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It’s important to focus on getting more Instagram comments on your content. It increases your engagement rate, your content visibility, and your account’s discoverability. You need a great strategy in place to increase your comments. Learn steps to maximize your Instagram comments.

Many people probably think that to be successful on Instagram, the only important thing is to have a large following. While that is important, increasing your account’s engagement rate is just as important. It’s actually vital to your account’s success.

Your engagement rate can increase significantly by having a strategy to get more comments on your content. You need to optimize your account and post the right high-quality content to achieve this result. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, it’s reported that video content is currently the most engaging content format, with an average of 24.25 comments per video post. 

If you want to get more comments on your content but you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on why boosting your comments is beneficial. Plus, we’ll go through 4 steps to help you start maximizing your Instagram comments.

Why Boosting Your Comments Is Beneficial

In the beginning, Instagram operated by showing content in chronological order in your news feed. The result of this was that many users were not seeing popular content posted by the Instagram accounts they followed, as the continuous posting of newer content by other accounts would shroud the content. Users often missed content they were truly interested in.

The effect of the chronological feed was not in line with the purpose and aspirations of Instagram. They replaced this system with an algorithm-based method for prioritizing and promoting content to users on Instagram. 

This means that users are now able to see more popular and relevant content in their feeds. 

This is where increasing your engagement rate becomes important. When your posts get a lot of engagement from your followers and other users, a signal is sent to the algorithm that your content is interesting, popular, and valuable. 

The algorithm then prioritizes your content and promotes it to more of your followers in their news feeds, the Explore page, and to other users as “suggested content” in their news feeds and in their Instagram searches. 

Instagram comments are an important engagement metric to focus on. When you get high-quality comments on your content, this shows that users have invested valuable time in viewing and engaging with your content. This increases the prioritization of your content.

How can you get more comments on your content? Here are the 4 steps to get you started.

#1: Start With A Posting Strategy

You should have a content posting strategy in place. This is a detailed plan for how and when you post content on your account. It helps with time management, eases your stress by giving you direction, and helps you stay consistent. 

Here are the points you need to consider in your content posting strategy:

Plan Your Content

Start off by planning your content. This will help you focus and get ideas flowing for content creation. Consider the following aspects of your plan:

  • What is your account about?
  • What do you wish to achieve through your account?
  • What type of content will you generally post (subject matter)?
  • Why will you post that type of content?
  • Do you have any ideas for future content?
  • Is there a specific message you wish to send out to your followers?
  • What content do you wish to share on your account?
  • How often will you post content on your account per week and in a day?

Decide On Content Formats To Use

Besides planning the subject matter of your content, you need to decide on which content formats to use for your posts. Instagram offers account holders an array of great content format features. 

Essentially, you should try to post content using all of the content formats available. This enables you to reach wider and different audiences who may prefer viewing the content in a certain format. Here are the content formats to focus on:

  1. Reels – These short-form videos are extremely popular due to their ease of viewing and their entertainment level as opposed to still-image posts. The Reels feature gives you access to great video editing options, including effects, filters, overlays, audio tracks, and video speed adjustments.   
  2. Stories – Share all your feed posts to your Stories. Stories open the door to a lot of engagement due to the interactive features you can use in your Stories. Use emoji sliders, polls, questions, and quiz stickers. 
  3. Image and video posts – Post interesting, intriguing, and surprising images and videos. Clever and funny memes do well. Present information and data in useful infographics.
  4. Carousels – This feature enables you to post multiple images or videos in a single post. Carousels are great for giving your followers a little more to enjoy in each post.
  5. Live streams – Going Live on Instagram lets you connect with your audience in real time. This feature is great for taking your followers behind the scenes in your creative processes or sharing your events with them. 

Post Content At The Best Times

Post content at the best times to ensure that more of your followers see your content and engage with it quickly. The best time to post is when your followers and target audience are most active online. 

There’s no benchmark best posting time as many variables affect this, such as demographics and timezones. Experiment by posting content at different times and then use Instagram Insights to determine at what times you posted your well-performing content. 

Schedule Your Posts For Consistency

Post content consistently and regularly on your account. Inactive accounts or inconsistent posting will tank your account. Try to post at least once a day but not more than 3 times a day. The more your followers see your content, the higher the chance of them commenting on your content.

Create a content calendar and schedule when you will post content on your account. You need to be proactive and dedicated in respect of your posting schedule. 

To make this easier, try using an automated scheduling tool like those found on Planoly or Later to schedule and publish your content on Instagram.

#2: Use An Instagram Service Provider

For an instant boost to your engagement rate, you could buy automatic Instagram comments from an Instagram service provider. There are various reputable service providers which offer cheap Instagram comments. It has also become more common practice for users to buy comments on Instagram to drive more organic engagement to their accounts through the boost this service provides.

You should only choose a reputable service provider to buy real Instagram comments from. Also, go for a service where you buy Instagram comments that are real and truly derived from active high-quality Instagram accounts.

If you wish to buy Instagram comments, we recommend that you buy IG comments from Skweezer, a trusted service provider. From Skweezer you can buy Instagram automatic comments instantly. This service also extends to writing your own comments to be safely and strategically delivered to your account. 

#3: Partner With Influencers

Partner with popular Instagram influencers to get more comments on your content. Influencers usually have a large dedicated following on Instagram. By partnering with such influencers, you potentially reach their large audience to get more comments on your content and possibly even new followers for your account.

Here are ways to partner with an influencer to get more comments on your posts:

  • Host a takeover. Let an influencer take over your account for a day to showcase your brand or business from their viewpoint.
  • Get an influencer to use and review your products or services and post their reviews on your account with their account tagged in your posts.
  • Post a “shared” post on Instagram where you share a post with an influencer, usually to promote your brand with their positive endorsement of your brand.

#4: Be Interactive With Followers

Stimulate conversations on your account and inspire users to comment on and respond to your posts. Posting interactive content can go a long way to boost engagement with your content. 

Your followers will want to engage more with your account when they feel that your content is interactive, that they are part of a community, and that their input is valued. Some ways to interact with your followers include:

  • Ask interesting or thought-provoking questions in your posts and prompt your followers to respond in the comments section. 
  • Direct people in your Stories to go and leave a comment on your feed posts.
  • Acknowledge and respond promptly to every comment you receive.
  • Be interactive in your DMs by asking users what they are enjoying about your content or simply thanking them for following your account.
  • Encourage multiple thread conversations under your posts by responding to comments received with further questions.

Key Takeaways

Instagram comments are an important part of your account’s engagement rate. The more comments you can get on your content, the better your account will perform on Instagram overall. 

The visibility of your content will increase, and your account will become more discoverable. 

If you’ve been struggling to get Instagram comments on your content, use the steps we’ve provided to get you started. Our steps can help you kick-start your way to a higher engagement rate. We hope that you are able to maximize your Instagram comments fast.

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