How to Count the Number of Tweets for a Hashtag

By August 21, 2019 February 26th, 2020 Twitter Analytics

What are Twitter hashtags?

#ThisIsAHashtag. Any word which has a pound sign preceding it is called a hashtag. Counting hashtags on Twitter has become the most sought after methods to identify reach of any event happening on Twitter.

Chris Messina, a social media expert, pioneered the idea of hashtags, back in August 2007. #Barcamp was the first hashtag posted on Twitter.

Why do we need Twitter hashtag counting?

With the growing influence of Twitter, it has become necessary to understand the reach of our content and ideas. Twitter Hashtag counter makes it convenient to quantify our success rates.

Unfortunately, Twitter only shows the data of trending hashtags which is not even 0.1% of the total hashtags posted on Twitter. This makes it difficult for us to understand the influence and reach of our targeted hashtag.

For example, #JustDoIt is a hashtag used by the sports brand Nike. If Nike wanted to get a glimpse of the reach and the number of people using this hashtag, one option is to count the number of tweets with Nike’s hashtag but twitter does not allow this option natively. So, in order to get the hashtags count, we use third party Twitter hashtag counting tools.

Twitter hashtag counting and analytics tools

TrackMyHashtag is an amazing Twitter hashtag counting tool which allows us to count any hashtags, mentions, top related media and many more insights. We can track any hashtag, keyword or @mention with various other detailed insights which would not have been possible without using this hashtag counting tool.

I have summarized the features of TrackMyHashtag analytical report below-

1. Data available to download in CSV format which includes tweets as well as related metadata such as date and time of posting the tweet, tweet id and various other information.

2. TrackMyHashtag helps in measuring the potential reach and impressions of a tweets, top influencers, top tweets and lots of useful analytics which predict the nature of the Twitter campaign.

3. This Twitter hashtag counting tool provides complete details related to most active re-tweeter, most popular contributors, most impactful influencer and so on.

We can also find the percentage of tweets, retweets and replies to predict the nature of the Twitter hashtag campaign

4. Influencers are essential components in the success of a social media campaign and what is the best place to find them other than twitter. We can identify all the influencers related to a hashtag campaign and rank them on the basis of their effectiveness.

5. Media, hashtags, URLs are very important to write any social media campaign. To predict which media, hashtag or URL is performing the best is crucial. TrackMyHashtag finds out the top related media, hashtags, URLs for you.

6. Out of all the tweets present on Twitter, we find the most popular ones and give you a detailed report. Finding the top tweets related to a Twitter hashtag campaign helps in defining the likes and dislikes of audience.

7. TrackMyHashtag provides the option to view tweet timeline to give you live updates of every tweet being posted on twitter. With the help of its graphical presentation you can easily search all the tweets posted in a time interval. Daily and weekly tweet patterns help you to see the tweet density hourly or on a daily basis.

8. TrackMyHashtag tracks historical as well as real-time data and predicts the best marketing strategy for you on the basis of their copyrighted, artificial intelligence driven prediction techniques. Following are the metrics predicted by them:

  • Best time to tweet.
  • Best hashtag to use.

9. It is very important to know what kind of media and URLs are most trending related to a particular Twitter campaign. TrackMyHashtag analyzes all the tweets to find out top performing media and URLs.

  • By knowing which media is performing better, we can create similar content to make our campaign more effective.
  • Top URLs help in knowing the interest of people and with this information you can make future marketing strategies.

10. This Twitter hashtag analytic comes with various additional metrics which help to solidify your social media marketing strategy:

  • Device source.
  • Geographical location.
  • Top language.
  • Contributor’s Twitter age.

Hashtag counter

Any social media marketing campaign needs to be cost effective as well. Keeping this in mind, TrackMyHashtag has the option of providing you only with the number of hashtags. This helps you in keeping the costs down and getting targeted data. Below are the features of hashtag counter:

  1. Hashtag counter gives the exact number of tweets posted during a time period mentioning a user, hashtag or keyword.
  2. As a Raw data, we provide number of tweets which are posted each day in a CSV (Excel) sheet, along with their dates.
  3. The data contains the exact number of tweets which were posted on a particular day mentioning the given keyword.
  4. It analyzes the raw Twitter data and provides lots of useful analytics which help in making accurate and quick decisions.

All of this information can be obtained for just $20!
This is a one time charge for information of a single a single report.


Counting Twitter hashtags has become the more sought after methods to understand the reach and influence of our posts. Twitter hashtag counts have become synonymous with measuring success rates of any Twitter campaign. It would not have been possible without a dedicated Twitter hashtag counting tool such as TrackMyHashtag.

Hashtag counting and analytics has immense potential to widen your impact over Twitter and I believe we will be witnessing more applications of Twitter analytics and hashtag counting in the future.

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