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Instagram Marketers: Challenges Brands Are Facing, According To Research

By April 21, 2022 One Comment
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Instagram loves to maintain influencers on their feet with its continuous upgrades. We have noticed a quick launch of unique updates, an extension into clips, and lots of supplementary getting prospects only in the last year. 

For modern companies, social media marketing has evolved from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

However, it is not the mere medium that’s changing; it’s the audience too. Advertisers need to adjust In 2022, their Instagram tactics will be more in line with their target audiences. interests, behaviors, and routines.

Whether you’re a professional or a novice when we talk about social media promotion, you’ll admit that it’s not simple. It’s difficult because of changing technical and societal trends. There are other issues with strategy design, ROI assessment, and time and money administration.

Budget for Influencer Marketing

Instagram marketers budget

Influencer marketing is sometimes not in the range for many advertisers as everybody has to invest a lot of money to work with huge influencers. 

Though it may appear that partnering with other creators with lots of followers is the best practice. HubSpot’s Report claims that your attempts will be more fruitful if you collaborate with influencers who have less following but a much more active audience who are also called micro-influencers. 

According to another study, there are many accounts that have less number of followers and a higher participation ratio. Micro-influencers produce smaller, yet more involved users for a portion of the expense of a public figure, causing this kind of advancement more approachable to wider coverage of businesses.

With 97 percent of businesses aiming to raise their engagement in Instagram influencer marketing, this is 2022, and have a powerful moment to try once.

It’s astonishing how many marketers have trouble creating marketing and promotional objectives. Marketers struggle to develop social marketing strategies that are aligned with their company’s objectives. This is their largest issue, according to 47% of them.

While enhanced brand recognition is still a key priority for 70% of marketers, many are unsure which KPIs are important.

You’ll have a hard time measuring your marketing effectiveness and demonstrating its worth to your customers if your objectives aren’t well-defined. This might have a negative impact on your marketing expenditure in the future.

Brands with vast finances may opt to purchase engagement through social media-sponsored marketing. 

Even that, though, is getting difficult. The expense of advertising is rising, and the competition is fierce. It’s becoming more difficult to recoup your investment and earn from paid adverts.

The enormous popularity of sponsored advertisements is one cause for this tendency. With so much advertising content available, marketers are finding it challenging to break through the clutter and reach their intended audience.

Understanding Hashtags

understanding hashtags for Instagram marketers

It’s no surprise that hashtags play an important role on Instagram, the platform that gave us #FlashbackFriday and #TBT.

However, calculating the number of people you’ll need might be difficult. Should you use the most relevant hashtags as well as look to find hashtags that are more applicable to your customer base?

A handful of these concerns are addressed in the HubSpot and Mention Instagram Report.

For one thing, while it may seem counterintuitive to ignore popular hashtags like #trip or #photos, it’s ideal to concentrate on niche communities.

Regardless of the point, specialized hashtags generate less content and tend to attract a greater audience.

According to the report, hashtags that addressed specific categories of interest, such as geographical regions and TV programs, attracted the most attention.

When it comes to the hashtags you employ in your thread, one thing is certain you must use more hashtags. Employing a bunch of hashtags does not appear to interfere with your post’s success, as per the study.

However, make note of one thing: make sure your hashtags are relevant to your field. In a step to improve participation while on the other hand, wind up contacting the wrong audience.

The Right Time to Post

instagram marketing right time to post

The correct time is a relevant issue to mind in any marketing strategy. However, Instagram’s algorithms emphasize new content, where the correct audience and the correct timing are equally important to help you grow.

HubSpot’s Instagram analytics study offers some tips on how you can properly schedule your articles:

  • The most interesting stuff is published from 6 to 9 in the evening
  • The morning has the lowest rate of engagement from 5 to 12 the noon

Monday through Friday, the active audience rate is roughly identical, however, the weekend involves a bit of benefit.

These figures provide you with a general notion of what is the correct time to post and don’t ensure that this time would be acceptable for your audience. It is critical to determine where your potential customers are found and when they are most involved.

You need to also consider whether your content is competently fitted o a given span of the day. A cafe, for example, would choose to publish at the beginning of the day or at noon.

You can also experiment with different time periods to see which postings are most effective with your target audience.

Many companies do well in stores but suffer miserably on social media.

The difference is that individuals contact firms in physical locations, but businesses must search out consumers on social media. Is it true that certain companies have no notion of how to do so?

Marketers typically create content before determining who their target audience is. They think that great information, irrespective of whether it is focused or not, conversions. Even though your material is interesting, it may not generate leads if it isn’t tailored to your target audience’s needs. You may also look at buying Instagram likes with a trial to grow quickly.

Irrelevant Captions

captions the right Instagram captions

When it pertains to Instagram captions, it’s important to keep them engaging and engaging, instead of sales and uninteresting.

The first misstep you could take could be to entirely disregard the caption. Based on the study, adding a caption boosts engagement by roughly 6%, up from 4% to 6%.

When creating a caption, one crucial point to remember is to initiate expressing your brand. Start by jotting infrequent terms that reflect your brand and using them to develop subtitles that are linked to it if you don’t already have one.

Nike, for example, is comprehended for uplifting and encouraging advertising, but Lego, like their Instagram comments, is understood for standing whimsical and inventive.

Purposeless advertising relies on a spray-and-pray approach that seldom produces the desired outcomes.

In fact, it might endanger your company’s reputation. You risk getting banned or criticized if you bombard people with useless information.

If you completed the prior goal-setting assignment successfully, you’ll be well on your way to completing this one as well.

Start with the big picture. Think about why your business is on social media. This exercise will help you figure out what corporate goals you want to achieve with social media marketing.

Then you may start considering your social media marketing goals. Instead of working against you, make your social media network work for you.

Understand the algorithms from beginning to end. Instagram Stories have a high engagement rate and may help you tell your brand’s story effectively.

Not Posting Videos

increase engagement with videos

The majority of Instagram influencers and companies believe that images are a considerable and prevalent sort of post.

As per HubSpot’s findings, video reigns supreme, with each piece receiving an estimate of 25 comments and 1100 likes. Video is considerably more persistent and memorable, as per other research.

Just behind these are carousel posts. To restore your recollection, this content includes a variety of material (such as photographs or infographics) that users may watch. They are additionally more interesting than inert pieces since the visitor may overlook the content.

According to the concept, good marketing this year needs to be more than just pictures. You can initiate by examining your present plan and looking for methods to utilize carousels and video content using different features. It’s important to get your Instagram infographics correct. 

Ascertain that your social media content is optimized for the appropriate specifications and publishing timings.

Digital advertising is very prevalent these days. Use videos to illustrate your knowledge and respond to customer concerns. To gain more natural views, cross-promote all of your social media content.


Instagram, like the people who use it, is gradually upgrading. It’s critical to understand how long and at what time your audience is active on the platform in order to align your feed and grow audience involvement. 

You can work on the pointers in this article and be certain to stretch your marketing techniques over a continuous period.

Instagram Marketers: Challenges Brands Are Facing, According To Research
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Instagram Marketers: Challenges Brands Are Facing, According To Research
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