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While the pandemic has long since ended, the aftereffects are still there.

Remote work, which was a big part of the shift due to the pandemic, has infiltrated the corporate structure. Now remote and hybrid structures have become commonplace, and this has increased the need for Employee Monitoring Software (EMS). With this paradigm shift to a hybrid and remote work environment, it is critical for organizations to ensure that tasks are completed on time and efficiently by both remote and on-premises employees.

Employee monitoring is an important factor in today’s business landscape. This will not only help keep your employees accountable for their work but also ensure that your company’s resources are used most efficiently.

Companies have changed their attitude towards work and the places where employees can work in recent years for various reasons.

For businesses looking to enhance their productivity and keep track of their team’s activities, exploring the top employee monitoring software options can provide valuable insights into managing employees in the workplace effectively.

In this guest post, we will discuss the importance of employee monitoring software and suggest some tried and tested ones.

Importance of EMS

Employee monitoring is a technological method of collecting information about the work of remote, freelance, and full-time employees in order to track their effectiveness and efficiency. Monitoring not only reduces the number of employee errors at work but also indicates problems that can be solved. Through observation, the company can quickly correct the error so that it does not happen again. Once the error is corrected, employees can adjust their behavior in the future.

By monitoring employee performance, a company can also determine if employees are meeting company standards. When the standard is not met, employers may look for ways to help their employees do their jobs better.

Since each company has its own policies and practices, it is necessary to choose an EMS that matches the company’s systems. Additionally, you will need a strong internet connection to enable easy usage without lags. You can explore popular Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as Cox Internet for this. With a reliable ISP you can try out several software and do your research to find the best one without any issues.

Here are a few examples of popular software that businesses can use for effective employee monitoring.

1. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a behavioral analytics software that specializes in tracking employee behavior. Companies and managers can use the software to control what their employees are currently doing. ActivTrak is equipped with tools to help managers apply and manage policies. In addition, ActivTrak can also switch to autopilot, which means you can automate it to log activity, block sites, set triggers, and more.

2. SentryPC

SentryPC is a robust computer monitoring and control software that allows users to monitor and manage activities on Windows computers. From activity monitoring and website blocking to time management, this software provides a complete solution for monitoring and controlling computer usage.

It also allows you to monitor and control computers from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This is especially useful for employers who need to manage teams remotely.

3. Veriato

Veriato offers several employee monitoring plans that are ideal for large organizations and enterprises. It can also detect anomalies and generate custom risk scores that not all competitors offer. Risk assessment and anomaly detection are ideal for large organizations that need to quickly identify which of the thousands of employees poses the greatest risk to their organization.

Veriato even offers an integrated AI platform to monitor user activity to reduce the risk of data breaches.

4. Traqq

Traqq is an employee monitoring software that seamlessly monitors employee productivity and attendance by automatically taking screenshots and recording desktops in the background. It is an employee time-tracking software that improves productivity with automated reporting and monitoring tools. The Traqq toolkit works whether the employee is online or offline.

It has advanced tracking tools that can even track mouse and keyboard activity. It also allows you to seamlessly manage an unlimited number of commands.

5. VeriClock

VeriClock is a handy time-tracking tool for small and medium businesses. VeriClock has several interesting features related to geolocation. The dashboard shows the last known locations of all employees as they arrive. You can set the system to automatically record the location of employees as they come and go. VeriClock may be the right choice for your business if you need a reliable, easy-to-understand time-tracking tool with geolocation capabilities.

6. Teramind

Teramind is a user-centric security solution that monitors the digital behavior of your employees. Our software streamlines employee data collection to identify suspicious activity, identify potential threats, monitor employee performance, enforce compliance, and improve employee productivity. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as a data loss prevention (DLP) tool is what sets Teramind apart from the rest of the software. This is an advanced security feature that recognizes text on the screen and allows you to set keyword alerts in multiple languages and scripts.


Today, employee-monitoring software is equipped with advanced technologies that allow employers to gain access to employee activities. Concerns about employee security and monitoring are more important now than ever as employees around the world move to work remotely. While monitoring has its benefits, it also has its downsides leading to employee turnover and anxiety. Productivity can be negatively affected if employee surveillance becomes too intrusive. Therefore it is vital to pick software that adheres to ethical guidelines.

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