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A Social media influencer is an entity which has established his or her reputation as an impactful speaker or presenter. They have the name and recognition to promote or demote any brand or service over digital media.

The list below categorically describes Top 10 Social Media Influencers in the field of Digital Marketing who have established their credibility and trustworthiness over time.

I have also attached a table with their twitter profile comparison at the end of this post. To directly go to the table, Click Here.

Go ahead have a look!

1: Rand Fishkin

2: Tim Ash

3: Lindsey Anderson

4: Brian Fanzo

5: Ann Smarty

6: Calvin Lee

7: Joe Pulizzi

8: Neil Patel

9: Brad Geddes

10: Jeff Bullas

Twitter profile overview of the influencers

This table categorically compares the Twitter profile of the influencers. You can get a brief idea about how active they are on Twitter. Statistics such as tweet reply percentage provide us with an idea of their activeness on Twitter.

Have a glance!


These influencers have made a place of their own in the field of Digital Marketing. They have established themselves as reputable information sources and have their share of innovations brought over time. They have cemented their authenticity and can provide you with the required social media firepower in your campaign!

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InfluencersFollowers CountOriginal TweetsReplies CountAv Retweets per TweetAv. Tweets per DayDomain
01: Rand Fishkin
428,0700427 (13.34%)2256 (70.50%)36.752.24Digital marketing
02: Tim Ash
29,4300368 (11.64%)0779 (24.64%)1.260.14Digital marketing
03: Lindsey Anderson
20,8603135 (97.97%)0030 (0.94%)0.184Digital marketing
04: Brian Fanzo
126,4101404 (43.94%)0893 (27.91%)2.0711.16Keynote speaker
05: Ann smarty
66,0601589 (49.66%)0264 (8.25%)0.988.45SEO services
06: Calvin lee
88,8402243 (70.09%)0812 (25.38%)1.481.64Branding and designing
07: Joe pullizi
153,3901015 (31.72%)2003 (62.59%)7.25%0.76Digital marketing and PR.
08: Neil patel
334,3003122 (97.56%)0068 (2.13%)34.484.81Digital marketing
09: Brad geddes
20,4902323 (71.59%)0692 (21.63%)1.231.11Digital marketing
10: Jeff bullas
569,8103200 (100%)02.27103.23Digital influencer
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