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Historical X (formaly Twitter) data and Twitter archive search of any hashtag, keyword or @user-mention of any date range

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Get a historical X (formaly Twitter) data related to any hashtag instantly.

Our Twitter Historical report gives you an opportunity to gather historical data and twitter archive search of any hashtag, keyword or mention from Twitter.

What's included in the Historical hashtag report?

Our Historical hashtag report comprises Raw dataset (in CSV or excel) and analytical pdf which contains lots of useful Twitter metrics.

Raw X (formaly Twitter) Dataset

We provide a raw Twitter dataset in CSV (Excel) and JSON format. Fill this form to get the quotation and a sample dataset.

Analytics dashboard

TMH internal software analyzes the raw Twitter data given by customers and provides lots of useful hashtag analytics free on a beautiful online dashboard.

These hashtag analytics prove to be extremely useful when it comes to doing some twitter historical search, make a social media marketing strategy or study the performance of a hashtag event.

Some of the hashtag analytics are Potential Reach, Potential Impressions, Top Contributors, Influencers, Top tweets, Device source, Top Media, Top links and many more.You can see a sample of Hashtag Analytics dashboard here: Click Here

Please note, all the analytics are derived from the information provided to us by our customers and calculated as the estimation results. We don’t claim the accuracy of the analytics

Price of a Report

The price of Historical Hashtag data starts from $50 and depends on the number of historical tweets ids you want to purchase.

It is a one time cost which is liable for a single report

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Price of Historical Twitter dataset depends on the number of tweets.

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Applications of Historical Hashtag Data

Research Purpose

Historical hashtag data is mainly used by scholars, researchers to measure the impact of a Twitter campaign or hashtag in the real world. Be it a social cause like #metoo or predicting stocks on the basis of Historical Twitter dataset, Hashtag data is being used a lot.

Competitors’ Analysis

By analyzing your competitors' popular hashtag dataset and Twitter campaigns, you can identify their success rates. You can also design your hashtag marketing campaign based on your competitors' success ratio.

Predict future

There are lots of predictive hashtag analytics provided by TMH which help our customers to take future actions. For example, the best time to tweet, best hashtags to use, etc. These predictive hashtag analytics are also derived from the Twitter data set only.

Gather Influencers

Influencers play a key role in the success of any Twitter marketing campaign. They are the ones who influence the mass audience to shift their sentiment from negative to positive or vice versa. We help our users to find the top influencers related to a particular Twitter Hashtag or Twitter campaign and approach those influencers to work with us.

Build a social media campaign

The insights derived from the Historical hashtag dataset can help in defining the upcoming social media campaign. Finding the top-performing tweets, users, hashtags, media and URLs can help in streamlining the future social media campaigns.

Measure your Twitter Campaign

Measure the impact of your Twitter Hashtag campaign with the help of raw Twitter dataset and our useful insights. A Number of impressions generated by the hashtag, its reach, engagement rate and lots of other useful information is provided by our analytics which helps you measure the Twitter campaign's impact

Export and Download Twitter data

Download twitter data along with all the twitter historical search and twitter archive search. Export the data in evaporative CSV, Excel and JSON formats.

Download Tweets History

Download tweets related to any hashtag, keyword or event for any time period since the beginning of Twitter in 2006.