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Let me start this week’s article with a big Thank You! The response that we received on our weekly influencer articles was tremendous. Shout out to all the influencers who made our articles a great success.

As promised, we are back with our updated list of 10 influencers courtesy, TrackMyHashtag.

I have also included a table at the end of this article with the Twitter profile comparison of these 10 influencers. Click Here, to directly go to the table.

1. Alice Elliot

2. Martin Hawksey

  • Domain: Digital Marketing
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook: NA
  • Linkedin:
  • Website:
  • Introduction: Martin Hawksey is currently the chief innovation, technology and Community officer at Association for learning technology, UK. Wil Reynolds – Founder of SEER Interactive, described him as ‘a non-seo who SEO’s should follow’.

3. Chris Ducker

4. Dennis Yuscavitch

5. Dorie Clark

  • Domain: Digital Marketing
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Website:
  • Introduction: Dorie Clark is a strategy consultant and professional speaker who has worked with clients including Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, Yale University, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. She is also the author of Entrepreneurial You.

6. Rebekah Radice

7. Ron Sela

8. Ileane Smith

9. Paolo Fabrizio

10. Jenn Herman

  • Domain- Digital Marketing
  • Twitter-
  • Facebook-
  • Linkedin-
  • Website-
  • Introduction- Jenn Herman is a pro-blogger who started blogging about Instagram before it was trendy. This led to her being at the fore front of Instagram blogging, a title which she holds even today. She is currently a Social Media Speaker, Consultant & Trainer at Jenn’s Trends which she founded.

Twitter profile overview of the influencers

This table categorically compares the Twitter profile of the influencers. You can get a brief idea about how active they are on Twitter. Statistics such as tweet reply percentage provide us with an idea of their activeness on Twitter.

Have a glance!

InfluencersFollowers countOriginal TweetsReplies countAv. retweets per tweetAv. retweets per dayDomain
Alice Elliot
Twitter Profile
6,9002748 (91.27%)12 (0.40%)0.014.05Digital Marketing
Martin Hawksey
Twitter Profile
8,0311161 (36.28%)1289 (40.28%)2.100.88Digital Marketing
Chris Ducker
Twitter Profile
56,8101240 (38.75%)1625 (50.78%)0.950.57Digital Marketing
Dennis Yuscavich
Twitter Profile
6801417 (44.32%)85 (2.66%)0.050.93Digital Marketing
Dorie Clark
Twitter Profile
42,6901728 (54.00%)1442 (45.06%)1.510.10Digital Marketing
Rebekah Radice
Twitter Profile
113,6102040 (63.75%)838 (26.19%)11.317.76Digital Marketing
Ron Sela
Twitter Profile
16,6603003 (94.26%)15 (0.47%)0.284.19Digital Marketing
Ileane Smith
Twitter Profile
16,2102303 (71.97%)731 (22.84%)0.300.35Digital Marketing
Paolo Fabrizio
Twitter Profile
5,6101232 (38.50%)475 (14.84%)0.334.06Digital Marketing
Jenn Herman
Twitter Profile
14,0001746 (54.56%)643 (20.09%)0.540.96Digital Marketing


This marks the end of this weeks article. We will be back with a new list next Monday. Do let us know in the comments which influencer do you follow and like the most amongst these 10 or the many others out there on Digital web.

Till then, stay tuned!



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