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Agencia Telling
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Contamos tu historia. Somos una agencia de #publicidad en Barcelona. Especialistas en #Marketing, #SocialMedia, #Diseño #MarketingDigital y #BrandDesign.
Lady Blintchik
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2 66 132
Anne Q
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I watch Friends over and over again. Britney fan. ❤🖤
Principle Wills
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Based in Leicestershire we offer a range of estate planning and estate administration services, we will work to protect your family first and then your assets.
Diyosa Ria 🌬
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Blogger. Social Media Consultant. Cook. Baker. Poker Enthusiast. #DiyosaLife.
Team FTW
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We Fight, We Win,For The Win #TeamFTW Fortnite Players,Deathrun Makers,Always Active 👌 Proud to Support The @storm
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Purity & Love🌹 New account😭
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know better do better || FC DINOS+261
jonny mac
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I read & I know things • Made of Kevlar • Autodidact • Multipotentialite • An acquired taste • Memento Mori.
Dune Fdkns
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Allrounder / Writer / Artist / Producer / Fighter / Father / Premier footy player / Coach / Promoter / Stylist / Sneakerhead / Social media / ex radio host /
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Too Goofy For You. Student of Chun KuK Do.
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David Wooram. Shin
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The Wealthy Trainer 💰💪
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Online Marketer 🎯 Personal Branding Specialist 🚀 Fitness Trainer 💪 Leader 😎 Speaker 🗣️ Partner at 🎓 #AskLalonde
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deep head
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LVN addresses network poverty by providing young people from deprived communities access to professional volunteers Change starts with conversation!
boosh hairdressing
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Mary, founder of Boosh
Shamim khanum
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Catherine Evans
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Wife, Mum, Therapist, Author and plenty more to keep me busy. Helping people to enjoy their lives
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To improve one day at a time. “If depressed you are living in the past. If anxious you are living in the future. If at peace you are living in the present.”
The King Breezy
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Lead Developer @ispacegh The toughest part of getting to the top of the ladder, is getting through the crowd at the bottom. Front End Developer||
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ダンスとサイクリングが好きです 。  【現在】ダンス/ジャズダンス/ベリーダンス/クロスバイク/コルナゴIMPACT(ホワイト)/ポタリング/サイクリング/フィアット500(レッド)/乗馬初心者/乗馬/馬術/テニス/バスケットボール/ピアノ/ヴァイオリン/ゴルフ/カメラ/α6000/
John Kamau
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Project management | Telecommunication | Power | Father.
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Half-white|half-black|max-digital• H10 king| IG| max_steel02 |aka's fan|
Andy VanDyke
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Online Marketer, Network Marketing Leader, Social Media Enthusiast and Crypto Fan. Passionate Scuba Diving Instructor who loves to travel the World
Lilian D.L 🎭
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#ProjectManagementProfessional #ManUnited ❤ Trust your instinct! If it ain't,making me money, making me better or making me happy,I ain't making time for it
Parzival Design Co.
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An avid promoter of @ExpandtheB #E32019 @E3 Get your favorite Merch from inspr_clothing_Co here!!
Louis Alejandro
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Lawyer, Human Rights Activist,Coordinator at Human Rights First Rwanda Association @StateIVLP 2018 alumna .
Kurt Strasser
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EMPOWERED LEADERSHIP 💡 Leadership & Executive Coaching 🎯 Branding & Culture Building 📊 Digital and data-driven Performance 🌍Global Growth Outlook
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Husband to be, Lawyer by day, Catholic by faith, Ijaw-Igbo
Leigh Pollard
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Little Scottish person who Sings and Acts • Rep by @FLP_MANAGEMENT • Sadly not related to Vicky • Liability • @ItaliaContiUK Grad18🌹
donna richards
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proud supporter of HUFC
17 298 5.07K
Dedicated to Motivating People around the world to be their best! #motivation #inspiration #lifecoaching #howtobesuccessful #success
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Proud Member of the @GOP. #SocialismKills @AOC and @BernieSanders are Frauds. RTs Doesn't Condone Support. Don't mistake it for weakness.
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John Christian
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President/CEO of CAPA The Global Education Network, tweeting regularly about study abroad, the field of international education and CAPA news and achievements.
James Vasanth
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Its All About Shoes Limited
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Inventor & entrepreneur of the Global Modular Shoe Patent 👠
ᴼᴴ ˢʰᶥᵗ ᶥᵗ'ˢ†Ponalo†
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A thoughtful citizen, Director , passionate Philanthropist and a positive thinker and Founder of MOOKEPO CONSTRUCTION AND PROJECTS CALL /WhatsApp 0786248433
Heslie Loots
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Serbay Sönmez
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Playing games for fun and work :)
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David Chambers
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Realist, mad and some times bad.....but always fun.
Stephen Richardson
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Father, extrovert, diabetic - none define me, all shape me
Elena Rodríguez
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Persiguiendo un sueño... Lo mejor está por vivir... Abogada en proceso... Por un mundo mejor 😍
Sylvia Ortiz
4 32 128
Runner, Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Motivation!
kevin amaral
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Power to the parrots! 18+ please, We parrots pull no punches! You list, I block. I'm Jinx, Spokesbird for We Parrots #ProChoice #1A #2A #5A #NRA #MAGA #Veteran
Robin Sacks
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Motivational Keynote Speaker 🎤 Author 📗 Success Mindset Coach 💯 Personal Branding Consultant 💪
ΞиcҺii 🥛
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General Manager for @OddityESC // DM or email for business enquiries. All Tweets are my own
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Professional Fortnite Player for @OddityESC | Powered By @Razer x @TeamRazer x @ZenoxAU x @TomahawkJerky
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flowers girl
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Chris Adams
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The things we wanna be Are scattered in the streets
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Civil Engineer.
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Argentino, Salteño - quiero a mi ciudad #SaltaLaLinda - Decepcionado por el cambio! #BocaMiPasion ⭐68
Michael Kosmas
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💼 Financier 🏘 Property Developer 📚 Author 🎙️Speaker : Click this link to get a free chapter of my bohttp://fromidea2income.comhyc
Facundo Nieva
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#Argentino más precisamente #Catamarqueño! #Militante Peronista #JP! #Estudiante de #Abogacía en #UNCA!
Jennifer Darnell
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Gugu Millie
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#RevokeArticle50 #StopBrexit #FBPE #FBR #Resist
4 23.61K 94.45K
#RevokeArticle50 #LendYourVote2Remain #CollaborationWorks #FBPE #FBRParty #VoteLabourGetBrexit #StopBrexitSaveBritain #StopTrumpSaveTheWorld #IAgreeWithOrwell
Run 4 the Love
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#runner #Running 12 marathons in 12 months in 2016. #marathoner #ultratraining
Audrey Arnold
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illy vish
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Writer Astrologer. Artist. Indigo. Rapper When Feel Like It. Host of the #SpiritualGangstaCertified #Podcast
Dieser Stein
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kaufsüchtige, arme sugar mummy mit armer Studentin und vielen Katzen #NichtOhneLiebe ⚽ #ImWithKap #faithful 🏈 #softballberlin 🥎
Get Fit Fitness
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Always in search of ideas that make the world better.
1 1 1 / We Are Freaks || Social Video, Podcasting, livestreaming
Lisbeth Farnum
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We must ban assault weapons, end Citizens United & sweep out DJT and his #CorruptCabinetCretins. We’re better than this, America.
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i love movies , movies and movies
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Your 'ordinary mum', trying to keep fit and inspire the next generation, including my daughter. Worry less , move more 💙
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Desde niña siempre me rodeaba de lápices y papel, todo cuanto estaba a mi alrededor lo quería dibujar y ahora... creo que sigo siendo niña.
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Kellanne Masterclasses
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Kellanne hosts Musical Theatre Masterclasses and Events for Professional Performers. Organised by @KellyEveritt & @LeanneEveritt
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Se que no puedo verte, pero te siento muy cerca mio.(01/12/2013) // De mi mejor amiga // Snap: Enzito46
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glitch in the matrix
Frank D.
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Pau Bossa i Bueso
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Mhairi Lake
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Kings ★★ Queens‎™
2 734 1.47K
Building a brand #iCulture #CLTRE
i refuse to be in a rage...
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fear based rhetoric is based on ignorance and fear of what is different and good for all!
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2 13 26
...And again,when GOD brings HIS Firstborn into The World, HE says, Let All GOD'S Angels Worship HIM...HEBREWS 1: #JesusJesusWalks ME @THE_777_LORD #SALVATION
FC Barcelona
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#ForçaBarça! 26x LaLiga 30x Copa del Rey 5x UEFA Champions League 🏆⚽️ by @pax93fcb
1 336 336
Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Showing the love of God to coaches & athletes in N/NW AL & helping them learn how to live an overcoming life as an Athlete
6 1.68K 10.07K
Highly driven and Destined to succeed. No Way Around It
Tamara Nava G
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Harriett Tubman
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Purcellville Bob
1 191 191
Devoted husband and father of 8, seeking Truth on the path of Light. Accountant, CFO, Consultant, Gardener, Carpenter, Painter, and LDS disciple of Christ.
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JëtlifeWørldWide✈️ #philippians413🇸🇻
Oscar GG
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#HipotecadosUVA #LeyEmergenciaUVA
Matthew Shack
1 395 395
Actor, Super Music Producer, Entrepreneur, Celebrity Interviewer and Journalist:
|Mawuse Vuvor | 🇬🇭🇧🇷🇳🇬|
1 4.45K 4.45K
|Still Discovering Myself |Tech Geek💻 | I stan @eminem & @ManUFC | Digital Marketer @ispacegh @unlockingwat @gbvafrica | Founder BigMouthIO|
Jeshika Ramchund
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Martín Pisello🇦🇷
1 11.08K 11.08K
En orden cronológico hijo, #Pisellista, hincha de #Talleres, abogado, padre de un chango fantástico y enamorado de #Catamarca Espero leas mí #TweeFijado
#SmallStreamersConnect RT
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We retweet everything #SmallStreamersConnect! The only requirement is to follow us! @SmallStreamersC
1 8.67K 8.67K
Online Marketer ⌨️Branding Strategist 🎭#askchrisshouse #genusity #brandingyouniversity
Bex The BritChick ™ 🇬🇧
1 7.78K 7.78K
#British #Expat livin' the dream in Nova Scotia. Run a Social Media Management Co @BritchickSocial. Fun loving #minicooper driver ❤ Instagram ~ BEXTHEBRITCHICK
Juanita Farrow, MBA
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#Author, #Entrepreneur, Business Coach/Strategic Planner, #Healthcare Consultant, #Inspirational #Speaker, #Radio Show Host.
The Unique United
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Our mission is to help children learn how to play basketball. We also want to help kids build bond and friendships.
Amanda Lamb (WRAL)
1 7.26K 7.26K
Crime Reporter @WRAL in Raleigh and author. "The universe is made up of stories, not atoms."
1 140 140
Asociacion de Padres de Personas con Sindrome de Down Villa Mercedes San Luis
Laura T. Lloyd
1 1.57K 1.57K
Who Else Wants to Increase Your Conversion Rates by 162.7% [SCRIPTS Included]
Godfrey Broomes
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Extremely proud African descendant, internationalist, Humanitarian, Product of the Windrush Pioneers, Pragmatic Socialist, Scared shitless about Climate change
Penetration Bot
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Trump has sucked balls since the 80's; probably even earlier. Didn't he go to an all-boys boarding school? Definitely tea-bagged at some point, definitely.
Pretty Brown Skin
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I LOVEEEE me some Chris Brown♥️♥️ Check ya OWN fam history & their HIDDEN secrets b4 ya judge others🧐
Tammy Blue
1 1.53K 1.53K
Chris Brown's Up Coming album #INDIGO drops in JUNE 2019. New Single Back To Love & WobbleUp Purchase & Stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc.
Mer Noely Barrientos
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Tengo un vicio incurable,un amor imposible y un sueño inalcanzable.
Rolando banks
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Oh ok
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Just an average guy trying to survive in life, be a good father to my son, be a good husband to my Wife and show our Goddaughter the right path in life.
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To be continued.....
Brandon Perkins
4 2.43K 9.71K
Black belt in karate. OCB competitor. Loves blondes & muscle/fit women. BIG fan of Rick & Morty, DragonBall Super, & Power Rangers.
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Happy 🤗 Slightly Strange 😜 Lover of Good Vibes ✨ Art 🎨 Photography 📸 Food & Wine 🍱🍷 Animals 🐙 Travel 🐲 Music 🎧 Movies 🎬 Having a Good Time😎
Sandi Ballard, Coach, Author, Speaker... BADASS
1 331 331
Helping people realize their BADASSNESS!! I teach people to stop with the blaming, excuses and bullshit! Face the fear and achieve the SUCCESS they desire.
2 2.53K 5.07K
Es twittert Y.Zwick und das Büro Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex @RNE_de; Impressum:
1 988 988
Best Animated Feature/Hazel Eye FF; Best Fx Design/FICOCC #13; Best Editing Nom/Austin Arthouse FF; Best Dir Nom/Creative Arts FF.
1 1.5K 1.5K
Award winning innovator in primary care and proud digital disrupter. Developed by GPs for GPs to meet 21st century patient demand.
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1 620 620
down to earth kinda brother.
Bruce A. Herron
1 242 242
New Glasgow & Halifax, Nova Scotia. North Rustico, PEI. Canada. Herron Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. Strait Way Kia & Mitsubishi
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1 153 153
#AgileAngers ce sont des RDV entre personnes pratiquant ou attirées par l'agilité à #Angers et en #Anjou (logo par @CindyDaupras)
𝐒𝐢𝐫 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐮 𝐘𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐦𝐚 🔴
6 9.49K 56.94K
Dad's replica.R.I.P SMAY♥ #FamilyOverEveryThing-MOM❤️ #MUSLIM★Al-jannah,إن شاءالله•i am bt a humble gator☺Economist/Pol-scientist•I stay lowkey #iamNorth
Mohamed Al Hadi
1 855 855
IT.Head Oman News Agency (ONA)
Chloe Paislee
1 4 4
2 501 1K
Intellectual Property and Information Technology lawyer, Arbitrator and ADR Specialist
Henry Urbina
1 2.13K 2.13K
Presentador de TV, actor, lic. en Relaciones Internacionales, postgrado en admon. de Proyectos, locutor.
1 76 76
The Advertising Business Group is a cross-industry association that is promoting ethical, responsible advertising across the Middle East region.
Sister X
1 74 74
I'm the one they don't talk about...
Sock’It Accessories
2 19 38
Put Some Fancy In Your Socks
Karan swamy
1 147 147
All gay sites are avaible here
Turie T Small Elementary School
2 270 540
Lord Devonshire
1 1.2K 1.2K
I became an insight bot
Cameron Robinson
1 563 563
Proud Principal @ Turie T. Small Elementary School, Doctoral Student @ Nova Southeastern University
Jim Jax Sports/News
1 48.06K 48.06K
Founder of For the Fan Podcast Network @forthefanpodnet Host of For the Fan Podcast; featured guest on ESPN, CBS radio/several podcasts & media outlet
Walter Morales
1 264 264
Dr. En Medicina con especialidad en Medicina familiar y comunitaria . Graduado Orgullosamente de la UES.
1 15 15
1 139 139
Paulo Dybala....@kaizerchiefs✌ and #LFC fan YWNWA🔻 ☝🇿🇦
‎⎊ i love tony stark 3000 and 1 ‎⎊
1 189 189
Manu Ginobili is better than anyone currently alive
1 97 97
Effektivt ledarskap i hälso- och sjukvården. Acceptus erbjuder interimschefer, projektledare och konsulter inom e-hälsa.
1 19 19
we are manufacturer and supplier of gym machines,spare parts and rubber coated dumbbells and plates.
1 204 204
Para comentar, vivir y respirar fútbol y a veces tenis, en el mundo no hay pinceles, para pintar tus colores. Madre, esposa, profesional, futbolera
Ricky Martin
2 0 0
lwhere words fail, music speakersl Instagram: Instagram. Com/ricky_martin
🦄 Gay Of Sunshine 🦄
1 1.29K 1.29K
She/they, #Creampuff, #Resistance, LIVE TWEETER, HABS, GAY, writer, feminist, flaming homosexual, How I got pregnant isn't your business 💯 NO DMS
Erica Porter
1 181 181
Bringing beauty to South Miami for more than 30 years. Salon•Movement•Body•Skin•Nails•Alternative•Cosmetics
1 3.06K 3.06K
AKA EndOfDicktatorDotard🌊GOPTax cuts 4rich- while cutting healthcare, SS & Medicaid & kids in tent cities! “Western women will save the world" Dalai Lama#
Hair Palace
1 55 55
Frank Ramirez
1 250 250
’19🎓 18🏴 MHS🐎 /🇲🇽|🇺🇸\
Robbin Burnett
1 63 63
Kaylaah Khan
1 204 204
Amy Stewart Hale
1 22.33K 22.33K
#Art is My Life-My Life is Art..I'm a visual #artist in #lasVegas #iBelieveIn #theResistance #weMatter #supportTheArts #rebelAllianceVerified
Drown Cesar 🦅
1 330 330
egocéntrico, dominante y arrogante.
1 332 332
Mike Chambers
1 132 132
#GeauxTigers #WhoDat #NRA #MAGA #2A 🇺🇸 🇮🇱
1 13.82K 13.82K
Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. #MAGA #RedPassion love memes
Garren Groom
1 157 157
1 1.09K 1.09K
t’es barge c'est une embuscade
1 232 232
D Moten
1 78 78
im EVERYTHING the Conservatives and GOP isn’t! We Shall Rise and Prosper on The Peoples Terms.. Not Putin’s! Fuck Trump!
1 97 97
#RussianHacking Gov Officials & Agencies Humanitarian Politics. Knowing I'm here to help where/when I can #Resistance #NotMyPresident #ImpeachTrump
Lady Patriot #200
1 28.94K 28.94K
Proud supporter of our fabulous POTUS! One of #TheMighty200 #MAGA
Erbay Tazegül
1 74 74
Hak Yol Islam
Hiphop Artist Signup
1 4.76K 4.76K
We’ve created an platform for unsigned artist only. We made it easy for unsigned Artist to get discovered & heard worldwide on our website & app. Signup today.
↬ Chanté Drew ༉‧₊˚✧
1 3.33K 3.33K
Have a big heart and stay weird 🖤 Co-owner @ Gotham Express LLC, witch, wife @azbiker72, and dog mama.
Heather Slade
1 683 683
Shaping Opinion - The Podcast
1 1.14K 1.14K
Weekly #podcast on people, events & things that shaped the way we think. Comms + History + Culture. All major podcast channels. Host: Tim O'Brien, @OBrienPR
Tosin Badeniyi,Ph.D
1 5.36K 5.36K
Professor, mentor, speaker, writer and most importantly a child of God 🙌
1 101 101
A small business selling mismatched fun socks to raise money for Sarcoma UK in memory of a much loved son.
1 677 677
Streamer PS4 Cod, Battlefield and more. Stream Friday,Saturday and Sunday.
1 521 521
Univ. Of South Florida Men’s Basketball Alumni 🏀 • 15 yr. Business Owner • Father of a Great Kid
1 788 788
acuariana ♒
Zuleika Miles
1 329 329
Pleased to accept +positive people.
Rubi Soniram
1 1.16K 1.16K
The run means freedom. It means pride. It means perseverance. It means victory. The run means everything. – Nicole Morton »
Reagan’s mom
2 213 425
Conservative, Stay Together, Trust the Plan, WWG1WGA, Trump knows everything and they never thought she would lose.
Charlie Creek 😎🏃
1 173 173
- Administrador 🧐 - Runner en dos equipos... 😎⚡ @runclubmexico y @tfrunners - Amante del Trance 🎶 y los Cómics 🤓 - Barista ☕ y enlace @muac_unam
1 2.39K 2.39K
Health, Fitness, Sports, Income Op, Mother, Twin, Cancer & Dermatomyositis Survivor, Ohio State Alumna, Kappa Delta #BreastImplantIllness
1 89 89
Former librarian, retired black belt, loves all things nature, Disney and Halloween.
R Mc
1 40 40
Lucas Leavitt
1 1.41K 1.41K
Assistant Principal at Sawyer MS | Husband and Father | School Innovation and #Edtech Addict | Life-Long Learner | College Bball/Fball Junkie
Kickz Beast
3 0 0
latest kickz on foot give us a follow....
Gomer Padong
1 450 450
igolot. social entrepreneurship. sustainable development. together 2030. posts are my own, re-tweets are not endorsements.
Nicole LH Vaughn
1 613 613
Area Representative & Women’s Ministry Director @nwalfca, Founder of Proven Path Ministries
1 910 910
Two sisters, one single in Hollywood, one a real housewife, tell stories of life, love, & pubic hair. A comedy talk podcast by Julianne Eggold & Joelle Kohn
Slammin' Flowerchild
1 1.17K 1.17K
Hello! I am Mincy, and I draw cute and angry girls, and random sexy things and butts! Please be aware of some of the 🔞 stuff i create!
1 558 558
Singer/Songwriter TAP THAT 💟▶️
1 12.64K 12.64K
#GodFirst #Trump2020 Want #Americans #United regardless of skin color &for immigrants to come in legally & join! Don’t read DMs Block Lists #TwitterIsHowIVent
Philip Shirley
1 3.6K 3.6K
Srishti Mishra
1 8 8
 अहं ब्रह्मास्मि
Phil Specs
1 2.08K 2.08K
Countrysinger | Songwriter | Producer | !!! 🔥PLASTIC LOVE ACOUSTIC 🔥 OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE !!!
laurie witcher
1 117 117
Loving Life and surfing the #bluewave💙
1 88 88
新築祝いで3m級のトーテムポール贈っても、笑って許してくれるようなお友達出来たらなと思い始めました。 好きなモノ #ダニーボイル #石田衣良 #アメリカ的なモノ 勉強として #ダウン症 #子育て 始めてみて1ヶ月、、どうやら子供のことが多そうです。たまに独り言。面白かったら❤️下さい、バカなこと言ってたら叱って下さい。
Proud American
1 12.04K 12.04K
Married to my best friend27yrs, 2wonderful Son's!I Luv God my family, friends,Our Republic! I support ourPolice,Military,Mr.PresidentTrump&Common Sense&⚖️🇺🇸🚂
1 569 569
naci, estudie y ahora estoy tratando de aprender
1 11 11
Mom to 3 grown men and soon to be nana. Mama to Ms Finnegan our princess and general adventurer
1 149 149
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke #StrongerTogether Complacency is today’s disease! #DoSomething
Her Majesty🌹
1 246 246
‏‏‏‏‏ Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum❤️
1 86 86
Retire USAF, Supporter of Constitution, POTUS45, and second amendment
1 397 397
have fun, be happy, YOLO
1 126 126
Family oriented, living my best life!
1 125 125
1 9 1 0
1 5.37K 5.37K
King Kamehameha
1 3.25K 3.25K
Host of the More Sauce #Podcast. Graduate of Georgia Southern University. Retired skateboarder. Click the following link.
1 1.21K 1.21K
Flourish Africa is a women empowerment movement designed to help women all over the world achieve their fullest potential and become what God created them to be
1 42 42
RIGHTEOUSNESS FROM GOD COMES Through Faith In JESUS CHRIST To ALL Who Believe...Romans 3:22 Live #GODSPEED #JesusTalksLive #RestOnSundays @HEAT_MANN #JesusWalks
Ben Ho
1 41 41
What is life? Life is all about love. Life is all about playing. And life is all about Puzzle & Dragons.
Paula Sullivan I'm made in🇺🇸By🇺🇸's⭐️⭐️⭐️
1 8.52K 8.52K
🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃 #Christian #Nationalist #MAGA #Conservative #ProLife #1A #2A #NRA #Military #BlueLivesMatter #KAG2020 #Constitution @GenFlynn TRAINS🚫PORN🚫
Mot Juste
1 2.52K 2.52K
No DM so rep your shit
1 7.64K 7.64K
Tha Universal Soldier. #ABN #HG REPPIN..MUSIC IZ MY LIFE...Tha Reign Continues !!! On A Net Near U
Jerney Streets
17 583 9.91K
I provide Fly Stupiddd shit to the 🌏
2 4 8
Youtuber- Dant CL
my philly media
1 2.25K 2.25K
Get Noticed Branding Specialist. Social media management, Content writing, PR services, Photo and Video production and editing.
DD Caballero
2 3 6
Hasta la Muerte💍Your Future Barber💈 Mom Life💕
🇺🇸❌Aunt Bee❌🇺🇸
1 7.12K 7.12K
#MAGA45 #KAG America will over come Democratic destruction! #PATRIOT Wife,mother,sister,aunt,American Jew! #USA #BuildTheWall #TRUMP2020
Wanderlei Oliveira
1 3.52K 3.52K
🇧🇷 Running since 1965 🌎
Norbert Rutasikwa CPA
1 1.17K 1.17K
9 lives. Forensic Accountant. Being happy is my weakness. Small talk avoider. Live each day at a time. Work hard, Stay humble, Dream big
Ricky Machel
1 1.74K 1.74K
Head Coach & Lecturer @acad_sc | Joint Owner & Founder SCA Portland | Sports Junkie | '09 Soccer Alum @belhavenblazers
El Sastre MX
1 370 370
Diseño Amateur de Indumentaria Deportiva✏ #HechoEnMéxico 🇲🇽
1 903 903
“Stack.💵 - Save.💰← Repeat.♻” #NewEraHustlers💰 • #SSU 🐯• IG: @ot5yungty
2 12.39K 24.79K
#Yoelegicorrer Ubícanos por el LOGO en: #IG @yoelegicorrer #FB: @yoelegicorrer Cuenta alterna: @loverunsmile
1 80 80
take what i want when i wanna
1 395 395
0427 ARABAKI ROCK FES 2019 0429 湯河原音泉歌謡祭 @ 湯河原観光会館 0501 FEVER 10th anniversary / TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET presents〜THREE ROOMS
1 4.57K 4.57K
#RESIST Computational thinker, not a bot. Global adventurer on two wheels. Animal lover. RESIST FASCISM! #TrumpCrimeFamily
Christian Marquez
1 976 976
Fanático de extrema derecha
Ela 💫
1 761 761
Carlos 🌊
1 1.08K 1.08K
What you allow is what will continue. #lxD #UX #Environment #FatherTo3 #PressFreedom #Art #CatOwner #Agnostic #MyPics #Humor 🍻 🇪🇺🇳🇱🇵🇹 👉🇺🇸 #Resist✊
Sheila Reynolds
1 48 48
ex-goalie but still a keeper who's really good with direction until it comes to my life's
Chantal Vigus
1 131 131
Online marketing specialist and futures groupie.
Angie Ryan Rees
1 257 257
Love all the people
3 541 1.62K
But I don't know you, and I don't remember you...
Ella corre
2 1.76K 3.51K
Running since 2011. Marathoner x 8. Corriendo desde 2011, 8 veces maratonista.
RAG Social ツ♥☕
1 10.12K 10.12K
Working with SME's to optimise #socialmedia growth, reputation & thrive with measurable results | 1:1 | In-House Training ~ email 😘🔥❤️#RAGSocial
Paul Gene Tweed
1 2.62K 2.62K
52 Freelance Videographer/Archaeologist. Single, Male,
Hot Dudes Good Mood
1 210 210
'Your life doesn’t take a day off. Why are you letting your goals do so ?' ~ Matt Ross - Anna Nogueira 🇫🇷🇵🇹 Find me on Instagram : @hotdudes_goodmood
Juan perez
1 129 129
Nico #80.957
1 1.35K 1.35K
Si usted me conoce y cree que no puedo ser más idiota, se sorprenderá. *Diyei de oficina+
Ezequiel Rodriguez
1 17 17
flash 😱💙,buscando mi propósito en esta vida,barovero ídolo 😄👌
1 22.23K 22.23K
You can take the boy out of Jersey. In L.A., Veteran, Equal Rights includes everyone. Block #MAGAturds No DM's #NOLISTS! #TrumpColluded #ITMFA #PRU
Paul Marr
1 1.75K 1.75K
Agnostic Liberal, Science and Tech enthusiast, news junkie, proud geek, PC Gamer and overenthusiastic Retweeter! Generally optimistic. Dreams of being a writer.
1 255 255
MUFC|Proteas|GSW|Music|Movies|DC & Marvel|Analyst|TV Series Junkie|Muslim|
Jade Sand
1 26 26
2 104 205
#dadpreneur and #affiliatemarketer showing you the #1 way to make money online :) Follow this simple process for success
Suru Group Ltd
1 88 88
2 1.56K 3.11K
Motivamos e incentivamos a ejercitarse. Creemos en la comunidad🏃‍♂️🧗🏽‍♂️🚴🏾‍♂️🏊🏽‍♂️ #teinvitoacorrer porque #corrersana
Prolific Microfinance Bank
1 5 5
PROLIFIC MFB is a specialized bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and under the supervisory purview of the CBN. Defined by size,
3 3.92K 11.76K
Suru Homes Ltd
1 206 206
1 7 7
Nonprofit: Sturdy Wings ™ - Carrying our communities on the wings of hope! - Established - © 2019
1 7 7
Materials Scientist | Sustainability Expert | Investor | Innovator | Mentor
Ayo Ajiboye
1 150 150
A Brand Consultant, A member of John Maxwell Team , A Clinical Research Consultant and most importantly a Jesus lover empowered to equip others for the lord.
1 1 1
Ignite is a God centered environment where people connect, grow and get inspired while loving God, loving people and fulfilling purpose.
Christine V. Smith
1 310 310
Schulcz Patrik
1 47 47
Annika Davidsson
1 1.57K 1.57K
Mamma Maka Dotter Syster Leg. Sjuksköterska Ledare Entusiastisk Optimist som gillar meningsfulla möten
1 607 607
IG/SKYPE/Snapchat: Opelash #cancer.... #Halamadrid...#UIalumnus
Indio Princess
1 320 320
Cin 🌈
1 795 795
1 153 153
Respect people's privacy bless up thank u
1 50 50
Maman trentenaire du plu bo petit garçon du monde... Bon délire et zen
eye in the sky
1 1.52K 1.52K
Former FPI Financial Planner of the year & Former World Champion Half Ironman. Working on getting current again! Present = #TVcommentator #FinancialPlanner
Jacki Wilson #FBPE
1 801 801
broadcaster, writer, radiophile and multilingual Europhile, shouts at the laptop screen a lot, will never EVER give up on the European project ...
1 10 10
Katharine Hoare
1 629 629
Working at education for the masses and experimenting with new ways for everybody to engage in creative heritage learning @britishmuseum All views my own.
Marion Douglas
1 1.3K 1.3K
Writer, Producer, Social Critic.. Making the most out of what I got even when what I got ain't a lot.
1 329 329
Gamer,moron,owner of 2 rescue cats,watch collector as well.
Miki Vox
1 35 35
I teach singers how to develop their technique, posture, breathing and style, with an emphasis on passion, precision & freedom.
1 228 228
#DigitalMarketing #PersonalMarketing #Coaching #Vocational #Career #HumanResources for #Productivity #life | Check Our Website
1 10 10
Nnenda Favour Hart
1 1.2K 1.2K
Possessor of Heaven and Earth. Federal Prosecutor!!! IG: @nigerdeltaheritage
Kate Kelland
1 913 913
Archaeologist turned museum educator (mainly of the little 'uns but also sometimes of the adult ones).
3 747 2.24K
Alhamdulillah Rabbil alamin U will get everything only if u don't give up... Volleyball player. Simple but Complicated M£
Business Man
1 667 667
‏‏مهتم بمتابعة كل جديد في عالم المال
Scout Rose #FBPE
1 1.72K 1.72K
"Noun. Remoaner. A Remainer; One who complains about or rejects the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union."
1 2.55K 2.55K
Do not go gentle into that good night. #FBPE #ABTV
Diana MH
1 1.55K 1.55K
Interpreter/translator, teacher, mum, friend. Hates injustice in any form. Loves life!
Tess Strellnauer
1 257 257
directora @ANJUFFChile, probablemente el 85% de lo que publique va a ser fútbol femenino. Hija de Bello #NosotrasJugamos
Portia Ndhlovu
1 362 362
A city girl with an old soul , village roots and a global mind.......
Tammy Brown 6642
1 17 17
Chris Brown Fan #Teambreezy Love his music.
1 376 376
Footballer : ICT Expert CEO of @foreignwhipsit
Modesto Melendez
1 13 13
I am fully committed to providing my clients with the highest level of customer service as I guide them through the process of selling or buying a new home.
Denver Outlaws Dancers
1 2.05K 2.05K
Professional Dance Team for the 2018 Major League Lacrosse Champion Denver Outlaws Lacrosse Team. 🧡🖤
1 10.07K 10.07K
Son of God,Gospel Singer,Inspirational and Motivational Writer,Social Media Manager,Digital Marketer. Ijaw King #IjawTwitterCommunity #IjawTwitter
Higher, Further, Faster
1 169 169
Bob Leeds
1 829 829
Not everyone's cup of tea!
😎Te'Lario Watkins😎
1 3.31K 3.31K
💵I teach business owners how to generate leads online and Brand themselves using social media.💻📱 #AskTeLario #success
Grimchild of Gorgoroth
1 6 6
28/Dude-guy-mate/Definitely not a crab/too many interests to list
Fini Marcó
1 4.34K 4.34K
Gerente de Brand Communications en @Nike. Marketing👩🏻‍💻Views my own.
1 11.04K 11.04K
Loving my country and all the wonderful folks who are resisting the crooks and company currently in our WH!
1 14.95K 14.95K
MAGA KAG Stop The Bias Support the NRA support president Trump all the way. BUILD the WALL
Komal Mistry
1 3 3
almo 🇺🇸 #io19
1 3.24K 3.24K
Computer Engineer 👨‍💻 working at Google Cloud DevRel Program. ACM, IEEE & Computer Society. Stop Making Sense. 🏃🏼
1 279 279
1 462 462
Abogado. Derecho penal y amparo 🦉. exUO. Amigo, enamorado, corredor 🏃🏻‍♂️, trotador, biker 🏍. ¡Gracias por estar siempre ahí! ♒️♓️ 🇲🇽
1 3.43K 3.43K
strength and Honor, truth is our friend, Regan conservative, # build the wall, # no libtards, # no illegal Mexicans, # no Muslims. #MAGA !
Anette Cederberg
1 1.25K 1.25K
Deeply engaged in transformational leadership #digitalisation @ #ehealth for effective #healthcare MBA Henley CEO Acceptus Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor Alumni
1 753 753
Proud dad to 2 girls, a cat and a dog. Mimi's grandad 😍. Married to a Transylvanian 🦇Fan of LFC & The Imps. Hates right wing politics & media. No2Brexit #FBPE
The AP Blogger
1 66 66
The Angry Political Blogger
1 356 356
❤️All We Need is Love / 🇩🇴DOMINICANO / ♻️Lo Real Permanece / 🏀Basket/ 🚩Escogidista / La Voluntad de Dios.. No te llevara donde su Gracia No te Proteja..🙏🏽
Father Jack McFilthy Unhelpful #FBPE #PeoplesVote
2 2.12K 4.23K
Extreme language, encourages extreme views, encourages extreme actions, just to clarify, don’t be an extremist. 🇪🇺Y🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿E🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿S🇪🇺
Ethan Hermann
1 92 92
this is my slice of life twitter, folks
Ankit Jain
1 11 11
FrontEnd Geek
Geoff Carrotte #tixerB #FBPE
1 3.98K 3.98K
Engelsman🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿en trotse Amsterdammer. Disenfranchised🇬🇧, 🇪🇺citizen living in 🇳🇱since 1990. Heel goed ingeburgerd. 2 Anglo-Dutch kids. Vegan.🏏⚽️🏉🐶♊️
1 3K 3K
#FBPE | Citoyenne Française 🇫🇷😀🇪🇺👍 LibDem Draftswoman Remoaner #EUcitizenschampion
Ebonique Amazon
2 184 368
I love life! I love fitness! I love living outside of the box! I love being me!
1 89 89
onesti mcmurray ♡
1 14 14
i dOnT KnOw HoW tO WoRk tWiTtER.
1 7 7
Simon Dean
1 18 18
michael j stubbs, esq.
1 358 358
early childhood development, juvenile justice, restorative justice, anti-recidivism, racial justice, employment, access to opportunities
1 510 510
Writing. Poetry. Graphics. Web Design. Guitars. Music.
Vern Sanders
2 18.13K 36.26K
pro #musician has #expertise in #music #ministry #worship #leadership #consultant especially 4 church musicians & worship leaders; also #wine; erstwhile blogger
1 314 314
Denver Outlaws Dancer 🧡
Artificial Human
1 162 162
#Gaming |#BrandPromoter |#Tech & #Gadgets | #Photography | #Innovation #Geek |#Music |#DigitalMarketing|#DigitalArt
1 521 521
tom j deters
2 661 1.32K
I am blessed. Truly wanting to positively affect all those I come into contact with. I wish you peace & balance on your path.
Texas Southern University
1 14.38K 14.38K
The official Twitter account of Texas Southern University: the leading producer of degrees awarded to black professionals in the state of Texas. #TSUProud #TXSU
Victoria Ippolito
2 429 858
Actress. Three Words: Mind Over Matter
Phil Tomlin #FBPE #WATON
1 2.84K 2.84K
Loves Food Hates Waste, European, Boro fan, mountain walker, rail enthusiast and risk taker. All views are my own.
1 1.71K 1.71K
Author of Dawn of the Zodiacs: Firefly and Remnants
Michael Kildee
3 41 123
Great Aunt Augusta #FBPE #FPHD lover of milkshakes
1 3.37K 3.37K
Elderly and undignified. Prone to Tourette's so no under 18s. Using the twilight years to make the UK and the USA fit for my loved ones. Anti Brexit. Anti Trump
lilroaringmouse🌎 🌊🐱🐶🐾🌻🏜🐳🐦🌲🏔
1 91 91
"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight." Albert Schweitzer;;. . . And then do what you can to do something about it. 🌤️
Shashank Jain
1 89 89
Changing the way people stay away from home @oyorooms || Ex @snapdeal || Ex @tallysolutions
adamisalambNewEyes 👁🖤💚
1 2.13K 2.13K
I Bert therefore I am. #NeverMyPresident #TheResistance #NastyWoman #StillWithHer #NeverthelessShePersisted #KamalaHarris2020 #ImpeachTheMotherfucker
Carlsbad Market
1 175 175
Visit our friendly, neighborhood ranch market. We have in-season, locally-grown produce, salad bar, home-made salsa & guacamole, Julian pies & local goodies.
Allison Moss
1 1.47K 1.47K
5th generation Californian. Retired lawyer, (McGeorge, 1984). Ranching in WA State. Daughter of John Moss, (Congressman from 3d CA 52-'78) FOIA author.
1 18.37K 18.37K
🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️Compassion moves GOD's heart ♥️#Jesus (Yeshua) ♥️Family ⭐️⭐️Cut thru the BS - Speak the Truth ⭐️⭐️#Trump #MAGA #WeThePeople #Qanon ♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸
LOS 🦄🌨
1 122 122
Sports, primarly basketball🏀, football 🏈, and MMA🥊,science🔬 and Tech 📱 being outdoors🎣, cars 🚗 , eating ass🍽Popping a cold one with the boyzz
🇺🇸ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕠𝕥⭐️⭐️⭐️ℚ 𝕋𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕙🇺🇸
1 44.45K 44.45K
If we lose freedom here, there’s nowhere to escape. #GOD #CCOT🙏🏻#America1st #MAGA #KAG #1A #2A #Q #MILITARY #RTR
1 16 16
1 509 509
#WFB #OneLove #Untamed of the #Colville tribe living on Puyallup rez (better known as #Tacoma😙) #WeShallRemain 1/4 of @teamnatives 🌿🍀🌿
1 12 12
Family, Love, Kindness, Humor, Inspiration, Positivity & Flowers ☀️🌈🌼🌸🌺🌟❤️
1 16 16
John Irving
1 286 286
brian wood
17 1.52K 25.82K
design 2 inspire
Aurora Miranda Leão
9 677 6.09K
Jornalista, Mestre em Comunicação, Atriz. Especialista em Audiovisual, documentarista e radialista.
Tall Mammals
1 187 187
1 756 756
Chief Cook/Swiss American/Mom/Mama of a brilliant daughter and a son that’s a Commercial Pilot #ProudParents #Resist #Impeach45 🕉 Blocked by Jacob Wohl 😎
W. Glenn Gulledge
1 5.75K 5.75K
Luv America/detest Fascists & Marxists...#MakeAmericaAmericaAgain #AntiTrump #JESUS #AnimalRescue #Drummer
1 626 626
#Gashead #footballindex #kickthetoriesout
1 46 46
1 4.2K 4.2K
World first revolutionary new Australian product Microskin will not rub off, is waterproof, allows the skin to breathe and sweat, and can last up several days.
Grove City PO
1 366 366
Grove City Premium Outlets is western Pennsylvania's premiere shopping destination with over 130 of the hottest brand name stores.
Geostomp X
1 1.59K 1.59K
General black dork disgusted with the rampant corruption of the GOP.
1 3.54K 3.54K
#Entrepreneur Program for #HighSchoolStudents ~ #youngentrepreneur #teenstartup #teenentrepreneur #youthstartup 🚀 700+ #Founders • 175+ #Startups
silvia Maidorn
1 1.54K 1.54K
Rachid Abbach
1 440 440
Freelance engineer/ entrepreneur/Director of Operations .....I love a good witch hunt as long as it’s aimed at agent orange 🇪🇺🇳🇱🇲🇦🇺🇸 #Resist #Resistance
Miles Thurston
1 12.82K 12.82K
IT Consultant helping FS Advisers integrate technology. My family & I live in Arundel. I’m a runner, geotagging coffee drinker & functioning dyslexic. h+ 改善
1 12 12
Don Bahash PA
1 114 114
Licensed real estate sales associate and REALTOR® with Nardi Realty specializing in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida.
Kevin Wilson
1 478 478
PR Consultant | Content Marketing | Writer | Social Media | Co-founder @RoyalArmyBrand
#RockTheVote 🇺🇸WFB
1 4.31K 4.31K
#ShihTzus are FUN! #AdoptDontShop We belong to @TeamNatives serving #MotherEarth🌐 🌊 ▶Fans of any #loyalfollowers photo credit 📷 @RetiredRatchet
Shayne 
1 654 654
Indian, Hobby Photographer & Food blogger based in Saudi Arabia. Politics & World Affairs as it pleases, etc etc. Neutral Spectator #MUFC
2 1.37K 2.75K
4 Octave International Classic BJ&G Vocalist- Producer Of WebTV Program 8 Track Mind, #Americana #Blues #Jazz #Educator, #Songwriter #radio #Independent #Mentor
Clarence Bowe CBD
1 2.07K 2.07K
Do you want to #live a #healthier #lifestyle ? Now you can using #CBD products. Come Join us. CLICK below 🔽🔽
ClarenceBowe CBD
1 3.05K 3.05K
Do you want to #live a #healthier #lifestyle ? Now you can using #CBD products. Come Join us. CLICK below 🔽🔽
1 49 49
Sports Handicapper & Investor CashApp: $ProfitablePlays (Tips Appreciated) #PlaysThatPay
1 7 7
Mike-Tigre Plateado
1 1 1
I am a mixed martial Artists. My stand up game is muay thai and ground game is in Traditional jujitsu.
4 24.37K 97.61K
#American #Conservative #Capitalist #Christian #Patriot 4 @potus #Trump to #MAGA #KAG put #AmericaFirst #SecureOurBorder #BuildTheWall save #1A #2A! #Trump2020
1 903 903
Professor de Geografia - NÃO VAI TER GOLPE!!
Nneka Njoku
1 1.1K 1.1K
Doctor~~Minder of Her Business.
Vivek Ananth
1 389 389
A reluctant chartered accountant, who ran away from corporate life and became a journalist. This is a personal account. @writtenback is for work and stories
1 651 651
The Dude abides | #Resist 👊🏽 Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies, Tongue tied and twisted just an Earthbound misfit. Desert Storm Vet / US Army MP
1 41 41
Born Again: John 3:1-21. Proud Native Texan. Stands for the National Anthem. Constitutional Conservative. A Deplorable.
Louisiana ⚜️ Boy
3 10.98K 32.93K
You laughed at my tweet, came here, read this and still ain’t go follow me.... rude!
Susan Handley
1 1.73K 1.73K
Resistor #FBR 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊Democracy is worth fighting for. Banana Republicans will be blocked because I have no time for traitors. I block lists and those who add
Ambrose Goode
1 1.49K 1.49K
Mubarak Gololo
1 50 50
Islam. *live by principle* *Team no lefe* *Exploitation and Exploration* Redefining the Geological settings of the Nation #LivingLegend
1 173 173
Social entrepreneur | one brick at a time | I'm focused & I'm not finished|
Liz Van Savage
1 2.89K 2.89K
Wife and Momma to 3 teens. Tulane Mom 🌊💚 Louisiana living ⚜️ Faith, coffee and running 🏃🏼‍♀️ Half Fanatics 17814 🌚🌚🌚
Kyle Mowrer
1 113 113
1 2.08K 2.08K
1 604 604
Patriotic American Citizen, I love President Trump because he loves USA. MAGA! ❤️🇺🇸Followed by Educating Liberals @Education4Libs and #IAMLOOMER
1 137 137
vale miadosqui
2 181 362
todo el mundo es extraño y maravilloso para unas pupilas bien abiertas 💫
1 4 4
1 18 18
Media joint delivering high-level content with a punch. Specialize in 2 things: SCREAM FOR ATTENTION skip the narrative, sell the vibe. LONG FORM LOYALTY story.
1 696 696
一歳の子供がいる母です👶👶 懸賞はじめました! 商品はTwitter&Instagramにて投稿します。皆さん色々教えてください💕💕💕💕 Androidなのでもしかしたら通知がいくかもしれません。了承願います🙇🙇🙇
🔥 Natalie Palombi 🔥
1 40.31K 40.31K
#BodyPositive Business & Wellness Guide, Badass, #CatMom 🐱🐱 Helping YOU Reach Your Goals ☺️; Teaching U How To Be #Unapologetic & #Fearless 💝 #BurnTheBoats
Bode Muse
1 155 155
Edupreneur @ Social Cohesion Advocate & Programs Designer, Stanford CPD Innovation & Entreprenuership, Hive Global Leaders Alumnus
1 862 862
27. Twan. Veteran. 🇭🇹🌹 Snapchat/IG - PoundThis
Destination Rehab
1 26 26
Adventure and community based physical therapy rehab for individuals with neurologic conditions. We build confidence & independence through real world training.
Vanessa Gustman
1 3 3
We can date here😚
Elisa All Schmitz
1 16.97K 16.97K
Award-winning entrepreneur, founder @30Seconds, founder iParenting, acquired by Disney. Inspire and be inspired by joining our #30Seconds community of writers!
Bukar Bn Shawai
1 159 159
🎓Biochemist||GAMER🎮||Military fanatic👨🏼‍✈️|| ‘Small Boy with Big Dreams🙏🏽🙏🏽’
✞ .jᵃyLen $HON. ♚
2 904 1.81K
𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔡𝔬𝔪 𝔬𝔣 𝔊𝔬𝔡 𝔦𝔰 𝔴𝔦𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫 𝔶𝔬𝔲 #GodIsAmazing #PRAY
Brittany Charnley
1 757 757
OC Mom Blog - SoCal Family Entertainment, Reviews, Events, Giveaways, #DisneyMom | #ToddlerMom |
1 1.29K 1.29K
7777 33 66 3 66 88 3 33 7777 find your purpose.
IPM Model Management
1 2.74K 2.74K
IPM Models specializing in curvy healthy models for print, television & runway. Representing Plus Size, Dress 8-20 Height 5”8-6”0.
Nancy Johnson Horn
1 34.92K 34.92K
Mother of 3. #insulin4all 13 y.o. son has #type1diabetes. Lifestyle + Recipe Blogger Latest post:
❌ Dont TreadOnMe ❌
1 23.57K 23.57K
🇺🇸#MAGA #CQRF 🇺🇸 When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another..
1 17 17
▲ ▲ ▲ Chan Old-fag 💩poster, ~🤡🏳️‍🌈🇸🇰🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴‍☠️#Brexit Leaver, Tradesman dealing in rare #Pepe 🐸
Kymyonna 💗
1 21.51K 21.51K
📚Founder of Build Your Financial Empire LLC, Motivational Speaker 🎙,Entrepreneur, Forex Trader, Book Worm, Vlogger, 🔮Meditator, & Mentor🧘🏽‍♀️9/14/16💍♋️&♍️
Emiliya Lane
1 328 328
Russian born artist. Plein Air oil painter. Impressionist. Educator.
Rack City
1 76 76
Luis Dancheff
1 1.74K 1.74K
Hace mas de 30 años tratando de hacer comunicación. Hoy radio en La Cien Punto Uno @lacienpuntouno. También tele en @canal9comodoro
1 140 140
Spaced Invaders is the greatest movie of all time. Live 4 Dallas Stars hockey and art by Fabio Napoleoni.
Ajala Sosman🆘
1 652 652
✴Software Enthusiast ✴Python Web Developer ✴Voyager ✴Military Minded ✴Cats & Big Cats ✴Ex^Sports كل شيء فيالوقت المناسب ☆☆Gentleman☆☆ Founder @TheAfricanLad
1 8.91K 8.91K
The worlds my oyster and I'm its Aphrodisiac! Big Brother Africa #TheChase 'Emerald Housemate'
˗ˏˋ FrəɐkOut⚡ ˎˊ˗
1 276 276
Not anti-social, just not user friendly.
Thomas Haire
1 1.14K 1.14K
Husband. Dad. Journalist. Co-founder, @DefinitiveMG. In-season columnist, @ThePeristyle. SoCal native. Massachusetts transplant. Known ranter. @USC '94.
king of zamunda
1 825 825
oppinionated, Fc Bayern❤️❤️
dandelion women
1 4.98K 4.98K
Woman Supporting Women, Fashion, Beauty, and Health Tips. #POSHMARK store: Melissa Northway
Douglas Garcia
1 53 53
Proud husband, Proud father, Concert junkie, Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avs.
Aida Ingram
1 9.32K 9.32K
Mom & Wife #Writer Who❤️'s #Jesus #Tech #Cooking #Travel #Movies #Food #Books #HealthyLiving #Organics #Fashion #Fitness
Chris Michals
1 89 89
Director of Pitching @playballdirect - General Manager @il_dodgers - Creator of #ACESacademy - Pitching Coordinator @illinoisindians
1 71 71
Music has the power to inform, enrich, and transform lives while connecting people and communities throughout the world.
Starizzle 🇨🇲
1 679 679
insta: asap_mizzle whatsapp:😒 snapchat:starizzle #zzlefamily #ouloulougang #teamlakers #teambarça #teammessi #team237 #92i
Victor R. Sandoval 🐯
3 173 515
I move forward the only direction cant be scared to fail Search and perfection but don't be mad at him when he's on to the next one 😏11:11 #VicEats 🖤
1 19.84K 19.84K
5X Cert Executive Resume Writer, Forbes Top 100 Career Website, Executive Resume Writer, Branding Strategist, Career Consultant, Coffee Lover, Happy to meet you
Leo Tolboom
1 170 170
1 6.07K 6.07K
Well educated! Hard Working! Don't take things for granted! Good life must be earned! Common sense Reagan #Trump #Conservative Love our country! #MAGA #KAG
Niamh McDaid
1 622 622
Principle Financial Services
1 35 35
Based in Leicestershire and covering the East Midlands, Principle Financial Services is a whole of the market, independent financial consultancy.
1 4.16K 4.16K
University of Essex Banking and Finance Graduate ; Business Development Specialist; Free Spirit 😊
1 465 465
MoPal. 💒💕 Vivir por AMOR ISFD 101💪
Sarah Domenech-Perez
1 1.17K 1.17K
PR pro, journalist, blogger, Puerto Rican, wife, mother of Kai & Toby, food, travel, movies, Disney fanatic & #LatinSnowWhite. These are my personal thoughts.
AkureHowFar #OndoLawa
1 981 981
The Sunshine State🌅 Ondo Socket📡 Akure Plug🔌
Jeannie Sadler
1 598 598
🌊🌊🌊💙🇺🇸💙 There is hope and America will rise January 3, 2019. Democrats will have checks and balances and begin restoring democracy.
1 18.38K 18.38K
God bless America.🇺🇸♥️married.⭐️ Political correctness is deadly. Pro second amendment! Red pilled!📌#MAGA
Earlham Institute
1 10.36K 10.36K
We are a genomics and bioinformatics Institute focused on plant, animal and microbial research: Decoding living systems.
1 4.35K 4.35K
PrayerWarrior Worship Singer Pianist CitizenJournalist Mom2 5 Shdwbnd LoveYeshua &45 ReadyHis Bride #ClearGenFlynn #Justice4JA #Pray4Prisoners #PersecutedChurch
1 184 184
USMC. Republican Retired
Jesutobi Official
1 251 251
Estate Surveyor 🏘🏡 Manchester United ⚽ Better Nigeria 🇳🇬 must start with me....
Jake Thomason
1 315 315
Writer/Producer: RockyV/Unbound/ Clockwork/ Underground/ The Funk/ Former Engineer, Concert Sound Technition, Stunt Person, Massachusetts Born Oct 27'♏💫..
Texas T 🌟 🌟 🌟 MAGA 🇺🇸
1 2.31K 2.31K
God! Family! Country! Female but Not a Feminist! Ephesians 6:11: "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."
Marcus G. Taylor
1 1K 1K
It's The Brown-Eyed Soul Man...Gotta Get That Soul
Filippo Tortu
1 6.6K 6.6K
• Italian sprinter 🇮🇹 • #Fastweb_spa • #Nike🏃🏻 • #Toyota_italia 🚙
Luan Jacobs
1 1.27K 1.27K
#Actor #SouthAfrican #nomad #writer #producer #director #gymnast #wallflower #multipotentialite #dreamer #hiker
Maria Lucia Caspani 🆙
1 2.76K 2.76K
Chi vuol fare sul serio qualcosa trova una strada, gli altri una scusa {proverbio africano} Avisina. Press Manager. Ufficiale Gentiluoma
Alejandra Inzunza
1 292 292
Sally Mae
1 1.11K 1.11K
Texan Conservative, Love President Trump, 2A
1 2 2
Founded by @kathyannsaleem - Tafari Thompson Designs is focused on creating jewelry with intention & empowering women.
Made In Kano
1 1.83K 1.83K
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم.
1 985 985
Rabbir hamhuma kama Rabba yaani sagheera😘 MAMA💜### RIJF Superman 💙 17-05-2018💔
Doc Holliday
1 8.59K 8.59K
Dad, coach. I’m a liberal conservative . I believe what I believe. Not what people tell me to believe. #NoFilter #NotPc #AmericaFirst🇺🇸🇺🇸#MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸
1 325 325
☄joueur de ♇FA⚽
Sergey Minaev
1 25.7K 25.7K
Professor of pediatric surgery #sminaev #SurgTweeting #pediatric #surgery #healthtech #digitalhealth #ILookLikeASurgeon #Health
1 339 339
👍✊✌🤙 Just trying to pursue the dream while dealing with my own mental demons. Also on Instagram. #stayfocusedstaypositive #Fightdepression
Hajaambi Kangara
1 2.88K 2.88K
nature, romance and inspirational poet; social playwright; strategy consultant. I love nature & admire creative genius.
Kelly Everitt
1 2.07K 2.07K
AGENT & DIRECTOR @KelEAssociates SINGER @theparrotldn @HiltonHotels @pizzajazzclub @606club West End/Tours/GuestEnt DIRECTOR @kellannedance MT Masterclasses
Killian 18
2 1 2
bóng đá của chúng tôi và bóng đá
Jen says impeach now
1 1.56K 1.56K
Mom,feminist, endtimes pundit, weekend wino, and outrage consultant. #Resist now and until the GOP as we know it is done💥
1 7.8K 7.8K
a common sense voice
1 713 713
W European w. values, morals, standards, ethics! Environmental, global views! Against racism, bigotry! Immigrants made America! Other species need protections!
GUYOT Vincent
1 7.85K 7.85K
#céréalier dans le nord de l'#Aisne, #betteraves, #pois, #colza. Expérimentateur en techniques alternatives et non labour. #FrAgTw @passioncereales @Agridemain
Cynthia Click
1 67 67
Falling in love is like jumping off a tall building your head tells you idiot your going to die but your heart tells you don't worry pretty girl you can fly
1 2.83K 2.83K
1 27 27
❣️❣️❣️ Only sex ❣️❣️❣️
1 610 610
"The thing is you can’t freeze time & you can never really go back cause it's never the same. So soak it up & make some memories" -@Kaskade ↠ #KaskadeKonnect ↞
Matthew "The Lonewolf" Escalera
1 141 141
The Shack System MMA Fight Team
SG Six Trails
1 2 2
2 5.91K 11.83K
Helping you to be a trendsetter hairstyles, haircut , hair color, hairstylist, makeup
Nathan Hale Track/CC
1 52 52
Official Track & Field/Cross Country Twitter for Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, OK | #WeAreRangers #GoRangers #RangerNation
India Pope
1 56 56
I am a license Real Estate Agent (Realtor) in Maryland, DC and Virginia (DMV). I love my Family, God,Real Estate, Fashion, Travels, Music and Life 🥰
Amy Yates
1 31 31
Mum, avid reader, Senior Procurement Manager at @WHHNHS and student of CIPS
Simen Øigarden
1 0 0
Paolo Cuomo
1 10.4K 10.4K
Consultant in the #insurance and #insurtech space; co-convener of @instech_london - the Insurance Innovation Hub. (Comments are my own) #InsTech #London
Charisma Molotov #TeamPelosi
1 15.17K 15.17K
Minister Plenipotentiary of Twitter. Retired history teacher & AcaDeca coach. Volunteering in Dem campaigns. Organizing 🌊 #TheResistance #TeamPelosi
1 2.63K 2.63K
vegetarian, tree hugger, church goer, mom, small biz owner. Living blue in a red state. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
Talent Begins
1 6.96K 6.96K
The official Twitter for Talent Begins 📷 Social network platform for all Talents & Models - Launching Soon!
Harehatch Coe
1 5.02K 5.02K
Wife, Mom, Grandmother, Retired. Defender of Democracy🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #VoteBluetoSaveAmerica
Renato Boldetti
1 20.08K 20.08K
Computer Engineering student #Business #Money #Income
1 577 577
Young lad looking for fun and maybe meet if close😏 I’m a Vers top 💦 HMU if u want my Snapchat to talk more 👅
peque charles 👨🏻‍⚕️
1 2.38K 2.38K
Huarpe made in #SanJuan. Médico Veterinario. 🇦🇷🇮🇹
1 85 85
domenico fors
1 933 933
4 1.56K 6.24K… #resist
William Uchtman
1 12.3K 12.3K
Author, Writer, Humorist, Paranormal Historian, Jedi Knight - If you read my sites or short stories, Let me know if you like them...
Marek Stryjkowski
1 12 12
Alexandr Shulgin
2 2 4
Фотограф, художник, дизайнер, путешественник, сварщик, электрик, мечтатель, диабетик!
1 10 10
let me be your brown sugar
1 54 54
Aerospace Engineer, Audio Recording Engineer, Musician, Screenwriter, Novelist, War Combat Veteran, Foodie.
Mica Rosales
1 308 308
Con esfuerzo y perseverancia podrás alcanzar tus metas💪 / Carpe Diem 🌸
1 1.43K 1.43K
im Glück 🍀 🇩🇪 🇮🇱 🇺🇸
Swastika Sah
1 389 389
●♡Nepali♡● UT'22
Casti Salinas
3 58 174
3Triplet mommy 3 Wife 3 Only Daughter 3 Entrepreneur 3 Optimist 3 Purse junkie 3 Bargain shopper 3 Baker 3 Karaoke champ 3 Danceaholic 3
Hannington Mutungi
1 43.08K 43.08K
We are interested in helping people who want to change their lives. Live Every Moment, Laugh Everyday, Love Beyond words
Startup Feeds
1 3.62K 3.62K
Startups at 1 place.! I retweet original tweets and @TechCrunch news only 🤖 by @pax93fcb
1 39 39
1 85 85
1 179 179
Mans just here init. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇭 Insta: MrLoonan
FUTURES Foundation
1 2.06K 2.06K
Eric Contreras 🦅 Champions
1 204 204
2 7.76K 15.52K
Things i want to do in 20s ; #soloBackpack , #camping , #moneyManagement , #financialFreedom
Alvis Ambrose
1 3.98K 3.98K
“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”― George Bernard Shaw.
Distinct Words 😙🇺🇸
1 34.14K 34.14K
👉🏻Twitter is NOT a dating service!👈🏻 #MAGA #ArmyVeteran #MomOfMarine #ChiariMalformation
Sekeni Queen clothing
1 7 7
We sell new and old popular brand names secondhand clothing at reasonable prices. Cell no. +27658955992 Email:
Kristie F. Gauthreaux
1 509 509
Max Blardone
1 5.99K 5.99K
FACEBOOK: Max Blardone ufficiale INSTAGRAM: maxblardone
Megan Dunce
1 3 3
We can meet here😉
Nicola Purcell
1 7 7
Michel Vega
1 184 184
Si no fuese cubano pagaria por serlo.
Kevin Evans
1 755 755
Connecticut Republican Donald Trump supporter, We ARE Making America Great Again NOW!!!! #MAGANOW, #MAGA #trump2020
Heather Kikkert
1 3.77K 3.77K
#ProudIndependent Calling all politicians: You swore to represent ALL Americans, not just big business & the 1%; DO YOUR JOB #Resist #Snowflakes=#BlueAvalanche
1 46 46
Personal and group trainer. Bootcamps, Cross Training, Aerobic Boxing. Ex Military, Order of Australia Medal, Diploma of Fitness.
1 374 374
Meine Eltern erzogen mich zur Ehrlichkeit, Rechtschaffenheit, Nächstenliebe, Güte usw. - heute merke ich, sie haben mich nicht auf das Leben vorbereitet.
TuskBot - the Walrus of Justice
2 632 1.26K
The little bot that speaks more truth than all the MAGAts put together
Michael Galindo
1 17.36K 17.36K
Strike and Roll, the mixed martial arts and cardio retail company.
Paula Sullivan
1 40 40
Nontu2ko Xaba
1 1.1K 1.1K
I am only just a sinner who's saved by Grace🙏.
bruce krapohl
1 1.55K 1.55K
TheGrandfather, News junkie, No party line, no constituents, no donors,.Just an honest opinion.
The Dreaming Captain
1 581 581
Mom, Daughter, Entrepreneur, Policy Advocate, Passionate about Aviation & all things Accounts Finance
1 24 24
I'm married to a very nice lady! I have hobbies and friends. I like animals and plants. I'm self sustained and growing!
Allan Beveridge
1 36.01K 36.01K
I have been involved in, taught and written about personal, spiritual and awareness development for over 40 years. My goal to assist those who seek...
TESSARO Dominique
1 299 299
DSI de VINCI Energies #CIO #KENDO #vincienergies #IoT #SAP
1 2.93K 2.93K
Frying Fun Is Our Serious Business...😜 and 3FFF is meant 3Triple Fun guaranteed if you have a digestion problem, please stay away... #justfryingfun...😜😂🤣
1 2 2
Average Joes Gym Ltd
1 4.76K 4.76K
Follow us for free training & exercise tips + offers on cheap gym membership & Supplements.
Just Tess
1 696 696
#AvidReader, #baker, #Mom, #Liberal. Obviously. Also, sarcasm is my second language. Obviously. #resist #TakeItBack #LongIslandGirl
2 14 28
Nyfoudis Nikos
1 1.29K 1.29K
Restauranteur, Political Activist, Political Scientist, Founder of The Life Goddess. Author: Mr EU and his fellowship, Mr EU - the Volunteer.
McGill Media
1 26.19K 26.19K
Transform your life today! at McGill Media with @BryantMcGill & @JenniMcGill_ of @SimpleReminders ✮ 12+ Million Followers ✆ (310) 486-9494
Greg Taylor
2 247 494
Heather Hawkins
1 109 109
Helping aspiring personal brands turn radical authenticity into insane visibility.
Krisztina Reményi
1 85 85
Joshua Kissi
1 38.84K 38.84K
Creative Director & Photographer • Finding ways to tell stories • Co-founder of @TONL @StreetEtiquette -- Contact :
Sofiya Ballin
1 7.32K 7.32K
Yes,Ballin is my real last name.🇯🇲 Michelle Obama & Cardi B's love child. @huffpost Formerly:@phillyinquirer Creator:@blkuntold @electricladyphl
chulo. 🏁
1 5.26K 5.26K
Art Director / Designer @AtlanticRecords + @TrapKaraoke
1 283 283
@Coco_McCall 's Husband 🇺🇸 x 🇳🇬 James 1• In the pursuit of God 💼 Art #CreativeDirector of Meritgoodness🖌 #handlettering #murals #design
The Black Shep Gordon
1 4.71K 4.71K
I Don’t Rap •
Luke Beard
1 12.94K 12.94K
Building @exposure, design at @voyage and @mintatl board member. Photographer, dyslexic, cycling Atlanta enthusiast.
Kara Temple
1 6 6
Captain, sailor, novice mechanic, fun seeker
1 529 529
your Friendly neighborhood photographer
1 32 32
Vivir la vida como el SEÑOR manda..Es mas sencilla y bella que vivirla aferrada al mundo!!
Ishrath Vali
1 576 576
You don’t need religion to have morals.If you can’t determine right from wrong,then you lack empathy, not religion 🇮🇳A proud Indian Muslim
Adventure India
1 1.8K 1.8K
Our crafted trips and tour plans for you and your friends
1 53 53
Jason Harrison
1 685 685
Fitness, race, policy—usually not in that order.
The Real Antwan
1 12 12
just a young guy trying to make it.. i do it for them. iG:TheReal_Antwann SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE! just click ⬇️
Ishtarmuz dale west
1 3.33K 3.33K
I am that I am or is it that I am that I am not? Sum Ergo Dubito.
Three Gabi Mami
1 135 135
Love God, Love People ❤✌🏾
Maison de services au public de DUCOS
1 79 79
Espace #numérique, en accès libre ou accompagné, pour effectuer les #démarchesadministratives en ligne
that nigga luese
1 1.48K 1.48K
[I contradict myself a lot] Me & my thoughts. I tweet for myself. If you can't decipher jokes and sarcasm, enjoy getting mad. @bykhnde @whoisluese
🍫 SweetyNigga 🥓
1 720 720
Young, Wild and Free ❕ ♉😈👽🦄 💅📖🖌 💲💣👑🐽🐇🌹💰💯 🍟🍕🍿💞 🚻
Kojo 'Terry' Oppong
1 1.36K 1.36K
#bizdev 🇬🇭 + 🇧🇼 + 🇺🇸
1 362 362
Ig: @morganleeart_
Espíritu Maya
1 141 141
Luchador Profesional. Catch me doing lucha things throughout the Midwest.
Hassan AlBalushi
1 244 244
Better Call ----
1 227 227
doing the most.
Laurie Gehrt MBA RN-BC FACHE
1 842 842
#PopHealth Advisory Leadership @Cerner Seasoned Healthcare Executive and Consultant. Avid Sporting Fan! Tweets are my own.
Bri Evans
1 150 150
strategist //
1 470 470
All I care about is the Cubs, Hawks, NY Giants, and the Bulls. instagram: sarabellllum
1 1.31K 1.31K
A baby boy
NikoRodri ⚙️
1 269 269
Creative Content Producer - Co-Founder @marroncreatives
osman a.
1 781 781
social media strategist
1 693 693
only one way to go and thats UP Presenter|Screen Writer|MC Show Host : SAT LEVEL UP 05H00 - 08H00 am every saturday 90.9 THE ROCK FM
1 945 945
I meditate to Afrobeats
1 2 2
philosophy, music, games, and all forms of art. consciousness does make cowards of us all.
Anakin Noire, MBA. 🇺🇬
1 975 975
a maker of things, made by the Maker of all things. Head of Social @impossiblefoods. co-founder @marroncreatives. Sz 10 Sneakers. (my tweets)
1 2.79K 2.79K
1 478 478
🇬🇭 I know nothing -- always trying to learn something. 1L.
Yaa Boatemaa Ohene-B
1 1.45K 1.45K
Lord Sean of House Archibong 🦁
1 316 316
Sean Archibong BBA Marketing Texas A&M Corpus Christi Photographer📷/ Blessed to be with @crissyp812 ♥️
1 1.7K 1.7K
I only know Pen and Paper|💍
Mr ™P
1 143 143
Computer scientist,Aviator , ..... HRF.....P's Legacy. #teamgooner #teamnadal #arsenal
Courtney Leigh
1 932 932
Tall Girl❤Creator 👗 Gamer 🎮Writer📝Fitness💪Positivity🌟 Occasionally human 👽💀
2 1.11K 2.23K
Greatness is what we on the brink of
1 2.61K 2.61K
(Na-ta-lay-ja) 💐 culture reporter / past @mic @bet📍creator @Hearts_Converse @BrooklynRecess • Jamaican food historian. • Native New Yawker.
love yo self. ✨
1 46.37K 46.37K
@MTVNEWS columnist. Author of "Keep It 100: daily affirmations for millennials who are tired of being called millennials.” Cop that:
1 585 585
Photographer IG: delarosa_jr
1 60 60
sport & ability
🇬🇭 #AtlasArcher
1 9.48K 9.48K
#scholarship slayer 💸 #solotravel sage ✈️ #HalfricanAmerican on a 🌍 tour.$lenubienne
Jelle de Jong
1 44 44
mostly raw food lifestyle blogger
Merria Winston Woods
1 105 105
Sara Gama
1 10.33K 10.33K
Difensore dell'Italia @vivoazzurro e della @juventusfc. Consigliera federale FIGC. Atleta @nikefootball
Susy Stark 🐺
1 5.28K 5.28K
Comics|Music|Books|Tv Shows|Fino Alla Fine @juventusfc | @vivalaparrilla is my smol bean ❤|Disegno cose ✏️ COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN
Lucas Frink
1 257 257
Motivational Speaker | Success Coach | 📩 #TheBossExponent 📽 YouTube Channel
#sitdown @Ninja #BeHumble
1 199 199
Shut the fuck up lil bitch. be Humble ya punk @Ninja
Oochie Mic
1 798 798
I write and manage social media. My tweets look better than me and that isn't self-deprecation, that's a testament to my TL
1 3.76K 3.76K
#Maga #AmericaFirst #Indeed #Catholic #Potus45 #BuildTheDamnWallNow #KAG #GodFamilyCountry No Lists
Monica Romeo
1 3.55K 3.55K
Studentessa. Ancora alla ricerca della sua dimensione e fermamente decisa a trovarla. Parlo poco, scrivo molto, penso troppo, e sogno... in #BlackAndWhite. ⚪️⚫️
Jill Wilson
1 3 3
Giulϟ ★☆★ ③⑦
1 3.41K 3.41K
#Juve | #DelPiero | #ADP10 | #Özil | #OITNB | Ho una serie infinita di crush | Unica fede @juventusfc | FINO ALLA FINE ⚪️ 37 ⚫️
Jenny Powers
1 11 11
Speaker & Author of Empowered: The Woman's Guide to Following Your Heart. Visionary. Trailblazer. Game Changer. Woman Always Following Her Heart.
1 329 329
Music Fiend, Self-Confessed Lover Of Great Music. Dilla x MJ Changed My Life. Say Word?
1 654 654
I'll introduce you to music you didn't know exists
Spring Grrl
1 146 146
Staunch and proud liberal, writer, teacher, dog lover, increasingly fearful for Mother Earth, our Home. No lists. Self-Promoters will be blocked.
Josh Bite
1 6 6
1 62 62
UCLA Alumnus and Resistance Fighter
1 125 125
You Just Feel What You Wanna To Feel.🕊
1 46.18K 46.18K
sportsultima is here to bring you the most exciting and innovative sporting products from the largest sporting brands on the planet
Success With Jai
2 521 1.04K
Are Struggling getting started in Real Estate? Are you tired of spending money on these #Fake Gurus. My name is Jai Thompson Partner with me for your 1st Deal.
rasoi e dentifricio; 🌻
1 619 619
home we smash them
Doris Nyango
1 77 77
believe the only way to live a fruitful life, is to love those around you, and respect yourself no matter what. the rest is history. Love VIP travel.
Jaimi Erickson
1 3.82K 3.82K
#SAHM, #WAHM, #homeschooling, #milspouse, #blogger @ The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide, #faith, #naturallifestyle, encourager of #moms.
Audra James
1 15.9K 15.9K
NY Mom 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Helps Part Time #NetworkMarketers & #AffiliateMarketers get more #leads & #sales for their #HomeBiz! 🙂 FREE training
James William Clark
1 99 99
General News Gov Officials & Agencies Government & Politics Science Science & Technology Space Technology & Science
1 681 681
Geoinformatics & Surveying Engineer |MUFC | Simple Man | Eng. Bae | Proudly Zimbabwean | Mukomana wekuNzimbe
1 1.66K 1.66K
somewhere between multi-hyphenate + creative
Work With Lalonde 💸
1 69.04K 69.04K
Online Marketer 🎯 Personal Branding Specialist 🚀 Fitness Trainer 💪 Leader 😎 Speaker 🗣️ Partner at 🎓 #AskLalonde
1 3.97K 3.97K
Montreal's Premiere Luxury Magazine! We have millions of affluent readers! ◆ IG: ◆ BLOG: ◆
1 191 191
No presto atención
1 12 12
A girl with big dreams in her closet, nobody knows about them, and no one will know. Well, it happens.
Mark Thomas
1 64 64
Transformation Manager @econsult_thinks Views and opinions are certainly mine and mine alone.
Russell Gray
1 15 15
Co-Host, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show
Annie Ortiz Gross 💚
1 597 597
Ojalá me pagaran por ver series | Feminista • Cancer • Comunicologa de profesión • Bailarina por pasión • Futbol |
1 389 389
Amber Nash
1 521 521
Positivity, Love, Light, and CBD 💗
Joan Shorter
1 11 11
We can date here😘
1 3.13K 3.13K
God is my Creative Director | IG @bybuku
1 327 327
Call Saul
1 400 400
All what you need in one single place... Person! #ScreenPrinting #NeonSigns #WebDesign #OnlineMarketing, #SocialMediaMarketing, #GraphicDesign in #LosAngeles
1 224 224
Earning royalty income from projects you crowdfund is now truly possible. Learn about how you can make lifetime royalties from crowdfunding projects you support
1 1.56K 1.56K
Για τη διαμόρφωση μιας κοινής μεταρρυθμιστικής ατζέντας της Κεντροαριστεράς.
Yogi Yongsoo Lee
1 69 69
Nike shoes on her feet make my love complete.
Milagros Naites
1 18 18
Hincha de Messi #RR⚽️
1 3.35K 3.35K
Living life like it’s a queer Nora Ephron movie ✨ I make .gifs .jpgs and .movs ✨ used to do things @giphy
Yes Europe
1 538 538
Για τη Δημοκρατική αλλαγή της Ευρώπης.
1 948 948
Online journal on critical discourses on politics and new media.
Cynthia Dixon
1 1.71K 1.71K
Child of the 60's; Jr-Sr, AF brat, political junkie-wordsmith-philomath, liberal. Texylvanian. Get back w/your MAGA sh*t! Blue Dot #AFSCME #TheResistance #MeToo
Athens Network ΑΘΗΝΑ
1 499 499
Δίκτυο «Αθήνα» για τη Δημοκρατική Προοδευτική Παράταξη
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Διεπιστημονική ερευνητική ομάδα για την Τεχνολογική, Οικονομική και Στρατηγική Ανάλυση της Κοινωνίας της Πληροφορίας
Rita Gimson
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We can meet here😘
Κίνηση για την Ανανέωση
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Η Κίνηση για την «Ανανέωση» είναι ένα δίκτυο ιδεών και αξιών μέσα στο χώρο της κεντροαριστεράς.
City Gear Clocktower
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11282 W. Florissant Ave. Suite 1282 314-721-7653 Mon-Sat 11-8 Sun 12-6
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this is all yours
Nikki Nicholson
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Find me here😈
Jamilla Okubo
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Mixed Media Artist - Illustrator- Surface Pattern Designer DC Native ⚡ Plant-based mami
John Kissinger | Professional. Smart. Mouth.
1 712 712
Educational #Voiceover-ist & #eLearning Audio Evangelist. Got learners to teach, ideas to spread, or an audience to inspire? I’ll make it easy for ya.
Linda Corscadden
2 445 891
President - #BossBabe
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central ‘22
Ruby Addington
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Find me here🙈
Jerry St Aubin
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1 16 16
Solo la música calma mi dolor . . . !!!
Anna Bella Loren *AylaForTrump2
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💯💥 #NODM 💥#NODATES💥 💯#ImOnlyHereForTrump 💯💥#ISupportTrump #1A #2A💥 #MAGA 💥 #Vets 💥 #KAG 🔥@AylaForTrump 🔥#NOLIBERALZONE🔥
⚽ ️kehinde 🇳🇬
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Islam... Arsenal... I Believe!.. Born 11/12
Let's Save our Republic!
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Mom, Patriot. Proud conservative. Pray for our President's success and his family's protection! God Bless America!
Judy Murphy
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Find me here😍
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| 💃💜💄🐶👨‍👩‍👧💸💪👟 | snap: luli_parisi
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Promoviendo kilómetros, amor y sonrisas. #YoElegíCorrer Contacto @blackboxstar y @timijaguar
karlito p.
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sometimes my tweets hit, sometimes they don’t || 🇭🇹|| content creator || digital marketing + sustainability specialist
Marc M. Lalonde 💰💪
1 66.61K 66.61K
Online Marketer 🎯 Personal Branding Specialist 🚀 Fitness Trainer 💪 Leader 😎 Speaker 🗣️ Partner at 🎓 #AskLalonde
Becky Finch
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Find me here😈
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— the game is gonna test you, never fold.
Sara Cristy
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#Actress | Software #Engineer | #Mocap Performer | #Voiceover artist | #Geek with an artistic side | Know Thyself
Douglas Gardham
1 125.4K 125.4K
Author of the new novel The Musician. Sequel to my bestselling novel The Actor, the Globe called a "David Lynch-like thriller" and The Drive In.
U Work 4 Utah
2 1.43K 2.85K
A *super* pac! Friend to a patriot🇺🇸 in any party, enemy of Putin and the Яэрцыфсаи Раятч. Striking fear in the heart of Jason Chaffetz since 2017.
1 1.44K 1.44K
-Zulu Just living and stuff.
Lauren Hernandez
1 2.43K 2.43K
1 890 890
Christian 1st. Conservative. Navy Vet. DD982. Small Pharm rep and associate Nazarene Pastor. Best wife & great kids. All 4 Him! I block solicitors.
1 29 29
i love different arts and crafts activities. it gives me the feeling of accomplishment. try it, you'll be surprised just how creative you can be.
Daniel Deming
1 247 247
Michigan raised Living the Dream in San Diego. SDSU Alumni. Husband, Father, Sneaker Head, Foodie, Sports Fanatic, Traveler, & Dog Lover.
Benjamin fisher
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A happy #runner who enjoys finding new races and doing new experiences like travelling to new destinations. also like western #horse riding @orion_harriers
Julieta tomasini
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Craig Like The List
1 240 240
I joined the Twitter. I like figure skating and rhythmic and artistic gymnastics. I R/T about politics. He/him.
1 3.95K 3.95K
Showing Support for Marcelo Claure CEO of the year 2018
Ryan Zammit
1 1.46K 1.46K
changing peoples lives, step by step and living a Diamond life together
1 2.27K 2.27K
I'm a mf Scorpio, what that tell you? Please...nah fuck that. DO NOT dm me your lame ass music. BYE! TJC🤩
Steven Mensh
1 303 303
FT Collins CO; San Antonio Texas, Miami, Santa Cruz CA, Sudbury Ont, DC.
Ποτάμι Θεσσαλονίκη
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1 4.53K 4.53K
Diverse Stock Photography -- Diversity Leads to Innovation - to represent the world we live in. Site RELAUNCH APRIL 15TH!! //
Brandon M. Humphreys
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I’m a wizard; I write stuff (fiction, non-fiction, poems, music) and you let it into your head. Poof! Magic!
1 35 35
EJHS🏀🏀🏈- Mavs fan for life- There will never be a better show than The Office.@swish41#Gigem # Hookem #MFFL
stella owen
1 1.07K 1.07K
Farmers wife and daughter. Mum of two. Aberystwyth graduate. NFU Cymru County Adviser SE Wales. Personal twitter account #mybeliefs #myfamily #myfarming
Axalir greeting cards
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BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL GREETINGS ASSORTED CARDS for all occasions Follow me on Instagram: @axalir
Jason (Black Panther & Captain Marvel)
1 797 797
Marvel |Anime|Manga|Comics|Black he/him🌈|Black Panther stan| I love FILM. instagram: onepiecefan350 snapchat: onepiecefan350
Kanittha’s Crafts
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Handmade crafts. FF and RT each other 🛒 IG : kanitthas_crafts
Debbie Walker
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Doing what needs to get done, so you get to be the lead in your own life!!! Tweets are TOTS my own... xx/oo
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Sneakerhead Chicks wearing Air Max Kicks and Air Jordans
Emmie Johnson
1 2.49K 2.49K
Mother. Wife. Business owner. Zealous harmonizer. FOTP.
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CASSIUS is a lifestyle platform that delivers bold, smart and insightful content for men on a mission.
Diane Hamilton
1 386 386
Wife, mom, corporate escapee, cofounder @BFormations makers of @BFHomeInventory, pro-everylife from womb to tomb, ♡ 2 explore and promise to speak my mind.#RVA
2 21 42
Passion of spreading Motivation for Natural Fitness without Supplements & Drugs
Ellen Lindsey
1 225 225
Presidium Member @IFMSEI African Region, Administrative Coordinator&Board Director @YREGhana, Communication Officer @YagGhana ,Youth Champion @CitizensReport_
1 62 62
1 5 5
Chinese British gaymer
Sabela Roca Paz
1 732 732
“E se non hai vento, bogar” Estudante de Medicina na USC ⚽️⚽️
3 741 2.24K
1 71 71
لدي قلب جميل جدا••• الراحة في jannatul firdaus أمي
John Lowery
1 101.24K 101.24K
Internet Marketer, Author, Sales & Networking Pro, Dad, Social Media Marketer, Blogger, Stand Up Paddle Surfer, Musician, and investor in Stocks & Bitcoin.
Nallis Benito
2 412 824
✞ Deus é meu tudo. Independiente santa fe🦁🇮🇩 Mercadeo y Publicidad.✨
Ganyobi Odartey
1 1.55K 1.55K
Travel Junkie | Filmmaker | Photographer | Owner @rampcafeteria | Curator: CarPark OpenAir Cinema
Moni Stark
1 471 471
Sometimes social introvert
1 405 405
absent but forever present
1 3.08K 3.08K
1640 main street, springfield ma 01103 Tel : 413-739-8383 Store carries Nike Jordan BBC Ice cream Dope Play cloth and much more
1 1.84K 1.84K
A wolf leading wolves. 🇬🇭 (Deleted at 4.5M)
Kahuna Flooring
1 1.19K 1.19K
All styles of carpets, laminates, LVT, sheet vinyls & real wood flooring | Supply & fitting service | Free quotes
1 3.05K 3.05K
Girl Raised In The South! God, Family and Country! 🇺🇸 #IStandWithTrump #MAGA 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
1 897 897
Coffeeholic| Hopeless Romantic | In Pursuit of Greatness|
1 578 578
#NichtmeineKanzlerin #NoGrüne #DerIslamgehörtnichtzuDeutschland
1 295 295
1 444 444
insta: @tlatsi | check out my YT 👇🏿
Luca Colucci
1 1.68K 1.68K
Hakan Koçak
1 28.57K 28.57K
Music Is The Answer : Electro & Progressive House , Progressive Trance ◻ @Besiktas ⬛
1 191 191
you'd be surprised #TheResistance #WhereAreTheGirls #Resist
Iconic #P1.Ent Friend of Jesus
1 793 793
#MorethanLifeItself #Iconic lecturer, author & motivational speaker. contact-
Fantastic Race Sydne
1 12 12
An interactive, clue-based adventure game, or as we like to say “a scavenger hunt on steroids” ... BUT the best and most unique way to discover Sydney.
Glen Flowers
1 57 57
Bienboricua 🇵🇷
1 616 616
Retired first responder for 35 years. support resistance, LGBT, NO DMs
Eric Omuro
2 18.75K 37.5K
With adversity comes self perception and the opportunity for greater rewards. twitter marketing. let's connect:
Chris Rickard
1 398 398
Space Science/Brain Science/physical science/chakra science geek/Stargazer
James Mangwiro
1 2.65K 2.65K
#Loves nature&sports. #WellnessChampion #Mvura Country Village Development Founding Vice-Secretary #Passionate Learner #mufc #realmadridfc #HoodNiggaz263
1 250 250
Rita Benissan
1 610 610
Thea Clarke
1 8.47K 8.47K
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."-George Orwell...No List! Resistance is not futile! Follow back resister.
Dr. Jerri Mc
1 3.22K 3.22K
✌️☮️🦋#unionized #TheResistance #NotmyPresident #BLM 🌎🌍🌏 #Prof, #HumanRights, #Onomastics #ClimateAction #FBR #impeachtheMFer Break every chain...
1 5 5
2 0 0
#NTVRealSA #NTVForYouthByYouth
Donte Maurice
1 5.54K 5.54K
young portrait photographer.... my instagram is kind a cool too, @dontemaurice
sistren b.
1 1.96K 1.96K
🥑vegan, mental health advocate, freelance petite model and aspiring lawyer ✨💌 Business Inquiries: #BLACKLIVESMATTER
1 2.88K 2.88K
creative. living to make His name known 🙏🏾
Rida kennedy
1 1.5K 1.5K
RN by day. Novelist, poet and short-story writer by night. And as a rape survivor, please grab my pussy and see what your insides look like on the outside:)
1 276 276
Storyteller with Portrait & Street Photography, Soul addict. Une photo sans message, c est une balle sans impact!
Seager Beans 🐶💗🍔
1 467 467
I bite. I hump. I string bean it. I am Seager Beans. Cattle dog mix. Rescued. Previously @norwoodsworld human is @CRC_Debi
1 319 319
FlashBanc provides cloud-based electronic payments and social marketing software services to thousands of small, medium and large businesses.
Nike Uoc
2 0 0
Dream Crazy. #JustDoIt
1 299 299
glow like dat
2 0 0
D Brighella
1 98 98
#3Ddesigner B2B, #R&D, news addicted. fully stressed, #London lover. #StayTrue
Mac Edwards
1 8 8
1 916 916
A FGC Veteran, Streamer, Indie Game Supporter Proud Single Father & Passionate Gamer Follow IG@onlinetony213 For Business:
Saskia De Jonge
1 165 165
Change architect / Coach / L&D specialist/ HR generalist - zaakvoerster De Jonge HR & Change Consulting
Martha Oldman
1 10 10
We can meet here😚
1 281 281
Are you tired of being in a rut? There IS a way out! I am a #successful online marketer AND a new mom!! Follow along for some hilarious times😀
1 325 325
nb (fo/nem),(lesbian),20. Apoetic mess. ofglen in gilead. MFA in bullshitting. always high. ~Assata taught me~
Marcus Arman
1 1.33K 1.33K
just trying to help @nike.
1 463 463
Est. 98 | Law student | a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes 🦋 Rather have my nose in a book than in someone's BS
1 165 165
NIKEBOYZ influencers of the street culture.We Love Nike&Wear Nike nothing Else. *NOT AFFILIATED WITH NIKE we just love it too much* #NIKEBOYZ #NIKEGIRLZ
Darryl Winston
1 4.26K 4.26K
Founder/Pastor of GreaterWorks Ministrires, Husband, Father, Author,Activist,Community Developer
1 69 69
La vida es impredecible y controlarla es solo una ilusión 🤓
1 41 41
Ashley Roh
1 0 0
Pediatric resident. My tweets=my thoughts.
Lehumo Thelele Maimela
1 1.15K 1.15K
Affordable Discounthealthcare
1 150 150
Seeking God...#discountedhealthcare activist saving families money one household at a time!
Sagal ✨
1 53 53
“The patient will be given a reward without measure.”
1 46 46
当たったら幸せ〜〜🎯 かわいいものも美味しいものもスポーツも楽しいこと全部好きです❣️懸賞も🧐🧐
Joshua G.
1 3.13K 3.13K
a creative luminary strategically shaping stories through lifestyle, commercial photography and brand identity design. I’m funny 3/5 tweets lol
Magnus Rode
1 733 733
Manager In-House Applications @calanbau tweets about Enterprise 2.0, Wikis (#Atlassian #Confluence), Working Out Loud (#WOL), Software-Development, CAD, #CL
1 116 116
/ Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? / photography, writing & music / wubba lubba dub dub /♻/🌈/ / she / her /
Alex Ng'ang'a
1 1.64K 1.64K
Mar Ψ
1 2.05K 2.05K
Amor, alegría y cerveza fría. 💚
Dezi Koster
1 673 673
Life Force Energy Healer, Divine Gift, Inspiring Speaker & Visionary
Ricardo Reis
1 84 84
Músico. Publicitário. Fotógrafo. Amor pelo meu Brazil. 🇧🇷
Jorge Rivera
1 3.32K 3.32K
Musician booking gigs in NYC area!
Luis Magaña
1 172 172
Husband & Father • Truth & Knowledge • Growth & Gratitude...KEEP WORKING
Success Online 247
1 170 170
The top marketers know the incredible power of a high-converting, 'targeted' sales funnel. SuccessOnline247 com
BeanTree Schools
1 95 95
BeanTree Learning is NoVA’s premier private school for Infants thru 2nd grade with Summer & Holiday Camps for children from 6 to 14.
Biodun Adeyanju
1 887 887
PASTOR; CHAMPION'S CHURCH;where the teaching of God's word produces the miraculous! Join us @1forchampions
1 2.6K 2.6K
1 298 298
Princess Nev👸🏽 • June 27 • VState22 ______Prayer, Patience, Positivity & Peace______ Support my YouTube and go subscribe ⍗ ⍗ Snap:nevy_k IG:n3vy_celeste
2 818 1.64K
Leader in #vocational & #highered. One of the largest #education providers of #TAFE in Victoria. RTO: 0416 CRICOS: 00012G
Hg Sports Degrees
1 762 762
@holmesglen Australia's most industry engaged Sports Media & Sport Business Degrees / RTO: 0416 CRICOS: 00012G
1 472 472
Dzolalian™|Web Developer|Graphic Designer|Chelseafun|fxTrader|Photographer →
Michael G Velazquez
1 33.22K 33.22K
Big Dream Chaser ... Ruckus Maker ... Committed to making a positive, meaningful difference for children living with cancer ... ALWAYS ... God Bless ... 🇵🇷
ellyse edwards
1 92 92
o’s softball 22’
C Hines
1 122 122
Our/Your Lives Matter
1 3.26K 3.26K
Retweets may signal agreement, or they may not. Likes my change, opinions change. I try to take pics not learned to edit. Perhaps I may NoPorn orDM Jeff Simpson
The NFF Mobile #NFFMobile
2 127 254
#nffmobile Live matches, scores, breaking news, exclusive interviews, highlights from within & across the globe on the go!
Redneck Irrigation
1 61 61
simplified irrigation systems for the do it yourselfers. born and raised in Michigan and hoping to spread across the nation like a rainstorm.
Witt's World
1 161 161
Witt's World is my life experience. Son of a blue collar business owner, Const. worker, Sm business owner, voracious reader, Father and Husband. #COSProject
엠버 인스타🌻
1 2.54K 2.54K
Gioachino Asti
1 45 45
LL Cool Tee
1 39 39
Sports junkie, Gym addict, Hip Hop Lover, OG Sneakerhead
1 254 254
Traditional karate for adults, teens, kids and families from the Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, AZ area. Our students learn and practice solid self-defense.
Manabu Kiyota/清田 学
1 382 382
Data Scientist, AI/ML/DeepLearning Engineer and Data Free Flow Strategist. #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #DataFreeFlow #TopGun
ephiechingu 💜에피 친구
1 382 382
"I miss her alot." "Miss you stupid." "That's LOVE~" "Love you~" "LOve you too~"
Mike Hanson
1 2 2
1 847 847
Florida raised ⚽️ MTSU soccer
⚘ Fan 4 Women
1 1.19K 1.19K
🔞 NSFW ~ I make no excuses, I'm a guy & fan of all women. Tweets & comments will always be respectful. Profile pic - @2019MissS Banner photo - @BabyGirlAmy00
Jolly Rancher
1 285 285
JD ❤️ my family calls me Jayla | GOOFBALL | Bio/Chemist | Life Enthusiast | Television Connoisseur | #TxSu19 🐯| I do everything | Twitch Affiliation Nation
1 25 25
1 138 138
Looking for the positive in each day! Teacher at Turie T Small Elementary, 5th grade
maxine sykes
1 11.37K 11.37K
#Resist #ImpeachThe MF #MuelkerGate #BlueWave #ReleaseTheMuellerReport #MedicareForAll #EndGunViolence #Trump Resign #Flint
Guadalupe Capuano
1 5 5
A brillar!!!
1 1.55K 1.55K
1 0 0
FSY. 🙃
1 25 25
Welcome to my world .. เมนแอมเบอร์ | f(x) 💜 | Kryber💕บอคึล | รีทวีตไปเรื่อย ..
파티마 | 🤟
1 30 30
샤월, 미유, 아미, Hyphen 정국은 나의 모든 것🐰
Tonya Hickerson
2 137 274
Frustrated philanthropist, advocate for animals and underdogs everywhere!
Marcelo Fhon
1 335 335
2.11.93 L-Perú En Dios esta mi confianza,Melomano,fanatico del fútbol,Ingeniero en proceso.La vida es un regalo de Dios que t sirve para aprender todos los dias
1 405 405
Vilalba | Gz📍
2 7.66K 15.31K
Mother, Lawyer (AML, ABC, IP & Compliance), Master, Friend, Educationist; Sustainability Advocate & #GlobalCitizen
Michael Kendrick
1 40 40
Actor, singer, and second row dancer extraordinaire!!!
insta: @indianLiv
1 859 859
🇯🇲 i’m doing me, what’re you doing? ✨i also youtube about my 4a hair💋💜Founder of Naturally Textured @ UCF .👇🏽 . . .👇🏽 . . .👇🏽 . . . 📺 SUBSCRIBE 👇🏽
1 73 73
Chicago Born and raised. Former Marine. Huge fan of all Chicago sports teams. Love photography and all things Tech.
1 0 0
에프엑스 데뷔팬 / 팔로 자유 / ONLY f(4) / f(5) 지지안해요🙅 / 향기콘 첫콘💜
Аксел Насаман
2 113 226
Brittany Martin
1 131 131
Bennett D. Bennett ♠️
1 4.04K 4.04K
Advertising creative + content strategist. Futurist. Tightrope walker. @MAIP /@BBDONY /@TheDrum alum. Important conversations only.
CityGear Pecan
3 944 2.83K
Leah F
1 490 490
'Genuinely trying to be helpful.' 'Mouthpiece.' 'A broken record.' - CBC commenters 'Disappoints children.' - My son Podcasts, music, things that make me laugh.
1 431 431
Lunber biased 💜💜💜
Champions 🏆
1 925 925
Bear With Patience Whatever Befalls You.. ( Qur'an 31:17 )♥RIJF Grandfather 19-10-2018 💔. #Barca Fan💯
1 73 73
ST☆RLIGHT | BABY | 181204
Amanda Kickjitsu McGuigan
1 187 187
Personal Trainer, #Kickjitsu #Kali #Kickboxing #martialarts coach, Mum of 6, Awesome husband @mack1martialarts , Fitness, Fashion, movies
erin falconer
1 1.89K 1.89K
Order How To Get Shit Done: Canadian living in L.A.; Co-Founder of @LEAFtv; EIC & Partner @PickTheBrain; Insta: @erinfalconer
Cindy Goldman
1 11 11
Find me here😘
Coach Connie
1 3.02K 3.02K
CHC Hormone Health, CPT Author, @ConsumerHealthDigest, @Jointhealthmagazine, @JustGlamorous, @healthykidseducation, @urgentwaymedical, @TZelementMag @IIN
Santa Fe Opera
1 18.85K 18.85K
An open-air opera house in the Land of Enchantment where every performance begins before the music starts. #outdooropera #openairopera #santafeopera #santafenm
Matt East
1 598 598
Keen fisho and hunter, smoker (of food)....avid BBQer
1 768 768
Visual artist/Creative director - fitfam - nudist.
Cierra Glaudé
1 2.68K 2.68K
Southern Belle. Filmmaker. Saint. Sinner. Lover. People's Champ since 1991. Somewhere trappin' for @AVA ⚡️ @SelmaMovie @QueenSugarOWN @WrinkleInTime @ArrayNow
1 479 479
Visual artist✨ IG: roannatella || 📩
Smoother Remover
1 232 232
Melinda V. McLain 🏳️‍🌈
1 1.08K 1.08K
Musician, minister, and writer who, before #TheResistance, tweeted mostly about music and spirituality. Life is short. Opera is long. #WeShallOvercome she/her
Alexander Neef
1 4.25K 4.25K
General Director of the Canadian Opera Company.
1 117 117
Medicine, Food, Art, Mountains,skiing. Dogs, Snorkeling.
🍀 2019
1 1.46K 1.46K
fan acc twitting abt ajol 91.8%
1 29 29
Ecosystème entrepreneurial, notre mission première est de donner aux jeunes les moyens d'accroître par eux-mêmes la valeur économique et l'excellence en Afrique
Beca Lewis
1 2.31K 2.31K
Shift The Story With Me. #Coach, #Illustrator, #Speaker #author #podcaster #shiftthestory #thetruth4today
1 822 822
Aaron Hood
1 607 607
Leadership and social justice educator working in Higher Education. Views are mine. He/him/his.
♥ Just Robin ♥
1 1.56K 1.56K
Native NYer, Animal Rights Advocate, #Resist
Versace Gatti
1 18 18
Coach Drip
3 2.28K 6.83K
Head Coach TYFL Sr Ravens #Redskins🏈 #UF🐊 #Wizards🏀
maie 🇦🇹
1 199 199
1 516 516
@clever. friend of many pods. jollof rice fanatic. edtech enthusiast. she/her = majorvesco
1 72 72
Instagram: major_vesco Xbox Live: Major Vesco
1 112 112
Sadeeq Muh'd Yelwa #PHOTOGRAPHER📸 Beauty | Portrait Photographer 📸Retoucher ✍️ Bookings +2347067448005 WhatsApp Only +2348039173006
牛尾 隆/TakashiUshio@デジタルノマド経営者 常に働き方改革中
1 1.65K 1.65K
香川県丸亀市在住。うどん大好き。趣味はフットサル、ランニング、トライアスロン、ギター等。 株式会社テリムクリ代表取締役、特定非営利活動法人プラセール・スポーツ・ソサエティ代表理事。
1 984 984
Animal Lover, Animal Rights. End dog and cat meat trade and factory farms. They can't speak for themselves so we have to.
Dominc Troiano
1 4 4
Annick T.R. Wibben
1 4.12K 4.12K
Feminism. Security. Violence. #FemSecSt | Editor of Digital Media @IFJPglobal
1 3.11K 3.11K
photo maker || blm
Frenzied to Financial Freedom Podcast
1 48 48
Are you working for the man with the dream to work for yourself? Learn about our journey to financial freedom and real estate investing on our weekly podcast.
Candace G-G
1 2.86K 2.86K
Created equal. #BostonStrong. Accidental Activist. #TheResistance. Hold the press accountable. Ensure truth & justice prevails. #VoteBlue2020 #NoDivisonPledge
1 2.17K 2.17K
こんにちは(ΦωΦ)✨ 懸賞💕/旅行🚌/美容💄/節約💰/絵画鑑賞🎨/クラシック♫/ネコ(ΦωΦ)リラックマ/ミッフィー/果物🍎スイーツ🎂ハード系グミ😘 ふるさと納税寄付中😆 フォロー&イイネ&RTありがとうございます✨これからもどうぞよろしくお願いします! 当選したものは→#kittycat当選報告
Lobo Huargo
1 94 94
1 6 6
今はリタイアし、ガーデニング、木工創作、ランニング、カヌー、旅行などを楽しんでいます。 ツイッターは初めてですが、同じ趣味の方との交流を楽しみにしています。宜しくお願いいたします。
Sara Daniela
1 13 13
Rogue Yuan
1 367 367
Ella WifKinson
1 5 5
I am here🙈
1 87 87
Greg In The 8th Dimension #NeverAgain
1 888 888
Grandfather, Army Vet, Corps of Engineers, Eagle Scout Dad, Ultra-low Bullshit Threshold, Tired & Retired, BSA . #FBR #UniteBlue #TheResistance
Daily Discount
1 470 470
For #amazonindia #discounts #onlineshopping #onlineshop #trending check our link
1 1 1
Osama Bin Greyjoy ⛵️
2 2.01K 4.02K
I support @manutd. Molineux Regular. 22. LLB.
Scott Davis
1 5.77K 5.77K
🏀 JOB WANTED: Intercollegiate Head Basketball Coach ~ Played College & High School Basketball, College Swimming; Former Active U.S. Navy ~ Bachelor of Science.
Tania Tanggono
1 1.06K 1.06K
esfj-t lady. sometimes I make coffee.
Romina Elena Mendez
1 195 195
Data Scientist 🔬 University Professor🤷 in EANT and UB ➡️ Amateur in everything else 🤔...I am part of @RLadiesBA 😍
Shei 🦙💜
1 1.44K 1.44K
Kdrama and KPop lover here A loud and proud fan of Amber Liu ♥️♥️♥️ and this personal acct of mine is slowly turning into an #AmberLiu fan acct ❤❤❤
Alx Vlax-analyst
1 1.77K 1.77K
Virgo. Curioso por naturaleza. Autodidacta. Aprender es mi pasión. Psicología social, Internet, medicina, dinero. Lo que escribo es casi siempre mío. ✍🏻
This is our story...
1 700 700
I stan f(x) n ship Kryber. U like u follow, u dont like, u either dont follow or unfollow. THE END.
1 930 930
看護師なう。認知症ケア専門士。出雲生まれ出雲育ち。H24年から広島へ転居。ランニングや日常のこと、たまに仕事のことや社会ネタなど、雑多につぶやいてます。ゆるいつながりが好き #コブクロ #ELT #NRC #FAITH #黒い砂漠 お気軽にF/R/Bしてください。
Carmen Cruz
1 1.85K 1.85K
Writer & Artist. Passionate abt Petroglyphs. Reaching bck 2 Thank my Ancestors 4 inspiring my creativity.🇺🇸🇵🇷 #21stCentury_American #BlueWaveSurfer🏄🏽
Raquel Baptista
1 610 610
Are you a #momtrepreneur? Follow for #onlinecoaching #topearnersstrategies #marketingtips & tools #leveragesocialmedia Check👉
Bobbi Morgan The Fam
1 491 491
I'm 62, mother of 3, grandmother of 15, great grand Nana of 2 1/2.
1 468 468
Calm is a Super Power...................... 👻 @ebraheemyaxeed
Jason Fielding
1 753 753
Professional MMA / Boxing Cutman/Handwrapper ,working for UFC , ACA, KSW , BELLATOR , GLORY KICKBOXING, 👊🏻sponsored by @Time4Nutrition and CBDSensei
Faith Osborne
1 2 2
Find me here😻
Carol Brown
1 4 4
We can meet here😉
Audere Talent Management
1 191 191
A bespoke Talent Agency based with Offices in London and Glasgow.
YouTube: Shirtless Plantain Show
1 14.29K 14.29K
Co-founder/host/writer: the shirtless plantain show. YouTube: Shirtless Plantain Show. Habitual linestepper.
Luis Torres
1 829 829
@Cronkite_ASU student | Covering the NBA, WNBA, Custom Sneakers & more @NiceKicks 📝 | Editorial writer at @ManorPHX | Former videographer @StatePress
John Mylant
1 8.27K 8.27K
Life Coach & Real Estate Coach
uncle khalid 🇪🇸
1 954 954
zlaleming into your wife’s private phone LDN
Qimei Luo
1 711 711
#PR #DLive #Lino #Livestreaming
1 53 53
Girls' Generation #9 [YURI] | f(x) [AMBER] | red velvet ไม่มีใครทิ้งความสุขไปไหนหรอก #ถ้าคุณคือความสุข
Da Baby 👼🏾
1 1.64K 1.64K
Curator W/ Choppy Grammar & No Table Manners,FreeThinker,Blunt Burner,TruthSeeker.Everything iThink iAm #DGB #HARLEM #WeGlobal #QC #SACII #88 #FBG #808MAFIA
lorelai robideaux
1 34 34
soaking up life one portrait at a time 📸🏕
1 15.09K 15.09K
1 196 196
1 1.41K 1.41K
them chickens is ash and I’m lotion
Mekdes Sedkem
1 634 634
Nappy, happy, and free ✌️
Mr. Nigga
1 174 174
Believer in God...Newcastle Utd fan...AUG...Writer...Producer...Work in progress
2 36 72
900 Dana Drive Redding, CA 96003 Phone: 530-221-1101
Montee Rogers
1 1.14K 1.14K
Stand-Up Comedian and Host. For booking contact me at
OneNote Templates
3 1 3
The Biggest Collection of Free OneNote Templates & Solutions
1 651 651
Weibo/ig/youtube : faith_in_amber
1 1.12K 1.12K
🇺🇸 🌎Never Trump•retweet’s don’t always mean co-sign#gatheringinfo #spoonie💜Here for Politics #I VOTE BLUE #JOINED FOR RESISTANCE
Maam Laamp📍🇸🇳
1 2.28K 2.28K
[Être libre, ce n'est pas seulement se débarrasser de ses chaînes, c'est vivre d'une façon qui respecte et renforce la liberté des autres] Nelson Mandela
Kienan4321🇬🇧 #JUSTICEFORMJ
1 116 116
Keep Calm and Moonwalk
1 636 636
Amber Josephine Liu aka Amber. rapper, singer, mc, song writers. 2/5 on f(x).
Sohayla Smith
1 1.14K 1.14K
I'm a singer-songwriter, voice actor, harpist, bellydancer, actor, aviculturalist, artist, poet, chef, music teacher, comedian, and entrepreneur.
Kerry Baughman
1 152 152
Climate change activist, fan of horror movies.
1 1.15K 1.15K
Two different worlds, same symmetry.
1 76 76
1 584 584
22 years Retired Army Veteran. Passionate Runner, Strong Coffee, New Orleans Saints⚜️, New Orleans Pelicans & Boston Celtics 🍀
Nike Basketball
1 2.37M 2.37M
Nike Basketball
1 453 453
1 573 573
The desire to change must start from within. By improving ourselves maybe we can help improve the world and that is divine.
T-Desh 🏁
1 948 948
50% Jedi, 50% Batman. #F2D2
1 751 751
Basketball Is My Girlfriend |💍 @Queen___Lee Is My Wife💍 | #SneakerHead |
1 17 17
Philippians 4 : 13
1 4.7K 4.7K
1 1.09K 1.09K
1 43 43
Work in progress.
Mama__cita 💋👅
1 3.36K 3.36K
1 456 456
/DBWH/Loyal servant of @paulmiller_2/Team Manager/Conference Champ/Brewers, Packers, Bucks/
1 328 328
Christina Kouvousis
1 26 26
Head Coach for Vancouver Vipers Water Polo Club. Kinesiologist. UBC Alumna. Former NCAA Div 1 Water Polo Player. 🇨🇦🇬🇷
1 242 242
mexicana born in california🌹💋
Jeff Sherman
1 10.49K 10.49K
I act & share while making media, communities & Milwaukee better. Civic/business leader, @OnMilwaukee co-founder, husband, dad, @DrinkZYN partner, more.
‏سيف الله
2 81 162
Mr.Poku 🇺🇸 🇬🇭
1 1.56K 1.56K
Sports Enthusiasts⚽🏀🏈🎾|| Entertainment Connoisseur📀🎧🎤||Fashion👔|| Gemini||God Over Everything📖|| A Genius is Born 💫 Welcome to my world.
1 301 301
My strength comes from knowing You
1 147 147
Long days and pleasant nights
Paul Bill Afari
1 455 455
@manutd, @Patriots & @kingjames fan #striveforgreatness..
1 31 31
GRIND, GRIND, GRIND until I succeed
1 0 0
여성인권증진과 여성서사에 관심이 많습니다 / 팔로우 받지 않아요 순수한 구독계
Eileen Lui
3 289 867
MARCOM chick by day, writer by night, triathlete on the weekends and crusader of those in need..... Life is so damn GOOD.
Honey ₿
1 1.06K 1.06K
Infosec specialist, blockchain enthusiasm. But let's be honest, I'm here for the memes
Rachel Jacques
1 297 297
#Blogger pursuing #minimalism . #Catholic , world 🌎 #traveler , #kitty enthusiast & advocate for #kindness & de-stigmatizing #mentalhealth issues ✌🏼️❤️
𝓔𝓵𝓲 𝓜. 𝓑. ⚡️
1 383 383
Chauncey Russell 🏀
1 1.79K 1.79K
28, College Basketball Coach, Assistant Coach at Trinidad State Junior College #TSJCTrojans #BlessedandHighlyFavored #DREAMS2REALITY #CoachRuss #11 #414⏳🏀🙏🏾
1 10 10
Always believe in yourself that you can beat the odds stacked against you - JF23. Like Nike...JUST DO IT. 💯😎✌👌
Michael Norleone
1 430 430
A Hood nigga with intelligence. | Artrepreneur | #TMCForever 🏁 1️⃣2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 🤐
Aaron Jevone Pruden
1 1.47K 1.47K
I like Sports, Traveling, wanna take part n Esports someday. I like Design, Art, Culture, Technology, R&B, History, & Food & Drinks too🌏📚💯🎮🎧🍟🍔🏹🥋🏀👓🎱
1 952 952
Se vc veio falar mal de Kanye West, veio ao lugar errado |20/10|
Alex Carlson
1 792 792
@PositionSports Creative Coordinator • @GCUSportsBiz Alum • #TheTimeline • Views are my own
Justin Dickerson
1 250 250
"I am who I say I AM!💯" -JD
Zack Klemmer(Teddy B SZN)
1 399 399
#kobebryant24 #LakeShow #stephencurry30 #dukebluedevils #SightsOnsix #LSU #WhoDatNation #NewOrleansSaints #BBB #ZO2 #Kyrie11 #Argentina #LABron
Arthurlee L. Mitchell, Jr.
1 2.08K 2.08K
Geek, Carolina Panthers Fan, Charlotte Hornets Fan, Fan of Univ. of S.C. Gamecocks, father of 1, native of John's Island, SC & SMC '95 & Newberry College '97
Mike Beacham
2 158.24K 316.48K
Conservative #PATRIOT of USA #NCState #Wolfpack #Military #Vets #SecureOurBorders #2A #MAGA #AmericaFirst #NRA #POTUS #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp #ThankYouTrump #1A
1 814 814
BLACC SAM!!! 🏁🏁🏁
1 311 311
LOVE FROM THE WORLD I NEED ALL THAT!!! 💙💙💙💙 #ripgus #ripparis #freedaedae #freemacc
1 15 15
simple guy with a simple life but has plans in life -_-
Christopher Stone
1 6 6
Dad, UPS Maintenance Supervisor, Sneaker Head, Cards Fan, Lakers Fan
Richie Rich
1 36 36
Avid runner & triathlete
brooklyn ⚢
1 1.19K 1.19K
I’m gay & I like to take pictures
1 74 74
1 404 404
I’m big bro and lil bro all at once
Rigor Mortis
1 93 93
I h8 Facebook :-)
1 305 305
22 años • Boca Juniors •
1 64 64
Hello! I'm ELF n MeU in Japan(*^^*)Thanx for visiting my account!! let's talk about Teuk n Amber!! ♡SJ & f(x)♡
1 15 15
1 1.37K 1.37K
1 227 227
insta: benjamin_etie - SC: Benjib15csm-BBALL
山本 直樹
1 476 476
元銚五旭農 現社会人 バスケ/Dowight Hoawrd/Carmelo Anthoy/Paul George/Bam Adebayo/SWEEP #12/
1 1.05K 1.05K
snapchat:imdat1jr Instagram:mfebigdrip
1 33 33
Your days are like pages, the chapters unread, you have to keep turning...
Miles Maxx
1 151 151
shadab Khan fc
1 15 15
proud #shadabian @76shadabkhan this #page is all about #shadabkhan. |cricket freak| #shady #cricket don't forget to #followme 😀😉 #bleedgreen
Kara 🧜🏽‍♀️
1 11 11
I’m just here so I won’t get fined. IG: @kvrvmvrie
1 535 535
1 552 552
WI | #BucksIn6 | Alleged Hater | ROLL TIDE ROLL
Nomad Emma
1 456 456
Wanderer. 🌍 Lover. ❤️ Thinker. 🤔 #VeganRamadan © #Islam #Spirituality #Vegan #Travel
Giannis the 🐐
1 82 82
Khali Cleaves
1 366 366
Flint, MI 🏠 🛸Conroe, TX 🚀McKinney, TX🏘 Basketball🎒🏀💕MHS senior
Sarah Locke
1 1.24K 1.24K
Digital Marketing. 💻 Proud ⚽️ Mom. Skier ⛷. Hiker ⛰. I put everything that I am into everything that I do. Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Social. #iwork4dell 💙🖤
1 69 69
NIKE/sneaker/KD/Kendrick Lamar/Lick-G
1 235 235
Volunteer Marlborough supports and encourages volunteers and volunteer organisations in Marlborough and Kaikōura. #MarlboroughNZ #Kaikoura #volunteer
1 1.42K 1.42K
Creative. 1920 'til infinity.
Art Barrena
1 2.79K 2.79K
Retired Software Engineer, Vietnam combat veteran, solid conservative, NRA Patriot Life Member, Patron Level, Sustaining member CRPA #KAG2020 #BuildThatWallNow
1 11.89K 11.89K
I love God ,family &,Country I support President Trump 150% ,wish I could save all animals I'm here to help POTUS, you bad mouth Trump or you troll, I block you
Nao Larriestra
1 280 280
Pop is the only way
Hussein Hill
1 3.73K 3.73K
Proud Poet on Songwriter, V.P. Sales Le Divas Catering, Former Host of The Oral Buffet
1 545 545
Live by faith, not by sight.
Brian Valdez
1 523 523
Graphic Designer @tgrfound | 🤟 FOREVER FAN OF @RamsNFL + @Lakers
Trump Is A Stochastic Terrorist
1 1.01K 1.01K
Proud Progressive Liberal, Mom & NaNa. #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #ComplicitGOP #TheResistance #BlueWave2020 #ProtectOurCare #Infrastructure #GunReform #NoConCon
Adam Harvey
1 258 258
1 2.31K 2.31K
Progressive forever, engineer, father/grandfather, birdWatcher, polyglot,world traveler, Episcopalian, married to Methodist, loves humans, education lover
1 165 165
~ Every saint has a past & every sinner has a future ~
Deplorable Me2 ❌
1 11.72K 11.72K
Born again believer.#Patriot.Lover of Jesus, freedom&chocolate.Behind our troops 100%.Fam with long mil history.#Trump2020 #maga #kag #qanon #q #wwg1wwa
1 219 219
5 in my heart ❤️
Latrice Butts
2 5.38K 10.77K
Actress, Martial Artist, Casting Blogger, Celebrity News, Booking Inquiries
1 105 105
http://Buy.Sell.Trade.Locate #sneakerconsignment featuring the freshest kicks in the 2-1-5. Online Newsletter:
Christian Cayago
1 251 251
Family-Loyalty-Legacy || #34 || @silviwina_
michael nelson
1 1.22K 1.22K
Deplorable patriot veteran,father,grandfather.
1 156 156
™️Marcus Dean all glory to GOD🙏🏾- 🏈 6’2 191lbs-C/O 2019-CB/SS/FS/KR 🏃🏾‍♂️-48.37 400m-200m 22.24 CIF 400m champion 2018
1 8 8
Middle Road
1 614 614
Live Prosper Thrive
1 4 4
Online Business Owner 💻 Personal Development Junkie 🙌 Passionate in helping Others Reach Their Full Potential.🌱
Luc Andrei
1 23 23
1 583 583
darling love is perfect with you in my life. Trump2020 #MAGA I will always be a winner with my PRESIDENT TRUMP
Maggie Madsen
1 896 896
Teacher, librarian, decorator, homemaker, grandmother, hiker, biker, life long Democrat, resister. ,
Pablo Torre
1 81 81
Larry Bates
2 191 382
1 5.71K 5.71K
✝🤗 🇺🇸 🥓Time changes Everything. Be careful what you wait for,JF 🎉Sober 9/8/10. No dm/list. Happily married. #MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #ProLife 👶💔🙏
5X Fitness Lounge Therapeutic Corrective Exercise
1 31 31
I am a exercise physiologist that specialize in Therapeutic & Corrective exercise. I have a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.
1 2.38K 2.38K
Author, The Era of Lanterns and Bells and Stories I Can't Show My Mother, anti-social butterfly, java junkie, and Pushcart nominee. 🌊
💚 Kiki 🙏 ਕੀਕੀ
1 251 251
Advocate for #LymeDisease #mentalhealth #Divinity #bioenergetics #animalrescue #humanrights #IND #activist #positive #motivation #love #kind #grateful #mindful
شاہد الدین
1 605 605
Olando Boom
1 61 61
yadada mean? fresh like I sleep in Tupperware.
Anish Jay Jain
1 85 85
ERHS 2014 | HU18 | HUCM 2020 | Chocolate Milk Enthusiast and Aspiring Surgeon (Baby-Faced Med Student for now)
Kocar Homes
1 4 4
Realtors with a combined 37 years experience in the Los Angeles real estate market.
Healthy Lives Matter
1 348 348
Lifestlye Fitness/Wellness Coach: 🚴‍♀️ Fifties~N~Fit Helping Others Live Their Best Healthy Life ~ Mind, Body & Spirit ~ 💯 #GodFirst #MyLifeStyle #Godsplan 🙏🏾👼
1 320 320
It’s the little things that matter ✨
1 1.93K 1.93K
Everybody's Favorite Ghanaian 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 | Always Connected | Affliations: @trezobeach & @fairgroundinc
RayRay 🏀
1 684 684
USW Commit 🏀💪🏾 RIP Journey 🙏🏾❤️
1 18 18
Pobre los paises con gobiernos de izq
Greg J. Allen
1 1.06K 1.06K
@merrimack alumni, sales leader at @Snap_App ... @Celtics @Patriots @RedSox and @NBA fan. Janos is real. Passionate about #DemandGen and #InteractiveContent
Jerahn Valenzuela
1 745 745
Be Humble. Don’t expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair with them.
Duc-Huy Huynh
1 165 165
21st Century Human Being
Орикс и Коростель
1 282 282
В поисках утраченного времени
Ivan Maynez
1 243 243
The Dopest 🇰🇪
1 9.03K 9.03K
"Build it and they will come" is bullshit. Build it, sell the hell out of it and they will come" - Willard Rouse
James 💎
1 437 437
Proud Greek 🇬🇷
Maycee Russell
1 17 17
Trudie's Brilliant Pursuit
1 794 794
You're #nevertooold to change your path. My blog includes discussion about my new journey.
Muhammad Iqbal Febriansyah
1 39 39
1999. 🏀🏀
Mrs. John Morgan supports Trump
1 2.21K 2.21K
I LOVE dogs. We have 3. “I will fight for you with every breath in my body – and I will never, ever let you down." President Trump #Maga #Trump2020
tony hellberg
1 95 95
1 454 454
Run & Nick’s Rundown 🏁Episode 26 🏁is up check the link. Also, available #itunes #googleplay #podbean 🏁🏁🏁
Rachel Yawny
1 51 51
Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do
1 2.06K 2.06K
Music aficionado (hence my handle), shipper of tortured souls, @bobmcdonald's wifey and lover of Asian/Turkish/Spanish dramas and anything European!
1 6.42K 6.42K
No BS style, tell it like it is. Fact finder. Researcher. Not my problem if you don’t like the facts! Grow up and deal!
🕷Miles Morales 🕷
1 536 536
October’s Very Own ⁶𓅓
1 771 771
IT Manager + 3D & Web development "Que mis enemigos sean fuertes y bravos, para que yo no sienta remordimiento al derrotarlos."Club fundadores de Microsoft V.A.
Lord Phillip of House Celtics
1 889 889
They say video editing is just a hobby, well true but the Grand Canyon is just a hole in Arizona. #PhilUpOnMeProductions
True Heir to the Throne
1 246 246
U of M| Confidential
Rhiannon U Official
1 2.08K 2.08K
Official PR for Rhiannon Upton Bassist : Model : Actress Bassist for Dead Never Dies #musicianssupportingmusicians IG: @rhiannonu_official
Oscar ferreyra
1 5 5
1 490 490
Come to Death Row
1 352 352
what the Lord got for you, is for you
1 55 55
#uselessplastic #crueltyfree #sustainablecollective #wastefreeplanet #healthforall 🍃✨🖤
Courtney Cluck
1 3 3
Wife, Mother most important things to me in my life
Black Sheep
1 208 208
Dewayne 03•20•2013 K.M.O 01•17•2014 I.G @kourtnie_katering specialize in baking 🤪
1 427 427
outlier .
1 1.44K 1.44K
NASCAR,Football and motorcycle addict. Proud Deplorable.
Cody Pelle
2 26 52
Fresh Prince of Bellevue
Mary Hilliard
1 2.74K 2.74K
It's great when someone follows you. Does it mean my life is defined by how many? No. It gives me hope we're all after a better world. I am #NotPutinsBitch
1 270 270
start layin lo
Ryan Whitley
1 3 3
Loyola University Maryland. Boston Sports Fan.
The Anti-Muzak Serum
1 547 547
elevator noise muzak loops
1 604 604
2児のママです((๑´`๑)♡毎日育児に苦戦中😵無言フォローごめんなさい🙇汗 趣味、ダイエット、イラスト、散歩、料理、お菓子つくり(๑´`๑)♡インスタもしてます★4人家族💕同じ趣味のある方仲良くしてくださいね😆🎶🤗副業は☒エロもさらに☒☒
1 225 225
no church in the wild
TRUMP2020 🇺🇸
1 917 917
#MAGA #WWG1WGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #Arrestspeakerpelosi #Arrestchuckschumer #Arrestadamschiff #Arrestthequilty
Jaime White
1 6 6
Mattia G. Albanese
1 299 299
Alla Juventus vincere non è importante, è l'unica cosa che conta. (Cit. G. Boniperti)
2 32.5K 65K
Robin Ked❌
1 21.05K 21.05K
Christian, Conservative, Mom, Joined twit to Support DJT! #MAGA #QAnon #MarkTaylorProphecy Followed by Gen. Flynn One of #The200
1 25.35K 25.35K
Boston Sports Tonight M-F on @nbcsboston, co-host of @ListenToBrunch. My dad has a popular radio show
1 10 10
OG account got locked, apparently I’m 13
Brigitte Sheerin
1 161 161
Graphics Producer at NESN. Proud Loyola University Chicago Alum. I knew Sister Jean when... #OnwardLU
Jennifer “Juice” Davidson
1 234 234
#warrioroflove #fitness #motivation #inspiration #hustle #goals #intentions #takehealthyback #juicepluslife #onesimplechange
1 4 4
ya tú conoces las vibras
1 800 800
Let the caller and the called disappear; be lost in the Call || @TheFruitMag Co-Founder ||Bylines: @TheFADER and then some
Tommy Boy™
1 342 342
nice bio where’s the rest of it.
1 173 173
Trevor Bennet
1 45 45
Number1x Pierce
1 18 18
#LC🏀🔥 #onepiece #2k ins:im_piercepan
1 72 72
1 1.32K 1.32K
† photographer, among other things • 🇰🇪 instagram - jerusanyakundi • • push the culture forward
Pilar Carbia
1 266 266
Profesora de Educacion Fisica. 🏐⚽️🏀🤸🏼‍♀️🤾🏽‍♀️🏑
1 0 0
國際電視節目 國際女演員 國際新聞 全球喜劇演員
Algorithm Nation
1 395 395
I've decided to say, Word, to anyone that says, True Dat, to me. Twice gets, Word Up.
Lil 🏁
1 3.45K 3.45K
🇬🇾| mogul & they know that. | IG: guapolil
Dan McKiernan
1 429 429
Pep Is Bald
1 397 397
A Cartel Member
1 163 163
An Artist who’s living 4 love, breathing art, chasing beauty and hacking bliss. ARTIVIST.
1 299 299
How would I describe myself? Three words: Hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer...merciless, insatiable...
Aaron Villarreal
1 181 181
christian • conservative • married to the beautiful @skyvillarreal • dada to 2 rad boys • @lakers @broncos lifer • chocolate chip cookie connoisseur
Sharon Strubel
1 342 342
Believer married to @johnstrubel, dog mom to 3 loving rescue pups. Love the outdoors & weather. NC native loving life in SC. Opinions are my own.
Kumar Azad
1 5 5
1 311 311
No Sana, No Life 💜💕💞
America 4 Trump
1 8.58K 8.58K
I support Trump! He is what our Country needs. I want a wall. I want immigration reform. I want jobs. he will be true to his word and keep these 3 promises.
Abi Eso-Adeleke, MPA
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Marketing Consultant. #TheAfricanShepreneur, #BuyNigerian Advocate 🇬🇧 🇳🇬 🇺🇸 RTs are RTs, not endorsement of content!
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As free as the ocean. Hi!👋
Women & Politics
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US - 70th/World: # Women in Politics. Hillary fan 25+ yrs. Liberal, logophile. Don't let bastards win.End ALEC, Koch bros. #TheResistance #NotMyPresident
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River❤ La22💛
Anthony Prince
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Photographer|Cinematographer| Creative Inquire:
Franz Glaus
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Do unto others...
Valar Morghulis
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Wandering Soul.
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Amber is ma bich | GA: check my pinned 📌
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Matt Lowrey
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I'm 29. IG: Bigmatt19 SC: Bigmatt198
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Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim
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Chief Trouble Maker of #TLO|Freelance Writer |Blogger|Music Enthusiast|TV Junkie|Trill Seeker|Lover| E-mail: #Onlite #TLO
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king jim
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young simba
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Vince West 🎬🎥
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I’m an Actor. 🎬🎥 23 years old. Die Hard SF 49ers @49ers LA Lakers @lakers & LA Dodgers @dodgers fan. NOLA ✈️ L.A. 🏡🌴☀️🏔📍L.A.
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J o s s
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Mexican, messy hair, monochromatic, I love speaking on the microphone 🎤🇲🇽Keep living, keep running, keep loving💚 Instagram josesita1203 🙋🏻‍♀️
Tracy Scheirer