media campaign by providing a deep knowledge of hashtags and their uses. Moreover, in this article, we’ll cover how to use these hashtags and how to conduct thorough research on different hashtags.

Hashtags are the cheat code for making any online campaign successful. The right hashtags help in sorting out relevant content for both brands and audiences. This way brands can target the desired audience and ensure that their efforts are not going to waste.

Hashtag analysis helps you get recognized and provides you with all the user-generated content on social media involving your brand, company, or product. This you get to know any complaints or suggestions from your audience.

In the same way, by using the right hashtags your audience can also find your brand. Even having such advantages not every brand fully utilizes the power of hashtags mainly due to the lack of research and the right hashtag analytics tools.

Most companies are unaware of these hashtag tracking tools and therefore, miss out on beneficial campaigns. Therefore, to get ahead of the competition check out the below-mentioned hashtag analysis tools and improve your social media performance.

Top Hashtag Analytics Tools

1. TrackMyHashtag

TrackMyHashtag is one of the best hashtag analysis tools. This tool helps in providing historical X (formerly Twitter) data with detailed hashtag analytics.

This all-in-one hashtag analytics tool provides many useful features. Moreover, you can also request historical data to get deeper insights into any hashtag.

With TrackMyHashtag you get access to a dedicated dashboard that features analytics for any hashtag such as –

  • Tweet Timeline
  • Total Tweets and Contributors
  • Top Tweets and Languages
  • Source of Clients

TrackMyHashtag is one of the most useful hashtag analytics tools that you can use for various purposes such as staying one step ahead of the competition and creating successful social media strategies.

2. Hashtagify

hashtag analytics tool

Hashtagify is one of the hashtag analytics tools to conduct thorough research on the hashtag you want to use for your campaign and many related hashtags to your original search.

This hashtag tracking tool also provides a hashtag counter along with the hashtag’s popularity and monthly/weekly trend. The UI is very friendly and clean, moreover, you can conduct hashtag research for free while other features are paid such as –

  • Related Hashtag Analysis
  • Usage pattern of a Hashtag
  • Languages used
  • Email alerts

You can save your recent searches by creating an account. This tool is overall great for hashtag tracking and analysis, however, it only supports hashtag tracking on X (formerly Twitter).

3. Keyhole

Keyhole is a great hashtag tracking tool that provides in-depth analysis of any research in simple reports that are very easy to understand. Through this tool, you can filter or combine your research and get the results you want.

With Keyhole, you get analysis on different metrics such as posts, engagement, reach, and impressions. Some other features include –

  • Track campaigns
  • Track positive and negative mentions of your hashtag
  • Get customer sentiment insights
  • Track competition

You can start a free trial by creating an account on Keyhole and using these features to draw your conclusion.

4. TweetBinder

hashtag analytics tool

TweetBinder is a great hashtag analytics tool for someone new to social media analysis as it provides a clear and easy-to-understand overview of the performance of your campaign. You get a quick analysis of your social media performance.

TweetBinder provides an analysis of X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram with some other features such as-

  • Free data for over 7 days
  • Simple filtration of posts
  • Visualized presentation of hashtag analytics

You can get a report of up to 2000 tweets for free from TweetBinder so make sure to check it out.

5. Talkwalker

hashtag analytics tool

Talkwalker is another hashtag tracking and analytics tool that provides a comprehensive report on your research. The AI-based sentiment analysis of Talkwalker is really useful in comparing your brand with your competitors.

You can also search for social media mentions of your brand on various platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, news, podcasts, and forums. Some other features of Talkwalker include –

  • Monitor all social mentions
  • Find influencers for your brand
  • Filter your social media search
  • Explore trending topics

Start the free social search by signing up and also explore other free features such as a free hashtag tracker and analyzer.

6. RiteTag

hashtag analytics tool

This hashtag analytics tool helps you get an overview of all your used hashtags by judging if they are appropriate for your brand or not.

Moreover, you can search for trending hashtags and top brands that are using these hashtags. RiteTag categorizes hashtags as great, good, unused, or overused so you can get an overview of the best and worst hashtags for you. Some other features of this hashtag analytics tool are –

  • Group your hashtags
  • Trending hashtags alerts
  • Quick feedback on any hashtag

However, just like many other tools, RiteTag does not provide a deep analysis rather than the use frequency of a particular hashtag.

7. Brand24

hashtag analytics tool

This hashtag analytics tool helps in monitoring your hashtags across various platforms. And, you get a report in the form of a chart that displays the performance of your hashtag and also the influencers that have mentioned your brand.

Some other key features of Brand24 are –

  • Share reports across organizations
  • Measure the reach of your hashtags
  • Real-time tracking
  • Report on various social media platforms

This tool is worth checking out as it provides some very useful features.

8. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management tool with many useful features. You can do much more than just hashtag analysis and tracking on this platform. Some features Sprout Social offers –

  • Fast and reliable customer care
  • Social media management across various platforms
  • Analytics of multiple social media platforms
  • Share and create content easily for your brand

Sprout Social is a trusted hashtag analytics tool and could be a game changer for big brands to improve their social media performance.

9. Vaizle

Vaizle can be a very useful hashtag analytics tool for brands looking to improve their social media presence. This tool helps in analyzing hashtags on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram and sorting out the most relatable to your brand.

Some key features of Vaizle’s hashtag analytics are –

  • Monitor engagements
  • Use frequency and popularity of hashtags
  • Real-time identification of trending hashtags

With such information, businesses can plan and beat their competitors through various successful social media campaigns.

10. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an entirely free hashtag analytics tool for people who like to contribute to live discussions. For premium X (formerly Twitter) users, TweetDeck, can be a handy tool as it can help in keeping track of multiple keywords at the same time.

You can also access multiple accounts on this tool. Other key features of TweetDeck include –

  • Track multiple hashtag campaigns
  • Get alerted for every new tweet
  • Access multiple accounts
  • Track social media campaigns for clients.

TweetDeck is worth checking out, especially, if you are looking for a free hashtag-tracking tool. However, this tool is only available for premium X (formerly Twitter) users.

11. Trendsmap

Trendsmap is a great hashtag analytics tool if you want to know what’s trending in different regions of the world. This tool provides a quick overview of the current most popular hashtag in every region and country in the world.

You can also check the popular hashtags, users, and keywords of a particular region for the last 7 days. Some other features are –

  • Map zoom feature
  • Historical data
  • Hashtag analysis

Why Use Hashtag Analytics Tool?

Hashtag analytics tools are necessary to stay updated on the latest trends and create powerful strategies for a social media presence. Now and then we see a rise and downfall of many social media trends and without a report on these trends and hashtags launching a social media campaign can be very risky.

Therefore, to provide a solution to this problem a hashtag analytics tool is needed. A hashtag tracking and analytics tool can help in various things such as-

  • Identifying new market trends.
  • Providing opportunities to use new trends and resolve any issues with already existing social media campaigns.
  • Track the success of your campaign and improve strategies for the future.
  • Getting deep insight into the campaigns and trends of competitors.
  • Finding potential influencers or ambassadors for your brand.

However, as the demand increases so does the supply, and selecting the perfect hashtag analytics tool for your brand becomes tricky. So, exploring different tools as mentioned above is better before finalizing on the one you like.


So, these are some of the best hashtag analytics tools you can use to track any hashtag or the latest trends to improve the social media presence of your brand and promote yourself to the right audience. These hashtag-tracking and historical Twitter data provider tools can be really helpful for people who are new to social media analysis. So, make sure to check them out and stay tuned for more such informational blogs.


Q1: How does a hashtag analytics tool work?

A hashtag analytics tool gathers data from various social media platforms, such as X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, then analyzes the usage, engagement, and reach of specific hashtags. It presents the data in easy-to-understand reports, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Q2: Can a hashtag analytics tool provide competitor insights?

Yes, a good hashtag analytics tool can help you monitor and analyze the performance of your competitors’ hashtags. It enables you to identify their successful strategies, learn from their mistakes, and gain a competitive advantage in your social media campaigns.

Q3: How can you tell if a hashtag is popular?

Pay attention to the number of your hashtag mentions and their reach. For popular ones, these indicators will be the highest (this may indicate a new trend). Also, check out the list of influencers who used your hashtags on their profiles. These mentions always have a big impact on your social media results. If hashtag tracking tools discover the brand’s mentions on pages with a big following, your campaign will bring results and your brand awareness will increase. It is a positive trend for your company!

Q4: How do you measure hashtag reach?

A hashtag tracking tool defines reach by the number of subscribers on social media profiles. In the majority of hashtag monitoring tools, reach shows you how many people potentially can see the hashtags you are using on social media platforms. If reach is not high, you are likely not using top trending hashtags that are getting a lot of attention.

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