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Welcome back to our blog! We are back with our list of top 10 Digital Influencers courtesy, TrackMyHashtag. All the social media and connect links are mentioned below along with the influencer’s profiles.

I have also included a table at the end of this article with the Twitter profile comparison of these 10 influencers. Click Here, to directly go to the table.

Enjoy the good read!

1: Olga Andrienko

2: Laurel Papworth

3: Nilotpal [Neil] Roy

4: Pradeep Chopra

5: Nichole Kelly

6: Michael A. Stelzner

7: Sorav Jain

8: Syed Balkhi

9: Christoph Trappe

10: Brian Solis

Twitter profile overview of the influencers

This table categorically compares the Twitter profile of the influencers. You can get a brief idea about how active they are on Twitter. Statistics such as tweet reply percentage provide us with an idea of their activeness on Twitter.

Have a glance!

InfluencersFollowers CountOriginal TweetsReplies CountAv. Retweets per TweetAv. Retweets per DayDomain
Olga Andrienko
Twitter Profile
12,6302016 (63.00%)875 (27.34%)0.800.24Digital Marketing
Laurel Papworth
Twitter Profile
51,1902377 (74.285)594 (18.56%)0.230.23Digital Marketing
Neil Roy
Twitter Profile
1,6102727 (85.22%)84 (2.63%)0.160.18Digital Marketing
Pradeep Chopra
Twitter Profile
10,6001435 (44.84%)1596 (49.88%)1.180.06Digital Marketing
Nichole Kelly
Twitter Profile
11,1502541 (79.41%)590 (18.44%)0.470.03Digital Marketing
Michael A. Stelzner
Twitter Profile
179,5201258 (39.31%)1871 (58.47%)5.310.06Digital Marketing
Sorav Jain
Twitter Profile
18,2402332 (72.88%)578 (18.06%)1.980.50Digital Marketing
Syed Balkhi
Twitter Profile
100,9102232 (69.75%)852 (26.63%)5.700.10Digital Marketing
Christoph Trappe
Twitter Profile
72,4502046 (64.28%)443 (13.92%)0.182.05Digital Marketing
Brian Solis
Twitter Profile
281,0602257 (70.53%)397 (12.41%)2.201.56Digital Marketing


This marks the end of this weeks article. We will be back with a new list next Monday. Do let us know in the comments which influencer do you follow and like the most amongst these 10 or the many others out there on Digital web.

Till then, stay tuned!


Top 10 Influencers Profiles (Digital Marketing): Week #006
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Top 10 Influencers Profiles (Digital Marketing): Week #006
A list of top 10 social media influencers.
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