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Download old Tweets and Twitter archive history of any hashtag, keyword, topic or account

Get a detailed report of Old Tweets related to any hashtag or account instantly

Our Advanced AI-driven Twitter data retrieval tool provides old Tweets related to any account, hashtag, keyword, topic or user mention. The tweet datasheet comes with data points such as Tweet id, tweet time-date, tweet text, name, a username of the user who posted the tweet, retweets received, like received, language, location and many more information.

What’s included in our Old Tweets report?

Our old Tweets report consists of Excel or CSV files of raw data and shareable analytics dashboard which contain lots of useful insightful metrics.

Raw data available to export in CSV format

As Raw data, TMH provides the total number of tweets that were posted each day in Excel or CSV format, along with their dates.

The raw data contains the exact tweets text which were posted on Twitter a particular day mentioning the given hashtag or keyword, such as:

Tweet ID, Date, content and Time of posting the tweet, Name and username of the account posting the tweet And many other valuable metadata present in the raw data.

Insightful Analytics

Trackmyhashtag analyzes the raw Twitter data and provides lots of useful analytics which help researchers to make accurate and quick decisions.

These useful analytics can help you to measure the impact of implemented strategies and also evaluate the effectiveness.

Some insightful hashtag analytics available in the analytics dashboard : Top Tweets, reach and impressions, media, hashtag, users and URL, Most popular, retweeted, liked tweets, Tweet timeline analytics and pattern, predictive analytics, identify influencers, Top language, much more insights.

Price of an old Tweet report

The price of an old Tweet report starts from $50 and varies as per the date range.

It is a one time cost which is liable for a single report.

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Price of Old Tweets datasets depends on date range and volume.

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Old Tweets Raw Data

Comprehensive Raw Data report

  • Tweet Id: Unique Id of the Tweet
  • Tweet URL: URL of the Tweet
  • Tweet Posted Time: Time at which the Tweet was posted
  • Tweet Content: Tweet content data with up to 280 character (max)
  • Tweet Type: Whether it is a tweet, retweet or reply
  • Client: Device through which the tweet was posted
  • Retweets Received: Number of retweets on the Tweet
  • Likes Received: Number of likes on the Tweet
  • Tweet Location: Location from where the Tweet was posted
  • Tweet Language: Language used in the Tweet
raw data available
analytics dashboard

Old Tweets Twitter Analytics dashboard

  • Top Tweets, reach and impressions
  • Top related media, hashtag, users and URL
  • Most popular, retweeted, liked tweets
  • Tweet timeline analytics as well as daily and weekly pattern
  • Predictive analytics
  • Top contributors and influencers
  • Top language, contributor’s Twitter age and much more insights

Features OR Applications/Use Cases of Old Tweets

Get old tweets with a date range

Our advanced tool can help you search Twitter history or fetch old Tweets along with dates exactly as posted on Twitter mentioning a particular hashtag or keyword.

Create 30-days old Tweets report

TMH can fetch old Tweets archive reports which contain metrics from the past 30 days or historical Twitter data.

Old tweets with no limits

View old Tweets more than 3200 related to any hashtag, keyword or event for any time period since the beginning of Twitter in 2006

Detailed metrics of Tweets

Our analytical dashboard provides various useful analytics with detailed metrics of Tweets of any hashtag/keyword or search term which helps you measure the impact of your Tweets.

Tweets data in Excel or CSV

The raw data contains old Tweets and other valuable data in Excel or CSV format. This unprocessed raw data is provided as it is from Twitter's servers.

Separated videos and images

You can download all video and images present in old Tweets data of any hashtag, keyword, topic or account mention using Trackmyhashtag.

Old Tweets of any public Twitter account

With the help of Trackmyhashtag, you can download or search for old tweets of any public Twitter account including your competitors’ which helps you dissect your social media moves.

Identify active Influencers

Our old Tweet finder helps you identify the top and engaging influencers related to a particular Twitter Hashtag, keyword or topic and approach those influencers to work with us.

Analyze competitor’s strategy

TMH can find old tweets of your competitors who are getting engagement from that you can analyze their strategy and identify their relevant and popular hashtags. You can also design your Twitter marketing strategy based on your competitors’ success ratio.